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Revelation (18+)

Take a deep breathe,she is just human.
Yes he knew that part but after stalking her for months,he still wasn’t sure if he was to actually believe it. She was everything and more,her beauty couldn’t be described with mortal words. She was like the last being God created before taking a break,boy he definitely needed it.

He had been stalking her for months now and after a few days chatting and all,she had finally agreed to meet up though they both knew it was more of a fuck meeting up ahead. He has spent the previous day getting the required sleep and rest,visited Iya Musa’s roadside shop to get enough jedi to flush out all the sugar intake he had been piling up for weeks now.

Yes, his sex life had gone to naughts ever since he broke up with his ex, he had barely given sex a thought. The only reminder of the life was his usual morning boner which was getting more and more painful with each passing day. The prayer now was for his John Thomas not to cum early and ruin the moment. He needed to take his time and enjoy her body.

He looked around the apartment once more to make sure everything was in order. Well yes it seemed like all was in place so he could afford to take a quick nap. She knocked for the umpteenth time,was this guy playing games with her? He wouldn’t dare not after all the torment he had put her through. She had prepared herself so much for this and now it was looking like he was nowhere to be found.

She closed her eyes and bit her lower lips,a habit that could cover for a whole lot of emotions but right now it was for anger. She heaved and sighed,one more knock and she was gone. She had tried calling his phone but as it turned out it was switched off.

She was about hitting the door in anger one more time when it swung open and there he stood before her in shorts and nothing more. She looked up considering he was a full 6’3ft tall and she could tell from his swollen eyes that he had been sleeping. What the fuck,the nigga  had been sleeping all the while she was knocking! Was she to show her anger at first meet or not?
She decided not to..She couldn’t tell,she closed her eyes and calmly counted to ten.
“Hello”..She managed to say calmly
“Hi, so sorry I had slept off. Please do come in”…

He sounded really cool and gentlemanly. Her anger took a little detour as she smiled at him and walked passed him into the apartment. She took in the apartment and it was such a nice place. Pretty big room arranged though in typical bachelor fashion,a king size bed spread out over a wine coloured rug.

A reading table in a corner with a chair to go with it, a laptop and home theatre system made up for electronics,nothing else. Two doors which she assumed led to the kitchen and bathroom were at the far end. While she was looking around the apartment,he was looking right at her. Damn pictures do lie,she was nothing like the pictures potrayed. Her backview was way more dangerous than he thought,her ass seemed like it was moulded by the finest sculptors heaven could find. It was taking all of his willpower not to walk over and bend her over right now and there. Be gentleman,nigga be a gentleman…
“So Ann,what do I offer you now that you finally decided to come visit?” ,he quickly shifted focus.
His dick was yet to burst through considering how hard it was in his shorts begging to be let loose.

Nigga don’t rush,let it come naturally.
“Cold water would be okay,please I am very thirsty”, she asked for as she took a seat up on the chair and dropped her bag on the floor. He excused himself more to go adjust his shorts than to go attend to her
request. Ann watched him head to what she assumed was the kitchen and sighed,for some funny reason the thing she had on was soaked. What had aroused her,she couldn’t tell but it was darn crazy. She reached
a hand into her skirt and rubbed her pussy a little. It felt relaxing,she stopped and pulled her hand, this wasn’t the time or place. Remembering her phone battery was almost out and she needed
to charge up,she reached into her bag and started searching around for her charger.

He stood by the kitchen door with a cup of cold water in hand but didnt move,he had seen her dip a hand into her panties and knew she was damn well aroused as he was so what were they waiting for? He stood watching her as went through her bag searching for something obviously till she pulled out a charger and made her way to where a socket was.

He adjusted behind the door properly so she couldn’t see him but he could see her as she bent over to plug her charger in. She plugged it but didn’t get up she remained like that going through her phone.

Oh lord,that ass! That posture was made in heaven. The bulge in his shorts was nore than obvious now and he knew he couldn’t find it any longer. Making up a decision,he walked towards her dropping the cup of water on the table as he got closer and without warning grabbed ger hips and held her head down low.
“Wh,wha,what are you doing?”, Ann asked as she felt his hands on her. His reply was to spank her ass hard that the pain ran straight through her body and up to her brain. She decided not to ask any further questions. He was rubbing his erection against her ass and even with the clothings in between she could tell he was huge.

He pulled her skirt over her ass slowly revealing the thongs she had on,sliding it slowly over her ass crack,he put a thumb over her asshole and started rubbing it. She was dripping and wanted him in and deep but she knew she couldn’t beg,she was the one meant to be in charge.

