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May 9, 2021

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Pro Bono (18+)

Written by Bass Ige(@bass_ige)

“Just sex”…He asked again to be sure he heard her correctly,he got a frown in reply.

Ada looked at him again and again and wondered if she wasn’t making a huge mistake. Fine,she knew she wanted to fuck him so bad but with the way he was behaving like it was some big deal. Why couldn’t he just get through his thick skull that all she wanted from him was a good fuck and nothing more.. no emotions..nothing else. And if he fucked as fine as he was handsome then they could always continue. But seeing his presently excited reaction,something told her to walk away. And she obliged,picking up her bag and cup of coffee..She stood up and walked out the cafeteria leaving him with an open mouth.

Chei,I don fuck up ooo…Frank sat thinking to himself,the hottest lady in the firm had just ask if they could have sex and he had behaved like a secondary school student. He scratched his beards and frowned,He had just thrown away a penalty. But who could blame him? Ada was the hottest lady in the firm,yes but also the most unapproachable. Conversations with her that weren’t related to office work were kept brief as possible with one word replies. But that didn’t keep almost all the guys at the law firm drooling over her,he had managed to be one of the few who didn’t. True she was a stunning beauty with a body to die for but he wasn’t really into ladies who couldn’t hold a conversation. That had been his stance till a couple of days ago in the boardroom she was seated right next to him,a meeting was going on and her pen had fallen to the ground. The gentleman in him had rushed to help her pick it up right about the same time she bent over. Their heads had hit each other and looking up to apologise to her,his eyes had been transported down her open buttoned shirt right between her massive cleavage. Right there and then in a room full of people he had a massive erection.

She had just given him a cold stare and frowned as always. H couldn’t remember if he apologised or not but since then she had been all up in his head. He woke up each morning with an extra hard boner thanks to her and to make it worse,he had been fucking a friend of his during the week and while spanking her all he could think of was Ada been bent over. Then he knew he was in trouble,today had only triggered off the time bomb in his head and dick.

“Guyyyyy!”….Dotun,his friend and colleague snapped him back to reality as he took his seat right across him.

“Wetin do you? Your face is all pale like you don see devil”..Dotun continued.

“Omo nothing jare..just thinking”..and he was really thinking if he should seek Dotun’s advice on what to do about Ada but then again he remembered Dotun was one her top admirers and might possibly be vexed.

“Forget that your thinking o,I just saw iron lady and seriously one of us needs to fuck that girl. Her shakara don too much”…Welcome to the world of Dotun who believed there was no problem a good fuck couldn’t solve. He was the typical yoruba demon as they were called nowadays. Not exaggerating,Dotun should be in the 500 club..anything in skirt was game. He was probably the most randy lawyer on the face of the earth and he always bragged about his conquests. So it was definitely a no no,he sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him about Ada’s offer.

“Well why don’t you fuck her?”..He threw at Dotun.

“Haa you think I don’t want to fuck her,let her just wink at me. Ii would be in her bed in seconds. But this one that she is always forming voltron.what can one do?. It would just be nice sha for someone to fuck her brains out and calm her down”…

Frank nodded and took a sip out of his coffee,his mind racing at what Dotun had just said.


Ada sat calmly in her office,eyes closed thinking of what a fool she had just made of herself. What decent lady walks up to a guy and asks if they could have sex? Like seriously,she knew she had serious goofed and to make it worse he had more or less turned her down. What could be more humiliating than that? She wiped her forehead with an handkerchief and took a deep breathe.

But how could he not have jumped at her offer,she had noticed the bulge in his trousers that day,she had seen the hunger in his eyes and for some reason it had turned her on. She had left work early that day just to get home and have fun with her rabbit but the hunger in her had gotten to a stage that no dildo could satisfy her any more. And after some days of deliberating She had summoned up courage to approach him. When she had imagined them leaving work and getting hotel room some place close and him violating her body in ways one could only imagine. She had imagined how deep and feeling his dick would be inside her,darn the thoughts were getting her wet again and right now it was the last thing she needed. She had got loads or work to attend to but she just couldn’t help thinking of that bulge of his. Or maybe it was because it had been quite a while she had gotten fucked. Ever since the one crazy one night stand she had had in a club a few months ago,only her rabbit had been paying regular visits to her pussy.

