June 26, 2022

Seventh Heaven: Kolade, The Chauffeur (Episode 1)

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Seventh Heaven: Kolade, The Chauffeur (Episode 1)


Follow the adventures of Kolade, a driver that has just been employed into the Johnsons’ family, and the madam of the house.

Kolade got on his feet as Mrs. Johnson walked into her exquisite sitting room, she was not like anything he pictured all week; he was expecting an overweight grumpy middle-aged woman with a bloated tummy just like his Aunty, Ola. She emanated the elegance and stance of a queen, take Halle Berry; add fifteen to twenty kg on her at the right places, make her hairless perfect, take away a little of her make-up, add a beauty spot, make her curvier with thick thighs, make her cheek bone less perfect, stick with her glowing skin, height and smile, and you would get a perfect Mrs. Johnson.

“Please sit and feel free”, Kolade wore a wide grin as he sat cautiously on the white sofa not wanting to get too comfortable.

“Ola says you are a graduate of marine science, but you’ve been on the wrong side of luck with employers ever since you graduated”, Kolade couldn’t help himself from admiring her diction and aura, he has always been a lover of older women and fantasized a lot about fucking a cougar.

“I traveled down to Nigeria to attend a couple of wedding ceremonies and seal few business deals”, he listened to all that came out of her mouth with admiration like he was taking down minutes. “I will be here for a month, Ola says you can chauffeur me around the calm city of Abeokuta”, he nodded his head trying to let her know he was following everything she said.

“You will have to move in here with me, I sure do need a masculine figure in this house in case of emergencies. I stay in this big house with my help, my husband built it before we relocated to Ireland”, Kolade didn’t like the sound of a husband in the picture, he hoped for her to be a divorcee, or better still, a widow. fuck up, she don marry sha; her husband na bastard, see the protein him dey consume on a regular.

“Since you are a graduate, I will pay you N120,000 at the end of the mouth. I would get you a high paying job if you are of good character, and drive me real good,”, she gave him a sultry wink as the last words drop out of her mouth, he knew she was not talking about his car driving skills, but he was so elated about the pay and opportunities that came along with the job.

He couldn’t bring himself to give her a look of disapproval, so he played along not wanting to lose the golden offer on the table. This woman is crazy and bold, my type of woman but I no fit fuck married woman na, karma is a bitch, he tried to convince himself in his mind, but he knew he was low on willpower.

A chubby young lady came out of one of the big polished doors in the house with a glass of orange-flavored juice in a tray, she wore a short yellow dress looking as bright as the sun.

Mrs. Johnson introduced her to him as Ronke, her help, “Ronke is also a graduate, you both will be living with me in this house”, they both greeted each other casually as she handed him the cup of juice in a tray.

Kolade watched Ronke make her way across the living room tilting his head to catch a glimpse of the base of her butt, he hoped a miraculous wind would sweep her dress up so he could see the grandeur beneath her dress as she closed the door behind her. Mrs. Johnson’s giggle brought him back into reality; he wondered how long he was gone inside of Ronke’s pants. He was drenched in embarrassment when she gave him a knowing smile,

“Don’t be embarrassed, she is a very hot babe, it’s normal for you to trip”, she said, trying to make him loosen up.

“Move in tomorrow so you can see more of that, not only from Ronke”, she bit her lower lip sending jolts of electric current down his body, he snapped himself into confidence, “I can’t wait to drive you ma”, he said as he made his way to the door,

“I bet you really can’t”, she pointed to the bulge which was fast growing by his zipper, he covered and repressed it with both hands and returned her smile with a wide beam.

“You look good Kolade, so does it”, she said loudly as he made his way out of her house. 120k salary, free food, free accommodation, and free pussy, what else could I have asked for O Lord.

Kolade tried so hard to focus on the road as he drove Mrs. Johnson and her friend back home from the third wedding ceremony she attended within the space of 14 days, she complained bitterly to her friend about her husband’s illy conceited behavior,

“He thinks money can buy everything. He barely has time for the kids and me, his concentration level is at its barest minimum when he is around us”, Kolade could feel the sadness in her voice, she was broken.

“I crave for quality attention and care, not just money and absence, is that too much to ask for”, her friend tossed a handkerchief to her to wipe her already teary eyes.

“When last did you have a quality sausage”, Mrs. Adeleke, her friend asked her after drawing apart from a tight hug, she paused for few seconds looking into space,

“Can you believe I haven’t any in good five months”, her friend’s mouth went ajar, Kolade tried to figure out if it was the edible sausage they were talking about?

“Alex’s performance is so poor, he nuts at the speed of light”, Kolade being a smart guy connected the dots and deciphered the two women’s discussion.

“Babe, your Choco needs to be eaten frequently so it won’t get sour. You are too hot and young to be starved. I have someone who parts oceans with his tongue, I will introduce you to him, you will definitely give me positive feedback.”, Mrs. Johnson laid her head on her friend’s lap like a remorseful baby.

Kolade pulled over at the front of Mrs. Adeleke’s house, he reclined the driver’s seat when the two friends walked into her house.

Kolade gave a sigh of relief as Mrs. Johnson made her way out of her friend’s house, she was in there forever and it was already past midnight.

“Sorry Kay, she and I had a lot to discuss”, he nodded his head as he stepped on the accelerator zooming off into the silent street.

“There is somewhere I want you to drive me to this night Kay”, he wore a big frown which he quickly changed into an “I have no choice” smile.

She maneuvered her way to the front seat and placed her left hand on Kolade’s lap,

“Drive me to ecstasy”, he couldn’t believe his ears, a million and one questions popped up in his head, but only one slipped out of his mouth, “Where is that ma?”, he said with a lowly defeated voice, he knew it would take something extraordinary for him to resist his boss.

“My ecstasy is in between your legs, where the sun doesn’t shine”, he slammed the brake of the car when she moved her hands to his zipper, the sound of the screeching tires almost knocked her out.

“What was that for Kolade?”, it was the first time he saw her yell or get angry,

“I am sorry ma, it was impulse”, he stuttered the words out, he couldn’t wrap his head around why he slammed the brake, what the hell were you thinking about you big chump, he chastised himself.

“Take me home, your childishness and foolishness just ruined the whole moment”, he felt so sorry for himself, I hope I don’t wake up to a sack letter, Oh God have mercy on me.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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