Written by Marvis Dom

I had gone to Admiralty Estate Lekki to visit my friend one Sunday hot afternoon before one thing led to the other and we ended up on his bed. Daniel has been my friend for three years and we had only met twice two years ago that was before he moved to his present apartment.

The first time we got intimate was around March 2014, he had called me to inform me that he’s in Lagos and would really love to finally meet up with me for real this time, since we’ve been unable to meet up with each other since we met on twitter. Yea Dan and I had met on twitter, I was going through my twitter account when I came across his tweets, it was hilarious so I retweeted and also replied the tweet, we chatted on DM for a while before we shared phone contacts and BBM pin.

Our friendship started in earnest, he calls to check up on me on a daily basis and I do the same, in the cause of our friendship we discovered a lot of things about each other. Part of the discovery is that we both love sex and we have nasty and juicy past as regards to that, we started making plans to meet up with each other. Whilst we call each other and have phone sex but no matter how hard we plan, it wasn’t just working, because either he’s in school in far away Ghana and I’m in Lagos or I’m in the UK and he’s in Lagos, in all distance was just messing with us.

Luck finally shined on us for I was in Lagos when he made the request that we meet up, as regards to that we set up a meeting date and he hung up. I anticipated the visit, I woke each day after the day we spoke praying that the weekend come quickly so I can I meet him.

The weekend finally came, I dressed up taking my time to make sure I look very beautiful, satisfied with the way I look, I left for his place. Being a Saturday, getting to his apartment in Lekki phase 1 from Parkview Estate Ikoyi wasn’t stressful at all because the road was void of traffic congestion.

I was let into the apartment after the security check, when I eventually got to his flat, I was impressed he wasn’t doing bad for a guy his age. We shared gist amidst drinks and chicken wings in between the gist he asked if I do movies or video games, I chose movies which he set up for me and excused himself. Few minutes into the movie I needed to take a pee, I called out to him a few times but didn’t get a response so I traced my way to his room.

When I got to his door I knocked and entered without waiting for a reply, the sight in front of me got me rooted to a spot. I think he just finished having his bath because he was standing butt naked his towel was on his head, I think he was trying to dry off the water in his hair and only stopped to look up because he heard someone enter.

Startled me was still gazing, he smiled and winked at me, I got myself, looking at the bathroom door I still asked for the bathroom all in the bid to buy more time to look at that womb destroyer, he grinned like he knows what’s going on in my mind and pointed to the door. I got into the bathroom to pee still thinking about Dan’s monstrous dick, I had pulled my panties down when I realised I was wet, my pant was soaked all up with it, damn if I can get this turned on just seeing his dick, then I’d cum uncontrollably when he gets inside of me.

After urinating I tried wiping my pussy and just in contact with the tissue it reacted by sending cold chills all over my body. Goose pimples were on my body, I moved to insert my finger in my cunt that made a moan escape my mouth. I feel he heard me because he came almost immediately while I was lost in my own world

“Common babe that’s not nice, you are shutting me out of the party, not cool at all”

he said with a mischievous grin on his face. I looked at him seductively and smiled as I didn’t know what to say, he carried me to the room and placed me on the bed, he joined me on the bed brought me to my knees and removed my dress in the most seductive kind of way.

Done with that he placed a kiss on my lips, I returned the kiss, and he started teasing, luckily for me I caught his lips and got locked in a deep kiss. He ran his hands through my hair, moved it down to my boobs squeezed it for a moment and unstrapped my bra, freeing the twins from their cage he started squeezing them and pinching the tits at intervals, each time he does that I gasp and then continue kissing.

He got the message that my boobs was my weak point and took the advantage, he removed his lips and placed on my tits and I whimpered in pleasure, gush his mouth is so warm, the sucking became intense as he got fiercer, my moaning increased as well. I must confess just with the kissing and boob job he’s doing I’m getting close to orgasm, with the way his going I’m going to climax in few seconds, I think he felt the change in my moans and took his hands to my panties and in between my leg, immediately his hands came in contact with my pussy I climaxed.

He placed me down, yanked my pant off and started eating me, he ate me so well that I was begging him in between pleasures to stop, but he just chuckled and continued.

My second orgasm started building up with me lost in a different world while screaming at the top of my voice,

“I’m cum-mmmmminnnggg!!!”

I screamed and climaxed again with my whole body shaking. Dan is definitely a sex-god damn! I have cum twice without him penetrating when he penetrate nko?

I’d just turn to “cummer” lol, anyway after my second climax I took his full length in my mouth starting from the cap, to the whole then deep throat. I sucked his balls a little then returned to his dick, his dicks started swelling even his breathing became laboured but I continued, it wasn’t long he climaxed and we got down to really business.

He gently guarded his dick into my pussy, started slow grinding and kissing me at the same time, I was moaning sexily and it was driving him nuts, when I couldn’t take it anymore I made him flip over with his dick still in my cunt, I started riding him once on top.

I was riding him pretty fast, he kept on slapping my ass cheeks at intervals, I pulled out and went on all fours he got in from behind and started pounding once in me, he did it so well that I went off the edge, he had barely hit it up to 10 minutes before I climaxed and I think seeing me cum pushed him off the cliff too as he climaxed hard again and we both fell on the bed exhausted.

Daniel and I met again few weeks after the first sex and had breath taking sex twice. We lost contact when I left the country for my masters in the UK and I got caught up with other things and forgot about him, I had forgotten he existed till one morning when I got a friend request from one Dan Williams, I checked his profile lo and behold it was the Dan I know, I accepted we proceeded to Facebook messenger, caught up with old times and then exchanged contacts, we kept on talking on the phone till I got back to Nigeria after my masters.

We met again and this time I met someone through him. Our shag affair continued again, I had gone to visit him, quite naturally we ended up on his bed. Dan and I have this mysterious connection, it’s so real that the desire to have each other is as strong as 4G network. Anyway after the sex we discussed about random things for a while before he suggested that we go to VGC to see his friends, not having anything to do for the day I agreed and we left with me driving behind him.

We eventually got to his friends place, I exchanged pleasantries with them and sat down. We discussed about random things amidst drink and dope, it was in the cause of our gist that Ola started making passes at me, I smiled within me because I already know what he’s coming after.

We had an ample time in VGC and left, two days after Dan buzzed me on BBM to inform me that Ola wants to meet up with me and if I permit him he will set up the meeting, I simply turned him down but he wouldn’t relent as he kept on asking for my permission to set up a meeting with Ola which the answer always comes out no. Dan being Dan gave out my contact anyway and one Sunday evening I got a call from Ola, I didn’t need a preacher to tell me how he had gotten my contact I just flowed with him on the phone and after the number was on WhatsApp messenger he hung up.

Moments later he buzzed me, whilst chatting with him, I asked him what he wanted with me and just like I expected he said he wanted a relationship, lol guys never seize to amaze me at all, hiding under the guise of relationship to shag a pussy you are definitely going to dump after sex is so lame.

I told him his line was lame anyway for I had expected him to be bold enough to state what he wanted and not to be scared of the answer he’s going to get. He disagreed with me with the reason that what he had stated initially was exactly what he wanted from me, I gave up arguing knowing he won’t admit to his intentions no matter how hard I push.

Later at night I thought about our discussion and made the decision that I was going to play along to get sex off him and then let him get what he wants after all it’s a win win.

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