December 6, 2023
Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 9] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 9] (18+)

“Ahh…yes…” Jumoke hissed. ” I like how this my maan do me…like an animal…”

As I gripped my cock and pressed it against her hot wet pussy, I knew this was it – Jumoke was about to become pregnant. I would breed her like the receptive female bitch she was. The thought made my cock harden even more and swell arrogantly, bloating larger than I thought possible. 

The consequences were the farthest thing from my mind, as lost in primal lust as I was. I gripped Jumoke’s flared hips and mounted her, plunging into her depths. 

I hilted her in that one animalistic stroke, my pelvis and balls pressed hard into her ass. Jumoke let out a husky, strained grunt as I filled her so completely, my cock head crushed up against the entrance to her fertile womb. I had never been this deep in a woman – I had tried doggy style with the whore I lost my virginity to, but she couldn’t take more than a few inches of me before she insisted on going back to missionary.

I gave Jumoke a moment to catch her breath before I started truly pumping her. I was lost in a sexual frenzy, each thrust of my massive dick knocking against my maid’s dam. I gritted my teeth, groaning as I looked down at my woman’s slender, curvy frame, her round ass and back slick with sweat, hair plastered to her shoulder blades. 

I loved watching my huge black dick piston in and out of her pussy, her lips stretching with it each time I pulled back. I moved my hands down to clutch her swinging breasts and squeeze them, gripping them as I pounded away. My maid was crying out in throaty gasps as I bred her, her body trembling in an almost unbroken state of orgasm. 

As I continued my assault, Jumoke’s arms gave out, and she slid forwards onto her elbows, ass sticking up higher into the air. She screamed into her pillow, face buried into it as I fucked her deeper and deeper into the cheap, sweaty bedding. I could feel my heavy balls slap lewdly against her thighs.

With each stroke, I could feel myself getting closer to my release, my cock expanding inside of her in preparation to flood her womb and forcefully impregnate her. We were about to make the first of our young in the secret dark of the storm. I think that Jumoke realized this through her own fog of primal sex. 

She gasped and panted, starting to mewl at me, voice pleading as I thrust into her hard and deep from behind, utterly dominant over my maid.

“Un…Chizi, please…UNh! No inside, you diick too beeg, too strong for my pussiee, you no cum inside, make…Haaah! No make me pregnaant, no make bay-bee…!

My answer was only a low, animalistic growl, her village girl begging, finally pushing me over the edge. I roared into the night as I grabbed Jumoke’s hips and slammed down into her as hard and deep as I could, throwing my head back as I came violently, exploding inside of her with such force that I almost blacked out. 

I let out grunts as I felt my hot seed spray directly into her fertile unprotected womb, drowning it with thick rope after rope of my potent cum. I came over and over again as my maid thrashed beneath me, shrieking and screaming out as she was taken by another huge whorish orgasm at the feel of being filled by my seed.

Get pregnant, you bitch. Get pregnant. Get pregnant. Get pregnant.

I came for what felt like minutes, pinning her there until it finally subsided, my cock still twitching inside her and plugging her womb with my seed. When I withdrew, letting Jumoke slump back onto her bed, my cock pulled free with a deluge of cum from her gaping cunt, staining her thighs and dripping onto her bedding.

Jumoke lay there panting, gasping for breath as I eased next to her on my back, my own body trembling at the powerful orgasm I just rode out. My maid moaned gently as she recovered, turning to look lazily at me from nearly closed lids, a sweaty, sexy, well-fucked little mess.

“Why you do that, Chizi?” Jumoke protested weakly, so content that it sounded like an unhappy afterthought. “You pound me so much with your horse-diick…” she murmured, parting her shapely legs to look down disapprovingly but in awe at the thick white cum that continued to ooze out from her gaping pussy. “I tol you, your cock too strong.”

She shifted on her side away from me as she pouted, showing me the curves of her slinky back and delicious round ass, all beaded with sweet-smelling sweat. I turned into her to spoon, letting my huge, slowly-softening member lay over her ass and thighs between us, my chest into her back, drawing my arm possessively around her curvy frame and resting it on her thigh. 

Jumoke let out a soft female purr of satisfaction at the feeling of being in my arms. I kissed her sexy, insolent little head. Though quieter, she still didn’t sound too pleased about what I had done.