She heard some voices coming in through from her secretary’s office,she was about standing up to go see what was up before she heard his voice and calmed down. What was he looking for,had he come to rub in salt to the injury just already. Such an arrogant bastard,lucky she had informed her secretary as she was getting in that she didn’t want to be disturbed. In less than five seconds her office door swung and he walked in with her secretary in tow..

“I told him,ma..he wouldn’t listen”..Her secretary tried to save face,Ada just waved her back to her office. She was going to take care of the arrogant bastard herself.

“Yes,what do you want?”..She turned to face him as soon as her secretary left. He didn’t reply her,just started walking around her office taking in the view of her corner space.

“Are you now playing deaf with me because I haven’t got tome for this. If you want to say something,please do so and leave. I have got a lot to do.”…

“I wanted to find out if your offer was legit and if it still stood. Plus what do I have to gain from fucking you?”…He wasn’t even looking at her as he asked the questions.

Frank was trying all his best to remain calm,his initial plan after leaving Dotun still talking had been to march into her office,grab her and bend her over her table with some good fucking but after the whole secretarial delay he had changed plans. He had to behave like a god to be worshipped.

“What offer? I don’t remember offering you anything or have you been drinking?”…

Frank turned around to look at her with shock written all over his face. What was she playing at? Oh boy time to leave her office o before things went a little further and she starts talking about sexual assault. He was about withdrawing but something told him to push it a little further.

“Don’t play dumb with me,you asked me if I would love to fuck you. And yes I would love to fuck your crazy brains all over the place”..He was moving closer to her as he spoke. Anything she wanted to do,she should do he could always denied he said anything besides they was no recorder or camera in her office.

She could notice the bulge again in his trouser growing and her breathing became laboured and she was having problem putting the reply she wanted to give him into words.

This was his chance and he took it! He grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her up,her eyes brighten up and she felt a lump in her throat. She wanted him to fuck her,yeah but he didn’t play like that. He loved taking his time. Pushing her gently till her ass hit the table and sat her on it. He then proceeded to kiss her,his hands already on her buttons. She didn’t want to but she couldn’t help her lips parting and letting him in. He tasted like cinnamons,like he had just had a bottle of patron and she wanted more of him. He kissed her deeper and allowed her tongue in to explore his mouth. He had undone her buttons and her boobs were out in full force only held back by the prisons called bra. That would be taken care of in a while he thought to himself as he squeezed them gently through the bra. He stopped kissing her as he did so and took his mouth over to her ears. Gently nibbling on them,He started leaving a trail of kisses down her neck to her shoulders. She shivered and grabbed his arms which felt so strong,she held back the urge to dig her nails into him. He started the kisses back up again and ended right back at her ear. By this time one of his hand had found it’s way to her bra hook and had undone it. Her boobs came out in full force and he found another duty for his mouth. Bending down slowly,he had one of his hands grabbing her boob and his mouth right over the nipple as he started squeezing her into his mouth.

Ada couldn’t believe what was happening,he was about fucking her right here in the office and she wasn’t in the mood to stop him. In fact she wanted more of him and happily threw her legs wide open when his other hand started nudging between her things. He found her silk panties and tore them off in no time. She didn’t know which finger it was but darn it felt pretty long as it slid into her pussy while his thumb stayed out rubbing on her clits. He had stopped sucking her her nipples now and was gently biting on them. She would not have ever guessed he was so good at multi tasking. Everything was moving at the same pace fast and furious and she couldn’t help letting out moans.

