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May 16, 2021

Le Colleagues Night Stand (18+)
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Le Colleagues Night Stand (18+)

Hello Mortals,


The holidays are here and I will repeat this again, I am not a fan of the holiday seasons especially Christmas. I cant wait for the whole thing to be over, can we skip to March already?? No?

Another sigh*

How do you like the new theme on the blog, for those people who enjoy the joyous season, enjoy it. This morning, I have a post, its co-written by @boluxxx & myself. I have an upcoming project, 10 writers for 10 days,let me know if you’re interested. Dont worry, you’re not writing about porn or anything related. 🙂

Enjoy the post and please leave a comment.


Sept 16th 8.45am

I felt a little dizzy as I stepped out of the elevator and headed for my office. I take the stairs because escalators and elevators usually gave me some kind of woozy feeling but on this day, I was too tired to walk. A quick glance at my wristwatch showed the time was 8:45am. I was 45 minutes late. Late to the work for the first time in 6months since I had been transferred to co-manage this branch of the company. I had had a hell of a night, I felt a bit light headed from all activities of last night.  *sigh*

Today’s tasks are arduous,  Board meeting was for 10am and I needed to run through one or two documents so I wouldn’t sound like a total dummy while addressing the rest of the board. I quickly got my keys out of my bag and made to open my office door. I heard a familiar door open down the hall.

“Oh great” I thought to myself and panicked that my keys fell to the floor while walking hastily to my office.

“Good morning” it was Yemi Johnson, manager, logistics and supplies.



‘I need more sleep! I need more sleep….’ I had been repeating this statement to myself for the past 10 minutes, sitting down in the car at the car park. Should I to go back home and call in sick?? No! I can’t  do that,  there is a very important meeting this morning by 10am.

I would have skipped this meeting if I wasn’t the one in charge of the delivery project. I grudgingly got out of my car, walked to the office. I checked my time and it was 7:45. 15 minutes to resumption, so much to be done before the 10am meeting.

1. I need to read the mail that came in last night before the unexpected event that happened.

At the thought of last night, the pain in my groin resurfaced. WOW is an understatement for last night. She blew my mind. I would never have suspected she was that insane. Anyway, back to the insane task of the day.

2. I need to print the documents for my boss to go through them before the clients got here.

3. I need to write out other ideas that might inspire the clients in case they did’t like what we had prepared initially for them, a plan B.

I tried to breathe as I walked to my office. As I walked past Sandra’s office, flashes of her awesome body clouded my mind. How she put her tongue into my ears, how she sucked my nipples, how her soft hand became fierce as she stroked my dick, the flashing image of how her naked ass rubbed carelessly against my inner thighs, not forgetting the wet kisses.


Sandra had just been transferred to my office.  She always wore the scantiest piece of clothing in her wardrobe like  she was on a mission to inflict every guy in the office with hard-on. Armed with an ample bossom, the way she walked with always made my heart skip because the boobies couldn’t help but bounce on her chest. She was exceptionally good at her job though, as her presentations proved.

As a reckless office flirt, I have tried to flirt with her at some point, she didn’t welcome it & to avoid being slapped with a sexual harassment case, I turned my affections to some other girl. Recently, she started flirting with me, writing dirty lines in stick it notes for me to see. I caught on & flirted right back. It began to get serious as the sexual tension between us was on an all time high.
I got into my office and started doing the prep work for this morning’s meeting. When I was done & on my way to show my boss the activity plan for the project, Sandra was by the door of her office. I scanned that body, from her perfect legs to those awesome thighs, those perky funbags and to that face that served erotica last night.

I hastened my step as I said good morning to her.


The awkward moment with Yemi this morning didn’t stop wild thoughts running round my head while seated at the meeting. I watched him as he walked towards the projector to begin his presentation. He was every bit of a hunk. His fitted purple shirt gave him that urban look that almost made me go crazy with lustful desire from the day I first saw him.

I adjusted my reading glasses, picked up a brochure to run my eyes through as he spoke.

“Technically, after critical survey and comparison of figures based mainly on demographics, it is safe to say we are ready to send these products down south”. Down south?? DOWN SOUTH? His or my south side?

My mind wandered dirty and I moved a bit in my seat reminiscing on what his length had felt like inside my pussy. The thrusts!

Who would know this same Yemi speaking so nicely has a gigantic magic stick.


I got turned on just by thinking about them.

The way he ran his hands all over my body making my desire intensify as he fondled the necessary spots, how he had pulled my hair and choked me mildly when I asked him to get a little rough. How he fucked my mouth!!!!!

I reclined my seat and relaxed a bit then noticed how hard my nipples shot out against my lacy bra due to all that reminiscing.

I could care less and continued. . . .

I recalled how he had stroked his dick before he proceeded to penetrate my pussy last night, the thought of it all made me woozy down south. I went on replaying details of the sex we had through the meeting. After we closed, I put necessary documents together and returned to my office. That was where it had begun last night as we worked late to get ready for today’s presentation.

Sept 15th, 7:30PM

I was spinning around the table from side to side in my swivel chair as I briefed him on my aspects for the presentation due the next day. No doubt I had wanted him for a while now. Yemi was  the office cool guy, he laughed with everyone, helped people out when he was called to help. He would flirt around the office with almost every lady but mine always seem kind of special. He would maintain gaze, staring at my boobs while talking to me.

The tension between us was getting stronger by the day. At first, when I met him, I thought he was a proud sucker until we got talking.

We would laugh about silly things but I could read intentions in his eyes. However this evening, he wasn’t playing around as the whole office was almost deserted.

Of recent, we began to exchange sticky note messages, I would scribble into a sticky note and take it to his office, he would read and destroy it after reading. I wrote one earlier today, telling him I wasn’t wearing any panties. He looked up at me with the craziest look. I walked away and I could feel his eyes on my ass trying to ascertain if the information was true or false.

