June 27, 2022

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2013: MsIbiyemi


Firstly I am not good with article writing but Deolu bullied me into it *sighs*

So I am meant to write about one thing I am hoping for in 2013 and one thing I was thankful for in 2012.. Hmmm how do I start this?…

Oh well, here goes…

Going down memory lane, I remember coming back from church January 1st (cross-over service) and screaming to my mum that I was graduating and as usual she sealed it with an Amen. (God bless my mama).

Things were going fine till May/June when a lot of stuff started happening and it dragged me into sadness for a very long time and as always my mum tried to make me smile, sometimes it worked, sometimes it made me cry (Lawd! I love her). I remember being all lonely and drowning in the pool of my misery. Making other people happy but couldn’t make myself happy. My dad was being a big bully and making things more stressful for me.

Sometimes I wonder why my father is not just grateful. He tends to bully us a lot (Maybe cos we are all girls), says all sorts of things and later realizes what he did was wrong (which doesn’t happen often, he is always “right”) and he tries to form the daughter-father bond.

Oh please!!! I ended the year on a very bitter note (boyfriend issues included), I miss him tho but, I have to move on. I wasn’t even looking forward to Christmas, i was so moody on Christmas day that I was depressing other people *sighs*.

I slept all through on Christmas day and didn’t even eat. December 31st came, met me on my bed and passed by with me still on that same bed. In as much as I was sad and depressed most times in 2012 I had some moments that I smiled: my sister,’s grad in may, my grad in june,my mother’s 50th birthday in July,finding my childhood love in september (and there goes the awww (ÊƒâŒŁÆȘ) )…

That’s all, I guess.

Midnight of 1st of January, I sat up on my bed and told myself enough of being sad and letting things just weigh me down. Said to myself I am going to enjoy this year, probably tell my crush how I feel and just flirt around and in generally be my normal bubbling self. Be the Oyinda I know.

The one thing I am grateful for in 2012 was that life showed me pepper but it made me tough all the same. The one thing (actually two things) I am hoping for in 2013 is PEACE OF MIND and also do things I want to do, things that would make me happy and not doing what my father wants.




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