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2013: DJ Fleau

When I got the DM from Deolu, I seriously didn’t know what to write about not like I know now sef. I have typed and deleted this same paragraph almost 5 times already. So I am going to do my normal thing….RANT AWAY…just kidding…..

You don’t want to know how glad I am the world didn’t end in 2012. Like seriously end for what now, after I manage to meet this really fine brother at the end of the year and I was hoping to see how things would turn out between us in 2013 *ni the world wa fe ma form ending*… Omo bone if the world ended, I for restart am.

2012 was a good year. If you knew me in 2011 you would know that 2012 was a good year. 2011 yen o tie boju mu at all. I knew 2012 was going to be an interesting year considering the fact that it kicked off with #OCCUPYNIGERIA.  It was good to see a televised mini revolution in Nigeria. I loved every period of the strike I mean free leave without application, no jokes it was good to see Nigerians fight for themselves rather than rant on social networks.

2012 was good for me as blogger. Thanks to 5 months of constant blogging, I was able to have one of my readers dash me a customized website without collecting nada from me. Yes he’s a guy and he didn’t ask me out, he’s not gay and NO I am not ugly.

It’s simply, “Hard work earns you favours”.

I thought I had escaped getting my heart broken in 2011 only for the same nigga to show face in 2012 *like seriously is it by force to break my heart*. Sigh

One of the best things that happened to me in 2012 was sports. For purpose of familiarity, my middle name is sports and it was a honour to land my first sports job and then the Olympics (even though we didn’t win nada). That just did it for me, it became better when I played my first Alumni competition (I think that game weekend is still the best weekend from 2012)

*By the way my basketball team is open to play against any team that is willing to get their ass whooped and are not sour losers…contact me please for more details on how to get flogged by us :D*

Now if I didn’t learn anything at all in 2012, I would like to say I learnt to be hard-working (I mean get your ass out of your comfy chair and get moving), I learnt to take bold steps (what’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you sent in that proposal or asked for that favour….patapata na NO you go hear) and I finally learnt about the power of passion and team spirit. If you have passion for nothing I swear down you ain’t living because most times passion is all you need to make a dream become reality.

In 2013, I have decided to transform every single thing I learnt in 2012 into physical cash… yes money that’s my major hope. I have prepared my mind for plenty NO and for the few YES I get I have made up my mind to maximize them like it’s the last YES I would ever get.

Hopefully, this year GEJ would act like a president and save his own people, hopefully this year Nigeria would qualify for world Cup, hopefully this year girls would stop sleeping with men for new gadgets

*so you know na every year or quarterly sef upgraded version of gadget dey comot*

Hopefully this year I would organize the best events and hopefully me sef would become a sort after blogger. TRUTH IS FORGET ALL THIS HOPEFULLY THING…I just want to have a good year so help me GOD


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