“Chizi, what if I get preg-nant?” Jumoke whined gently. “I get belle, you-I big trou-ble…”

I let out a deep sound of male pleasure at her words, like a low male alpha growl, my cock getting rock-hard again almost instantly against her ass and swampy, cum-oozing cunt. I slid my hand up from her thigh over her still-flat belly to caress it possessively.

Jumoke gasped as she shifted to look back at me with surprise, fear, dawning realization, and even a little lust in her dark eyes. “Ah? You want make i get-??”

But before she could say more, I answered by pushing my cock to slide back easily into my bitch’s warm, welcoming depths with a long, slow thrust. 

I filled Jumoke completely, and while she was still incredibly tight, it felt like I had pounded her little cunt into a shape that would fit me now.

“Unnnnnn…” Jumoke moaned at the sensation of being taken again, arching her back against me.

She whimpered and moaned quietly as I began to thrust in and out of her, weakly squirming against me as I held her stomach, her hand gently gripping my wrist as I thrust into her in the dark. 

She cried out in shaking pleasure as I pounded against her ass, the sounds of our fucking wet and lewd as my dick lubed up on my own sloppy seconds.

“Ann…you like tigerrrr…so good, so AUH! So good my pussiee…fuck me wit you horse-diick, Chizi…mmnh! Fuck meee…”

I moved my hand to grip and knead her breast, squeezing her plump nipple between my thumb and forefinger before crushing her tit-flesh. We fucked like that for a while as I kissed her back, neck, and shoulder, moving my other hand to her neck, then drawing my fingers over the bud of her pouty lip. Jumoke nipped at my digits, sucking on them between throaty feminine moans.

Again, my dick started expanding inside her needy canal, and I started voicing my impending release with deep groans.

“Aaeunn!” Jumoke whined in pathetic protest, lost in her lust. “Chizi, no cum in me again…Carrl…no again, please…I go suck you diick now… AUN! Not in me…ahaaaan…”

Have my baby, you fucking whore!

I came again, hard, emptying the last of my pent-up cum to blast into Jumoke’s full womb as I rammed myself down into her cervix. Her body betrayed her, gripped with another powerful orgasm, her cunt grasping and milking my invading member insistently as she convulsed, hungrily drawing my semen into her core. Jumoke moaned low, voice full of lust and submission – she must have known that her pregnancy was inevitable now.

With any luck, my maid had already conceived.

I came and came until I lay against her trembling, my fat cock sheathed in my maid’s well-fucked pussy. We rested there in the dark, panting, fighting for breath, our bodies drenched with sweat.

“I get preg-nant…” Jumoke moaned in helpless complaint – or maybe surrender – so unbelievably satisfied and tired she couldn’t get too angry.

I smiled wolfishly behind her, sliding my hand to caress her toned belly. She shivered at my touch – I wasn’t sure if it was in revulsion, horror, excitement, or pleasure. Maybe all at once because I felt her pussy throb and constrict gently as she came again around my huge, semi-hard shaft.

“Yes,” I whispered near her ear, kissing her jaw. “You will.”

I pressed my lips to the side of her neck.

“I’ll take care of you,” I promised, not having any idea how but meaning it.

But Jumoke had passed out, exhausted from our first breeding. I lay with her for a time, happier than I had ever been. I was thrilled at what I had done but also a little freaked. My darkest fantasies were coming true. I just had to make sure that I could live them out without my parents ruining everything. I tenderly removed myself from Jumoke’s cunt, pulling out some suction and a gush of semen. The maid made a feminine sound of protest and shifted some but didn’t wake.

I left my maid there on her bed, comatose. Her slender thighs were absolutely splattered in cum, pussy pulsing as it ran steadily with thick semen that leaked heavily from an overstuffed womb. She looked beautiful with locks of black hair covering her eyes, curled up in an almost fetal position. Somewhere in her fertile, unprotected body, my sperm were doing their work.

I didn’t want to leave her, but I couldn’t stay till morning.

I somehow staggered back into my boxers and stumbled back into my room, going to sleep with a big grin on my face.


The next morning, I barely managed to roll out of bed. It took my mom yelling and screaming and kicking at the locked door to rouse me and drag my ass into the shower. Downstairs, I dug into my breakfast, eating fast so that I could make the school bus. Jumoke was there clearing plates in a cute blue jersey tee and shorts, giving me a secret, sexy smile when no one was paying attention. We stole looks at each other while my parents were off in their own worlds, full of desire. It didn’t look like Jumoke was pissed at me for the unprotected sex – just the opposite.

Guess I still didn’t get women.


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