On any Argentine primetime TV show, a sexy lady bowled on live TV and we're thinking of picking up the sport.

We all have a fair idea of how sexy can make sports better, you don’t have to think far to see how it is being used in sports.

Remember the scantily dressed lady that carries a placard with round number during boxing matches or even the cheerleaders at the American Football matches and even basketball. So, sex helps sell sports better, if you need more proof, then watch more sports.


During a primetime family TV show in Argentina titled La Noche Del Domingo, which is Sunday Night in English. A beautiful blonde lady Estefania Colombo showed up in hot pants with a black top, at that point many men that weren’t into bowling began taking it seriously, reports Zoe Drewett, Daily Star.

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The camera men should be thanked by the world bowling authorities, the camera angles on her were very good, she danced in a quite seductive manner before getting to the bowling alley. You’ve got to strike fear into the hearts of the bowling pins, with a seductive dance, which is exactly what she did, especially her hot pants.

This clip that emerged online has been viewed by lots of users, and shared thousands of times online. One funny person commented the following on the Youtube.

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“Apparently bowling is my new favourite sport”

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