“Now what was it you wanted me to do?”..He stood up abruptly and whispered by her ear. What the hell was he playing at? He bit her ear as he repeated the question.

“I want you to fuck me”..She could barely recognise the horny voice as her all. It screamed need as she felt him undo his pants,she felt his dick coming between her thighs and she could tell he was as huge as she imagined. She closed her eyes and had her mouth tight shut as she waited for his penetration,she waited and waited. and all she could feel was his dick cap rubbing against her hole. No penetration.

“What is it you wanted me to do again?”..He asked for the second time and angered her.

“Fuck me God damn it!”…the words had barely left her mouth when she felt his thick dick slam into her pussy. She let out a scream and quickly muffled it as her senses came to play reminding her of her secretary just outside the door. But apparently his own senses had taken leave of him as he wrapped his hands beneath her ass coming right between it and the table as he pounded into her furiously! Her table was shaking at the force at which he was fucking her,her moans were getting louder and he had to kiss her to keep her shut. She had a hand holding onto the table and the other on his arm and this time She dug her nails into him and was almost certain she would leave a mark. It didn’t seem to catch his attention as he focused more on violating her pussy. He was squeezing her ass hard beneath and she wanted more.

Gathering all the willpower she could,She push him away from her and watched as he staggered backwards with his dick dangling out. Damn,it turned her on the more and she couldn’t wait to have him back in her..But she pulled him close and went down to kiss his dick. She wanted to take him in her mouth but her pussy calling was more important.She turned around and placed her hands on the table wriggling her at him in invitation. And he duly accepted,moving back to her ..he grabbed her waist with a hand and with the other slapped his dick on her ass which responded back in a matter that fascinated him. He couldn’t waste any more time as he slowly slid back into her wet hole and spanked her ass hard as he did so,she cried out and threw her head forward and that was when she noticed the door had been ajar the whole time. She was about telling him when he spanked her again and started driving into her that whatever it is she wanted to say got stuck in her throat. Now she could care less as she let out her moans as loud as they could get,he wasn’t letting her off easy. God this was so much better than her rabbit. She let a hand down between her legs and started rubbing her clits hard and fast. She couldn’t hold it back any more.

Frank saw her hand go down and this turned him on the more as he turned up his thrusting a notch taking time out to spank her properly,the way her ass bounced back on his dick really fascinated him and he got lost. He stopped fucking her and spanked her.. then stood just taking in the sight of his dick lost somewhere between the ass of this gorgeous lady. She was so furious he had stopped  right when she was about to explode that she started fucking him,backing up and hitting her ass on his dick. Starting slowly,she picked up the pace as he resumed spanking her. She was one great fucker as he could see,holding her waist in place he stopped her fucking him and slammed into her getting a cry out in reply. He pulled out and did it over and over again till he could feel her shaking and losing her grip on the table. Only then did he start fucking her fast and proper.. She was whimpering now as she could feel her orgasm building up. She wanted to stand upright as it came through but he held down in place as the shock ran straight through her and she was screaming out loud not giving a damn about who could hear her. Frank didn’t care,he had seen her secretary peep in a while ago and knew he had nothing lose. Ada was falling off his dick  but he grabbed her and held her ass in place as he was reaching his climax…mustering all the willpower he could,he pulled out of her and spilled all over her ass groaning. He stepped back and watched as his cum rolled down between her ass cheeks. She made no move to stand up and He stood there enjoying the view.

Ada couldn’t believe what she had just done,she had just fucked a co worker and in her office for crying out loud. But right about now her red hot ass told her it wasn’t such a bad thing after all and she would love some more of it. She stood up and started adjusting her clothings,nothing to do about her panties which had been torn off. She turned around to look at him,he had arranged himself back nicely.

“How would you love if I followed you home and helped with some of your cases?”..He asked with a devilish smile on his face.

“Pro bono”..She asked to make sure there was no strings attached.

“Pro bono@..He replied.


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