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April 22, 2021

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Bust’d! (18+)

Enjoy the post written by Mr. Bubble & BoluxXXx. Let us know what you think about the story in the comment section 🙂


I drive through the well-guarded entrance without any hassle from the guards. No need for protocol; I have been dating their boss for years. I practically live here. I give my car keys to the steward as I get into the house and ask him to tell one of the boys  to clean my car.

“Where’s your Oga?” I ask as I ease my condom dress a little, pulling it up.

“He’s in the study ma”. Maxwell is one of his trusted staff. Heard he has been his steward for over 15 years. So diligent and looks professional in the Nigerian way.

My mind ponders on what would make him summon me so early. It is a Saturday and he is home which is strange: he should be out swatting tennis balls with his elite pals or something. I make for his study immediately. He swoons around in his chair as he hears me come in.

“Good morning darling”, I greet him dutifully and plant a peck on his cheek.

He doesn’t respond, he has this stern look in his face. I panic a little.

“Sit”, he says in a commanding tone.

I lower myself into the couch closest to his table. He makes for a bottle on the table and refills his glass. He has been drinking whiskey, what’s going on? He rarely takes alcohol.

I make to speak when he cut me short with a question.

“Who were you with last night?”. Uh-oh, my heart skips a bit as I reply as fast as I can.

“… I was at my house” I reply firmly

“I know you were home, the question is, with whom?” he probes.

I shiver mildly then manage to blurt out…

“I… I…. I was alone darling” stammering through the sentence,

“You sure?” He asks firmly

“Yes”…I reply, it’s becoming easier now.

“Ok, I’ve got something to show you. Watch the screen”.

He swipes the controls putting the TV on.

There I am on the screen:

High on vodka, weed and benylin with codeine, high as a kite and unusually horny, in the mood for some kinky sex


I am pulling my top over my head, wriggling my skirt off then looking at the screen with animal lust as I fondle my boobs slowly. I rubbed them from the side and underneath and squash them against each other. Someone walks into the screen’s view, staring at my hips and spaced inner thighs, and fondling his crotch simultaneously.

I lay down totally naked on the bed, a smile curving the tip of my mouth. I dip a finger into my dripping pussy, taste it and beckon on him with a finger.

He gets the message, like a good stud, and in the next second, his mouth is all over my pussy-sucking, licking me out, running his tongue endlessly against my pussy lips, flickering the tip of his tongue back and forth over my clitoris.

He puts more pressure on my clit with his tongue. I shiver, wriggle and move my pussy up and down against his face. The sensation takes me to a beach front in Zanzibar, a warm safari tour in Dubai and I’m sunbathing in Seychelles.

I grab his head and kiss him aggressively, biting parts of his lower lip and digging my fingers into his sides.

At this point, my boyfriend took time out to look at me as the tape continues to play, anger mixed with jealousy and rage in his eye, I wished the ground would open up and swallow me. The embarrassment I have brought on myself is indescribable.  He looked back at the screen.

He reaches for his thick leather belt and folds it in half. He flips me on my side and whips my ass with the belt. I groan and smile. He does it again, continuously till I start moaning then he hits much harder causing me to scream and move away from him.

The mixture of pain and pleasure tears through the roof of my brain, the belt hits my fleshy ass, the sharp pain tortures me, sending me into a spiraling path of unexplained wetness. I am flooded within my orifice.

He flings me onto the bed. He is naked in the full glory of his steel dick, he straddles me on the bed. He kneels on my chest, putting his long dick over my face, with the base of his dick at my jaw while the tip of his dick almost touches my hairline.

I understand my place in the next activity, so I resume; bring out my tongue and start working it underneath, flickering it at the sides. I add my hand, as I gently hold his erection with my left hand, stoking it back and forth, licking the top of the dick like a lollipop.

His eyes are shut and focused on the roof, his waist is motionless and pushed out to me. I begin sucking his dick with zeal and vigour, gorging it with pleasure.

He holds my head as I continue sucking his dick, deep-throating him intermittently. He begins to thrust into my mouth slowly and then as if possessed by a demon, he holds my head tight and begins to fuck my mouth, the tip of his dick is at the back of my throat. The intensity of his strokes increase as I have to open my mouth the widest I can, some part of my teeth is brushing against his dick but he is oblivious to these. He just keeps going on and on, ignoring my puking sounds and attempts to gulp some air. Finally he lets go. I move to the side of the bed, spitting out my saliva mixed with his pre-cum, he let me be for another 10 seconds and then bends me into the doggy position, slides his dick in one thrust and begins to pummel me. No Time!

He fills my pussy to the brim. He is no gentleman; he spanks me hard. Shit! The mix of pain and pleasure makes me cry. I know the complexion of my light skin ass must have changed to red as his spanks increase. He would gag me from the back at times, almost strangling me.

My moans are increasing as well. From time to time, he would remove his dick completely, then put it back in. I am going to die of pleasure.

His thrusts are fast and deep, his groans became louder, I begin reciprocating his slams, meeting him midway, jamming my ass against his dick. His cum is legendary, he removes his dick from my pussy, turns me over and puts it in my mouth. He continues fucking my mouth and blasts his cum all over my face, it almost enters my eyes.

That was the longest clip ever. I am crying loudly by the time the clip is over. I bury my head in my hands and sob uncontrollably.

I rarely give him head and here on this tape, I am deep throating a guy I share the same building with, he is spanking my ass when my man will always kiss and treat it tenderly. I am finally able to muster courage and ask him a question:

“For how long have you had my room bugged?”

A question he never answered.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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