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May 8, 2021

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Unbound (18+)

Written by Bass Ige (@bass_ige)

This wasn’t going to be just some random fuck up the place,I knew that. Had known that the moment she had leaned towards my ear and whispered
“Let’s try something freaky tonight”…
I mean who says that unless it was absolutely going to be freaky and considering the downward spiral I had been on of late,hell I could do with lots of ‘freaky’..the cab had taken us to a nearby hotel,one thing about ibadan..it was never short of dark alley hotels. City of brown rusted roof they call it,sin city of the west I would tell you. And I was in it for the night. We got a room and rough handled ourselves at the door before entering,I had her nipples in my mouth.

She had a hand on my throbbing dick. Was it the alcohol or were we just insane and crazy for each other?

I don’t know but one of my hands was thinking right as I reached behind her and managed to get the door open. We fell right in and on the rug. She was on her back and I was ontop of her,raised myself up a little with my hands on either side of her and stared into her eyes. Guy! Get sense,its just a fuck,stop looking for those lovey dovey sturvs.

As if she could filter through my mind,she grabbed me by the collar and dragged me down and in no time,our lips were interwined once again and I could feel her legs wrapping up around my waist. I let my hands run along her thighs which I had always admired for their firmness. She bit my lower lip with a force that spilled blood and I didn’t mind..been a while I had seen not to mention tasted my own blood. I gripped her thighs hard and fortunately for her,I kept up no finger nails else would have been a sweet revenge.

And with the same force she had pulled me down with,she pushed me up with.
“I told you we should try something freaky tonight”…she muttered out.
“Oh,aren’t we?”..what was so freaky up in her head? I don’t get.
“No,not yet. Get off me”…
I obeyed without a fuss and took a seat by the edge of the bed. Rubbed my lip with a thumb and looked at the blood stain. Oh,red that’s nice…I’m very much human. I undid my shirt buttons and looked up to see what was freaky tonight.

She was up and pulling a chair to the center of the room. Ok ok,pause this kinda rings a bell. Was freaky going to be a lap dance before the actual fuck? Oh well.
“Come and sit”..she said with a tone that sounded pretty commanding. I shook it off and obeyed anyway. I sat down,legs spread wide apart. This lap dance had better be worth it.
“Give me your belt”…huh? What does belt have to do with aa lap dance. But I didn’t object once again,just pulled out my belt and gave it to her. Nothing had better happen to the belt,it held such a sentimental value to me. She walked behind me and grabbed both my wrist..ok this was getting freaky…did she want to be in control?

All she had to do was ask..I had read and heard of this sort of fucks but was this going to be my first experience,I don’t know if I was in the right frame of mind for it. The alcohol and all. She did a pretty good job of tying my hands..

I smiled like one bad guy and tried to see if I could mover them..I couldn’t ok ok what next. She came right around and had a wicked smile on her face.
“Ok freaky enough?”…I asked.
She didn’t reply as she brought up a leg and place betweet mine which had been spread apart for a lap dance I was sure wasn’t going to happen anymore. She had a hand underneath her dress and I could smell her arousal.

My dick got the signal all loud and clear…my eyes were wide open as I kept wonder what that hand was doing underneath the dress till I heard a snap. Huh,what did she just do? I didn’t have to ask out loud as her panties fell to the floor.

Oh boy,I wanted to so much bury my mouth on that pussy I knew was oozing already but try as much as I could,my face couldn’t reach forward enough to taste her. My belt made sure of that…darn,it was pure leather and the more I tried to get free the more I felt my wrist been bruised. She took a few steps backwards and from the motions I could see she was finger fucking herself,lord can I just die already. She staggered backwards and rested on a shelf bit off me.

Threw her head backwards,spread her legs further apart till I could see how deep her finger was in. Fuck! I needed to be free but if I force it,I was darn sure it wasn’t going to be only my lips bleeding. She was moaning out now and my ears could pick everything and transmitting the bad news to my throbbing dick. Moans grew into cries and before I knew what was happening,she was staggering at an alarming speed towards me.

Before I could say ‘CUM’ she fell over me,luckily the chair could hold both our weight. She was sitting astride me and my face was buried in her hair. It smelt really nice and reminded me of the love that hurt so much. I wanted to reach backwards and grab her ass but as all my wishes tonight were been furtile,I didn’t bother.

My hard dick was stuck on one of her naked thighs and I was sure as hell she could feel the hardness. I don’t know how long she was on me for but it felt like a lifetime. Then she raised herself up a little,returning her leg to my side and this time obliged me the luxury of having her pussy right infront of my face.
“Clean me up!” That command tone again,I didn’t even mind nor did I even need her to tell me before my tongue dug deep between her clits and I was feasting on them like the last supper..her wetness was dripping all over my face and I loved it. I withdrew and stared at her pussy,her swollen and dripping clits and planted a long deep kiss on them.

I wish I could tell them how much I loved them. She had her hands on my head as I dug in her once again…
“Pleaaase,faster”…she moaned in a catlike voice. I knew she wasn’t going to last standing. I became more aggressive with my tongue and teeth and before long again I was having a fountain rain down on my face. Job well done. But that didn’t stop my tongue from wiping and licking her dry before she fell on me once again..

I kept praying she shouldn’t sleep off on me o,she had splashed over twice and I hadn’t even had a first half. I was about launching into a MFM type of prayer when I felt her hand reaching between my zipper which my dick had forcefully undone. She got off me and kissed my dick cap…please don’t suck,please don’t..the overdose of red wine I had taken all through the day would make the head irrelevant.

As if she could read my thoughts..she stood up right and pulled her dress right over her head then proceed to sink her pussy on my dic slowly. She started at a slow pace making me take in the view of her magnificent boobs begging to be free of their bra enclave.

If only my hands were free,if only….the she upped the tempo and my eyes became Mario engaged to her boobs which were bouncing now at a free pace. She reached behind and unhooked her bra letting it fall off and finally I had a nipple in my mouth…I sucked on it like my life depended on it. I sucked,tickled even bit on it…
Then she yanked it out of my mouth and started moaning out loud!
“Tell me,who’s you leader?!”..she was screaming out loud. Fuck,she had been lsitening to too much Beyonce. Before I could even fathom out a reply,my face was hit with a slap that made my dick double in size and widen out her pussy. She cried out and buried her face on my shoulder ..slamming her pussy on my dick at an alarming rate.

Even I was scared..was it the alcohol or just her been crazy?! I didn’t care,I didn’t wanna know. My dick was in cloud 9 and I was enjoying it till I had another slap .

This time I could taste my blood in my mouth.
“Are you enjoying it,you love the way I fuck you”..she was breathing out with series of slaps across my face. I was darn sure I was going to have a swollen face in the morning and I didn’t care, just when I was getting in the mood,she screamed out her third orgasm and buried her fingernails in my shoulders.

It hurt as hell! I knew they had left a mark and I was feeling blood drip out.
“Are you insane?!” I shouted out angrily.
I didn’t get a reply as she fell off me and to the ground. Was she dead? Or did she just pass out?! I didn’t care! I needed to get free of this belt and get my revenge!

To be continued….
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