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May 9, 2021

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Pawns & Kings (18+)

Written by Bass Ige (@bass_ige)

Kemi looked around as she hurried to the boardroom,damn Bolaji!. She knew there was no way her excuse of huge traffic would fly but that was simply the truth and reason she was a hour late for the meeting. She got to the boardroom door and took a deep breathe as she placed her hand on the door knob. This was one of those days she really wished the windows round the boardroom were the typical transparent ones but sadly for her there was no genie around.
It hadn’t been worth it at all,if she had gotten what she had wanted when she went to see Bolaji first before running down for the all important meeting,it might all have been worth it but Bolaji had just tormented and scorned at her need for a quickie. She had left in embarrassment but all that was off little concern now. She could come back to dealing with her bruised ego later.
She opened the door and stepped in expecting a tirade of questions and all. Surprisingly all was quiet and all she could see was Timi looking down on a chessboard. There was a frown on his face and he scratched his beards. He felt her presence and looked up at her, his handsome face letting a smile show.
“You are late,Miss”…
“Yes,I know. I,I,I had a bit of car trouble”..the lie came anyway
He raised an eyebrow at her,his smile still in place, he looked her all over and could feel the familiar rush of blood down to his cock. Four months after he had first set eyes on her and she still turned him on more than ever before. He knew he was fighting a losing battle with his body and one of these days he was going to make a move on her.

She was his perfect lady, 5’9ft tall with a body to die for. Her hips matching an awesome ass he has often dreamt of grabbing and he could tell that breast were still quite firm from the little glimspes he caught every now and then. The mole just by the side of her mouth topped it all off.
She didn’t feel comfortable with the way he was staring at her. Yeah yeah,he was the MD’s son and all but he was staring at her like one of the pawns on the chessboard. He was quite the hunk no denying that,6’ft3 and well built. She could tell he worked out quite frequently. They had hardly spoken since he got back from studies overseas a few months back to take up a position here in the company.
“The meeting was postponed”..He finally let out
“Oh”..was all the relief she could muster. Well now she could drive back and give Bolaji a piece of her mind! And to imagine she wasn’t wearing any panties,she had flung them off at his place expecting a mind blowing quickie.
“Thank you” was all she said as she turned around to leave the boardroom. Her hand was on the doorknob again when she heard.
“Do you know how to play chess,Miss Kemi?”
She paused and took a deep breathe. Just answer no and walk away,don’t waste time..her pussy advised her. Bolaji needed to pay for making her all so horny and leaving like this. Her head made play.
“No I don’t. Why?”..she turned around and was walking towards him as she asked.
“Well,I have always heard it quite a tasking game and sadly I don’t know how to play”..He paused as she was standing right before him now. He was looking down,trying some x-ray vision shit just to see if he could see through her blouse and catch a glimspe of that full cleavage once more.
What was going on? She didn’t understand but the stare that had made her uncomfortable a few moments ago was right now causing more trouble right down between her legs. And it was getting hard to hide considering she had no panties on. He moved closer to her and made it all worse. Right now,right here was the time for hime to make his move.

He bent towards her and she closed her eyes thinking he was coming in for a kiss..he didn’t kiss her,just breathed by her ear
“Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?”
She closed her eyes and tried to make sense of what was going on but he didn’t give her time to think it through as she felt his hands on her ass pulling her into him, he squeezed hard and felt her bare butt.
“You have no panties on. Oh lord”..he breathed out once more. He carried her up by the ass and placed her on the table and stood right between her thighs, rolled her skirts further up her thighs nd planted a kiss on her neck as he did so.

Soliciting another moan from her,he bent down and his tongue over her left nipple. She dug her fingers deeper into his hair making him feel her fingers on his bare scalp. He kept on sucking on her nipple like his life depended on it while running his hands up and down her thighs.

When he felt it was more than enough attention,he raised up his face and kissed her neck trailing his tongue right behind he ear. Nibbling gently on her ear,she didn’t mind the pain. It turned her on the more. Kemi wanted him now more than ever and with no invitation required her hands got busy pulling out his shirt. Timi decided her lips was obviously the next port of call and he attacked with his.

She teased his with her tongue before letting him in. She devoured all of him while her hands completed their mission. She had pulled out his shirt and was his belt buckle now,she spent minimal time with that as her hand dug into his brief and wrapped around his cock. Holding him in her hand made her drip and want him the more.
Timi didn’t believe all this was happening,his mind told him it was all a dream and he would soon snap out of it. But when he felt her hand wrap around his dick and she moaned in his mouth,he knew nothing could get realer. He grabbed her thighs and wrapped her legs round his waist. Didn’t break of the kiss as he felt her pulling his cock to her core.

He reached down and took her hand off control,grabbing his cock by the base he began rubbing his dick against her clits. He wanted to take his time and torment her just as she had tormented him all these months. He stopped lip kissing and had his lips all over her neck once more. He didn’t bother kissing and he started licking down her neck to her shoulders then back up again leaving a trail of saliva all over her. She was going to lose control first,they both knew there was no point fighting it.
“Please fuck me”…she whispered by his ear.
He carried on like he hadn’t heard her at all and continued his tongue onslaught against her neck while his dick kept rubbing against her clits. She knew he was taking back his revenge and he was killing her softly. She tightened up her legs around him and before she could settle back to the torment of his cock rubbing up her clits,he dug deep into her. She let out a cry she knew the whole floor would have heard hadn’t it been the sound proof windows covering the board room. He didn’t move,just left his cock in her letting her pussy quiver getting accustomed to him inside her.

She was shaking all over and he pulled out gently before slamming deeper into her..this sent her over the edge as an orgasm shook all over her and her hold on him tightened. She couldn’t concentrate,she didn’t even know what was going on or where she was. All she knew was that he began fucking her mercilessly,no slow loving strokes. He was fucking her like a monster.

His hands had found home right on her ass and her mouth on a nipple once more as he took full advantage of her weak state. She didn’t mind,didn’t mind when her second orgasm built up and had her screaming. Her screams made him stop,he pulled out of her. No no,she didn’t want that..she opened her eyes that had automatically been shut when lost in passion. She stared at him as he knelt down and threw her legs over his shoulders.

Without any drama,his tongue drove into her and her fingers were back in his hair. He bit on her clits each time his tongue came out for air and she loved it. He was making a porn star out of her and she was letting him.
“Oh fuck,pleasse”
She started moving her waist,hitting up her pussy up against his willing tongue and just when she thought they had finally settled into a motion,he stood up hurriedly and plunged his dick into her once more and her pussy welcome his cock more than she had intended him to with showers of blessing.

He fucked her at his usual high tempo but this time he was groaning and she knew he was losing control. She made her move…grabbing his head,she whispered by his ear.
“Come for me,baby. Come inside me. The pussy is all yours”
And he had no counter move as he spluttered all inside her with loud groaning.
“Oh God”..he grabbed her ass tight and bit on a nipple as his cock emptied its load inside her.
She let him rest against her and looked down at the chest board. She stared for a while before hitting it off the table and letting it crash on the floor. They were going to need the whole table for round two.

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