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May 9, 2021

The weeknd starts now (18+)
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The weeknd starts now (18+)

Written by Bass Ige (@bass_ige)

She stood at the door after pressing the bell for the umpteenth time. Please God,let him be at home o..she prayed silently. She had no where else to crash for the weekend.

She should have just stayed in Bayelsa, this was even crazy…spending a weekend with a guy she was meeting for the first time..true,they had met in a bbm group and had been chat buddies for almost two years but then again,what if he wasn’t all he potrayed online?

well, she stood here. .no kidding.
She heaved and sighed,was about knocking again when the door swung open and a tall body stood before her.

Ok,she knew he was tall but darn! Not this tall..and quite the slim body too…her eyes quickly darted down to his boxers which was the only piece of clothing he had on anyway. It gave no sign of life beneath it..oh well.
“Are you going to say hello and come in or keep surveying?” his voice though, Sort of creepy
“I am sorry..was practicing my tantrum speech in my head”…
“Tantrum speech”..he asked with a frown on her face.
“Yes! You know, the speech you give after spending almost 30 minutes knocking!”
“Ohhh” ..he bursted out laughing. . “I am so sorry, i was in the bathroom totally couldn’t hear a thing”
“Right, so are you going to invite me in or not? “….she raised an eyebrow at him. He chuckled and stopped aside, gesturing for her to walk in. There was nothing fancy about his living room. A nice wine coloured rug was the main attraction.
”So, what do I offer you, Miss Nita” he asked with a smirk on his face as he took in the beautiful lady standing right in the center of his living room. He didn’t really believe she was going to come to his place even when she called him that she had arrived in lagos. He kept thinking it was so some of prank but yet here she stood in the flesh. All he could really think of offering her was his dick.
“Can I just have a bottle of malt? I just wanna relax” She turned around to face him with a smile.
” Coming right up,please do have you seat” He said as he took off in the direction of where she assumed his refrigerator was.
He was back within seconds with a can of malt actually and a cup,no tray. What was with guys and their informal approach though? She sighed and reached forth her hand out to accept the malt but then he gripped her hand and stared at her.
“God!!! pictures don’t even tell half the story. You are so beautiful.”
“Thank you, can I please have the malt now?”..
” I am actually inclined to give you something other than malt “..
” And what might that be? “.. The moment the question left her lips, she regretted it because she could instantly see the need in his eyes. Kneeling before her, he dropped the can and cup on the rug and moved so close to her till their faces were just inches apart.
” Charles “… She said in an attempt to kill the move. He didn’t answer and she was about to call his name a second time when he grabbed her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Well, she thought, just a kiss at least they could both have a taste of what the weekend held for them. Just a kiss, just a kiss but he tasted so good and all she could think of was more of him more.
She was lost in his lips that she didn’t notice his hand sliding in her shirt and getting behind her as he unhooked her bra within a second. All she knew was she was free and flying.

Flying she thought when in reality, he had pulled her down and she was kneeling just like him with her arms wrapped around his neck savouring more of him. She was still flying when he started pushing her downwards slowly till she was lying on the rug with him on top.
With her lying fulling on her back, she felt nothing and was wondering why he even gave it a shot to be ontop of her and tried to get her engines running. She turned around and replied to his kisses, his soft small yet perfect lips gave her a feeling she once denied herself of.

His kiss took a deeper form, moving in ways that made her feel safe and like a child,kisses to her forehead, cheeks, neck and all of which turned her on. He started touching on her body, allowing his hands to wonder freely until they go to her pants. She stopped him knowing fully well that she had not felt a single sign of his erection on her.

He looked up and smiled,  leaving a trail of kisses he went down on her.

Charles she said, “I’m not in the mood” and again he paid no attention to her.

His lips touched her clits, sucking them as lightly as he could, dipping his smallest finger into her and then exchanging them with the others and after a while using two fingers. She had never liked the idea or thought of this, but his touch was different,his lips ran numbers all around her skin.

This gave her a sensation she had never known and at this point all she wanted was him in her, wether he was small or not, she wanted him IN. As she moaned his name, he removed his fingers and the warmth of his mouth on her pussy sent her to a raging state, he felt her cum as her legs started to shake.

He kissed her all the way back up, reaching for her lips and smiling and then he said “my turn”. Nita was puzzled to his statement and rejected it immediately, but he wasn’t ready to take no for an answer. In his stern voice, sounding like he owned her, he looked at her and said
” Pay attention,  get up and lie down upside down, ur pussy to my face and yours to my dick”
Again Nita was puzzled yet surprised at his command, something about this turned her on over and over again and she was ready to obey, because she had not felt his erection, she felt this would be easy, unknown to her Charles needed to get her as wet as possible because of his size.

Charles spoke “It’s easy, I do my thing and you do yours” she replied, ” There’s no way you are going to do that and I am going to do this properly”.

Before she was done, he was sucking on her, thighs pulled to his face. she felt him and liked it. Her lips found its way to his dick and she was amazed, It was so good. Her first entry had made Charles moan and he indeed replied the feeling by pulling her in. She also felt the need to suck him well and so she did.

The both got on sucking, sucking on each other until Nita pulled put because he was to good on her. Charles noticing the stop, wrapped his arms around her and locked her waist down so she couldn’t move. He got aggressive and sucked all he could out of nita, eventually he let go when she screamed, and her legs shook more than ever.

Nita jumped off charles unable to move properly, she laid on her back with her face to his feet and his to hers. He stood up, slowly making his way to her lips and kissing her lightly. She kissed him back and just as she was about to speak, he grabbed her legs and swung them over his shoulders and gave a full thrust into her.

Nita moaned so loud that she immediately covered her mouth with her hands. It was a different game, his perfect dick entered her and plunged slow yet fast at the same time into her giving her all sorts of expressions on her face, smiles, surprised, puzzled, happy, She just couldn’t place it. All she knew was he was good at what he did and she loved what he did. He kissed her on the forehead while thrusting in and out of her.

Then he said “I know your almost weak and out of breath, but trust me we’re almost done”.

He took her and turned her face to the bed, pulling her ass up to him and making sure she was comfortable,he dug deep and hard into her. She felt him in her tummy, moaning as he fucked her, pulling her by the shoulders for a deeper feel.

Feeling the urge hear her scream,he spanked her ass hard and was rightly rewarded with a cry out he fucked her good till she begged him and that was when he released freely into her without thinking. He pulled out, lay down beside her and kissed her on her forehead and said

“Next time, we go by my rules” she thought to herself, if all this happened with the latex, what happens with direct contact?”.

They slept off naked, snuggled up. It was sure going to be a great weekend.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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