I walked away in the most seductive way I knew, this was a few hours ago. Yemi was behaving as if he had forgotten about that sticky note.

I rolled the end of my pen in my mouth as he took me through needed details for about 10 minutes then moved over to sit on the opposite side on the office desk.

5 minutes later I had lost track of everything he must have been saying because I was lost in a dreamy situation and wondered if he couldn’t see all the signals. The last person in the office just left, leaving the both of us all alone.

I moved my legs open and close slowly at intervals as he spoke, then tapped him gently on his shoulders and said

“Yemi, we are alone”.

“I know” he replied and stood up. Yemi went to the maindoor, locked it, switched off the lights, came back into his office, switched off the light as well. I just remained in my seat, anticipating what Yemi wanted to do.

He came back and locked the door behind him.

Yemi stood in front of me, opposite of the table. I was getting wet already, anticipating his touch, he grabbed my hand, it was dark but tiny glimmers of moonlight slipped into the room through the slightly opened blinds.

I could see his bulging erection; the size of his dick still tucked into his trouser scared me. Shit! It looked big and yet it isn’t out completely.

I obeyed like a kid.

He held my hand and pulled, I stood up and walked over to where he was. I was the same height as him thanks to the glorious heels I wore. He pulled me closer into him and planted a kiss on my lips. I responded with an equal vigor.  His tongues began probing my mouth, his kisses were everything I hoped they would be, they were soft, exciting and warm. His hands found their way to my back and held me closer, pressing his body into mine, my nipples got harder.

Not long, his hands found its way to my bum, squeezing them as he kissed more intensely, he pulled my skin tight red gown up to my belly, giving him the free hand to handle my bum however he wanted. He continued massaging the soft mound of my bum and my legs twitched as his soft hands found the entrance of my pussy.

He could feel the wetness in my orifice. He stopped kissing me, he unzipped my gown from the back, I took off the gown like it was on fire, pulling his trousers to myself, I proceeded to strip him, in between me trying to get off his trouser,He pulled me back to himself, kissed me again like he couldn’t get enough of my lips, I responded like my life depended on it.

He turned me around, my back against him, I was standing there with nothing but my bra, with my boobs almost pouring out of my lacy bra, my nipple almost hard as stone. He grabbed my boobs from the back, I pushed my ass back to him, arching my back towards him, so my ass would rub carelessly against his shaft.

Yemi began kissing my neck as his hands smooched my boobs, He dug his hands into my lacy bras and brought out my boobs, his hands grabbed a nipple each and began rubbing and twisting them between his fingers. I was whispering gibberish, Yemi used his tongue to tickle my earlobes, sending in waves and waves of pleasure. He added his tongue to the mix, tinkling my earlobes with the tip of his tongue. I was uttering gibberish; Yemi was sending me out of this world with his skills.

He paused, took off my bra and asked me to lay on the table. I managed to free the titan from its dungeon. Yemi’s dick is massive, I began to wonder how it would fit into my pussy, I seriously wanted to be shagged by Yemi.

He laid me on the table, he spread my legs far apart and took his face into my orifice. Yemi sucked me like no other man had ever done before, It was as if he had more than one tongue, he tongue-fucked me that I began to scream. I held his face between my inner thighs, twisting and rolling my waist against his face.I began to twist my own nipples myself, rubbing my boobs against eachother. I brought my neck forward to catch a glimpse of what Yemi was doing there on my pussy.

Yemi kept on pleasuring me. I stopped the flow this time around. I brought my neck over the edge of the table so he can suck me while his dick hangs before my face.

At the sight of his monstrous dick, I was squirming, Yemi went back to sucking my pussy, he was bent on making a point with me. He resumed sucking, he focused more on my clitoris this time around, teasing it. I began to moan, in no time, I began to kiss the tip of Yemi’s dick.  From kissing, I began to suck the tip, It felt easier and better than I thought, the treatment Yemi’s tongue was giving my pussy was way out of this world. I didn’t know when I start sucking Yemi’s dick, I rolled my tongue all over the tip of his dick, licking the shaft and tried to deep-throat him but his dick was too big.

Yemi began to gently ease his dick into my mouth little by little. Using his giant monstrosity to fuck my mouth meanwhile his tongue continued to work wonders on my pussy, I removed his dick from my mouth, spat on it and began to stroke it, Yemi began to make weird sound. Yemi would press my boobs as his tongue continued to deliver pleasure to my being, squashing my boobs harder against my chest.

He stopped and repositioned me, this time around my waist was at the end of the table.  I held my own legs myself apart as Yemi’s dick found his way into my pussy on the table, It was tight at first but Yemi was a gentleman, he knew how to maneuver his dick so it wasn’t painful for me. In no time, I was enjoying Yemi’s big dick, he began to increase his pace inside my pussy, my pussy enlarged to allow him, I muttered curses mildly in whispers as his dick sent me into another world, a world filled with pleasure, his strokes became faster and faster. He filled me to the brim, Yemi stopped, removed his dick completely and held it infront of my pussy, rubbed his pre-cum over the top of my vagina and began to rub endlessly against it.

Shit!!!! was all I could scream, Yemi was on a plan to kill me with pleasure. He took his dick back in and I could fill the tip of his dick way down my pussy. He continued fucking me faster and faster as we both continued to moan, his orgasm was explosive, he removed his dick and shot his load over my belly button. At this time, I was having my third orgasm. Yemi blew my mind.

We got dressed up and as I was about to move, I felt an uneasy pain from my vagina, Yemi’s dick had bruised my pussy but I didn’t mind the pain, the pleasure was worth the while.

Now, do you understand why I couldn’t think straight while Yemi was doing his presentation at the meeting?


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