Closing her eyes and biting her lower lips,she braced herself up for whatever torture he was going to met out to her. He was having a hard time been in control and in no time he whipped his dick out and was rubbing it on her clits wetting it in her juice still she held out and maintained her composure but what she wasn’t prepared for was his thumb and dick going in both holes at the same time with brute force that she screamed out.
This wasn’t of earth and he knew that,she was so damn wet and tight that he felt his dick been milked with each stroke but still he kept pounding her hard and faster with each one. To make up for the sweet pain his dick was having,he started spanking her ass with a fury even he couldn’t believe he possessed.
He half expected her to scream out for help and push him away but all he got was moans that got louder with each thrust and spank. She had one hand up on the wall to maintain her balance and he could make out her other hand reaching for the button of her blouse.

He decided to help out in his own way,holding her hand he led it to a button and tore it off then threw her hand away. Grabbing one of her boobs,he let her erect nipples between his finger and pulled it as hard could. She let out a cry and that pushed him further some more,letting go of her hip,he had his other hand grab a nipple also and firmly holding onto both boobs and pulling from behind,he started fucking her like a mad man making sure she felt his dick deep inside her,he couldn’t tell what he was hitting.
“Please,please”..She pleaded,what she was pleading for,he couldn’t tell but he felt a big urge to slap her boobs which he did and got another cry out of her.
He knew he couldn’t last long and didn’t want to cum in her but he knew he could die if he pulled out in time so in desperation he grabbed her hair and pulled at it hard as he groaned out and filled her up with his warm cum. He held on to her hips as he start relaxing and coming back to his senses,his dick shrunk and slid out of her pussy with his sperm dripping out. He let go of her and fell to the rug in order to catch his breathe.

She stood upright and turned to look at him and he could see a tear roll down her face,he became worried. Wasn’t this rape?
“Are you ok? did I hurt you? I am so sorry,i don’t know what came over me” He spoke fast
“Which is your bathroom?”, She sidestepped his question indicating the two doors,all he could do was just point to the left one and she dissapeared in there.

Chei,Frank! what have you done? this dick of yours won’t land you in trouble o. He became really worried and sat up watching the bathroom door waiting for her to emerge.  She took her time,thinking of the millions things she had just experienced,the pain and the joy. It was crazy but she knew deep down she sure as hell wanted more of it.

When she stepped out of the bathroom,he couldn’t believe his eyes. She was stark naked and even with all his worry,his dick responded gave a nod.He made and attempt to stand up but she motioned to him to remain seated in his present position then she knelt down and went on all fours and started crawling towards him slowly.

This was way too good to be true, she got between his legs and pulled his shorts down some more,letting her hand between his legs she grabbed his balls and squeezed on them. He felt some pain but he dare not let out a sound not after the assault he had laid on her.

Taking her head lower,her tongue darted out and she started licking around his balls,kissing them and not forgetting to squeeze at intervals.  Taking her time she worked her way up his dick which was now at full erection gorged out with veins popping. She kissed his slit and dick-cap and let her saliva run down his whole length as her hand went to work,stroking him fast. Once she felt his hand on her head,she knew what to do,she buried his dick in her mouth sucking on his whole length and each time she attempted to deep throat,he held her head tight and made her choke on him.

He kept feeling like his dick was going to erupt any time and whenever he let out a groan,she bit on his dick cap causing him a sharp pain but who was he to complain? He had to bear it all. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and started jerking him off fast..

“I want you to cum all over my face..treat me like a slut please”..she said to him.  She bit on him again,what the fuck was she doing? how was he meant to cum when she kept doing that? To hell with cumming all over her face,he knew where he wanted to cum in and it was definitely not over her pretty face,reaching down to grab her ass and pull her up,he turned her around and with a wink she knew what he wanted.  She had her ass facing him as she sank her pussy on his dick in reverse cow girl.

He couldn’t handle the rush of adrenaline from his dick rushing furiously to his brain as she began to ride him slowly at first. As she picked up the pace and started moaning,he started his mission of spanking her ass and getting it red all over. Her moans turned to cries of pleasure or pain,he couldn’t tell and he didn’t care. He stuck his index finger up her ass hole and started finger fucking her butt hole as she kept on fucking his dick. Her cries were getting louder and he knew she was going to climax soon so was he.

He pushed her off his dick in a hurry and laid her out flat on the rug,grabbing both legs he threw them over his shoulders and slid his dick once more into her as he took charge fucking her like the slut she wanted to be, using his teeth this time he grabbed her nipples in between and bite on them hard as she let out a scream and started raining all around his dick and trashing about luckily his weight held her in place as he increased his strokes,a few more strokes in and he was cumming all inside her once again.

She couldn’t move as he fell all over her,she could only wrap her arms around his neck as they laid down there spent.

“Hope you have got enough food and drinks in this apartment of yours?”,she asked after a while

“I have got enough in here to last us a month”..He replied as his teeth went down biting on her nipple once again.

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