May 10, 2021

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Unspoken Desires: My Best Friend’s Dad II

On one fateful day, a year later when I turned 16, Belema asked if I could accompany them to the company’s residential area. Uncle Taribo was going to use the gym and Belema was going to use the WiFi to download some movies in her new Mac laptop...

Who is the worst cheat?

And Nigeria is the champion of Africa again after 19 years *In the voice of the white commentator* I’m not been racist because I chose the voice of the white commentator but its indeed a good feeling to win a tournament despite the fact that I...

Le Colleagues Night Stand (18+)

Hello Mortals, Sighs* The holidays are here and I will repeat this again, I am not a fan of the holiday seasons especially Christmas. I cant wait for the whole thing to be over, can we skip to March already?? No? Another sigh* How do you like the...