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June 4, 2020
Vixen Banks: The House Sitting [Part 3](18+)

Vixen Banks: The House Sitting [Part 3](18+)

’Wake up missy, you still have the whole of the night to sleep’’ My sister’s voice intruded

Sister has a way of wanting everyone around her to jump whenever into my slumber

‘’Oooohhhhhh, sis me…’’ I mumbled getting up from the couch where I was sprawled

‘’Missy!!! Get up, you know I have to be at the airport soon or do you want me to miss my flight? She’s getting angry now, I can hear the anger in her voice.

‘’But sis, you know I’ve also had a very busy week and I’m not the one taking you to the airport na’’ I also snapped back. My she says so. My week was a busy one as I said and I expected her to understand that I need to rest after all I intend catching fun later that Friday night. Couldn’t she just go where she was going and let me be?

‘’I need you to help me finish some chores and make sure that I have everything I need for the trip. You know Bimpe won’t like it if I didn’t take everything I was supposed to take along to her and you are my unofficial P.A’’ my sis countered.

‘’unpaid P.A…oh well, let’s go get it over with’’ I replied heading for her bedroom to do what she wanted to be done. An hour or so later, we were through, she was dressed and ready for her trip. My sister is a very unorganized person. Her husband or I has to make sure all she needed for any trip is fully packed, if left to her to do the packing, she would forget the most essential of items she needs to take with her. I’m sure her husband had declined to help and that was why she turned to me.

Finally peace, I sighed to myself as she and her husband drove out of the house on their way to the airport where my sister was to catch a flight to Abuja for her BFF’s wedding. She’s been going on and on about it now for weeks and it was a relief to finally have her going for it. I stretched out on the couch in contentment at having the whole house to myself. I tried going back to sleep so that I could get a few shut eye before my date for the evening.

I was seriously looking forward to this date. Met the guy some weeks back at the mall and we’ve actually done everything imaginable on WhatsApp and feel its time I physically got down and dirty with him. His chats showed great promise as he seems to be as kinky as me and to also love the dark side of sex as much as I do. The various pictures of his cock I have seen also seemed to show great promise, it’s quite sizable and my only wish is that he knows how to use it. I had had lunch with him the previous week and we seemed to click in every way. The only thing left now is to see if we clicked on the physical level too with our clothes off.

I stretched out in contentment as I slumbered off to the thought of being fucked later that night. Suddenly, I was jerked awake by the beep of my phone to show a message had just come in. On checking the message, I froze.

“Be naked on the couch, legs spread wide open n put whateva u find unda ur pillow inside ur pussy n switch it on until I cum’’.

I broke out in cold sweat. The message was from my uncle! Gawd, I thought that episode was a fluke. Just a one-off happening as he had never even looked at me askance after that episode of over six months ago! He didn’t mention it, change towards me, looked at me anyhow or even touch me after it. He didn’t even say a single word about it! It was as if nothing had ever happened between us.

Sometimes I even doubted the actuality of the whole episode. I was initially scared that my uncle would make a habit of fucking me and like the slut and SUB I was, that I would not be able to object or resist. But everything soon faded off to a dull memory after all this time of silence, and now this.

Like a zombie, I went to my room and looked under the pillow and lo and behold, I saw a vibrator ball nestled right there. I am a connoisseur of sex toys and have an array of them so I was aware of what the ball was even though I didn’t have one. It was a SUB/DOM tool, one a Dom uses to inflict ultimate pleasure on a Sub. I say inflict because this can invariably turn to pain at the whims of the Dom. I groaned in distress but my body betrayed me by flooding with pleasure at the thought of a master having control of my desires, my body.

I can’t explain the feelings that flood over me at the thought of being sexually controlled by another human. It’s like that is when I come alive the most. I stripped off the shorts and t-shirt I was wearing and looked down at my crotch.

The bottom of the shorts already had a big patch of dampness all over it to show the copious amount of juice I was already secreting at being dominated on phone! With just a text message!

‘’You are pathetic’’ I told myself, looking at my pussy mound and seeing the undeniable flush and palpitation it was making. My boobs felt full already and my nipples had grown taut and hard. Suddenly I started hurrying as it felt like a clock was ticking within me telling me that I didn’t have enough time to please my master. So I took hold of the round metal object that has a piece of wire and a tiny control box embedded into it to make for easy pulling out from either the pussy or the ass and to put on the vibrating mechanism.

Spread my legs and inserted it into my pussy, it was smooth sailing as my pussy was well enough lubricated to receive it and it wasn’t that big. It’s not the size that scares but the pleasure that small item can unleash in me.

Then I walked back towards the sitting room to continue the rest of my instructions. I was hit by pleasure shooting from my pussy to my brains as my thighs rubbing against each other had unconsciously pressed the ‘on’ button and the ball had started vibrating! I jerked to a stop but that internal clock did not allow me to stop for long as I was propelled towards the sitting room and lying on the couch, spread my legs, with one flung across the back of the couch and the other on the floor.


Soon I was gasping and moaning as pleasure after pleasure hit my body and my cum hit me every few minutes. It was the pleasure that had become unbearable but I couldn’t stop. Something inside me, the submissive spirit I guess, would not allow me stop as I rode orgasm after orgasm until they merged into each other and I was screaming, jerking my pussy upwards and backwards as if thrusting to meet a cock, my hands gripped and squeezed my boobs, nipples and roamed all over my body at will.

Every part of me seemed to be made for pleasure as even a slight touch to any part was tingling. Even the most unlikely places in my body seemed to elicit pleasure.

I can’t tell how long I was in that euphoric position or how many times I came. I only know that the cloth I had had the peace of mind to spread on the couch was soaked through with pussy juice. I guess I even squirted something strange to me. Then the door opened and my uncle walked in, looked at me with lust filled eyes as he stood at the foot of the couch and watched my writhing body. I looked at him pleadingly as I had an attack of shortness of breath and I felt faint. I knew if I continued that way, I would faint.

I guess he felt it too as he leaned towards me and turned off the vibrator. My body was still jerking of the residue of climax that I was still riding. His eyes were glazed as he looked down at my sweat covered body. My boobs were giving mighty heaves as my breathing tried to slow down from the exertion it had just been put through. They were still taut and full and the nipples hard and erect. In fact, they showed no sign of softening as his hot gaze roamed my body. My legs were still thrashing all over the place and the general sight I presented was that of a person being flogged by an invisible cane.

He just stood there watching me writhe but the palpable bulge in his trousers was an obvious indication of what he was feeling. It showed that my body was having an effect on his body. Though he didn’t say anything, his body said a lot. Soon my body became calmer as the eruptions from deep with me stopped. But my pussy was splayed wide open to his hungry view. He feeds on my body with his eyes and my body glowed in that silent glorification.

We were two of a kind. He knew the effect he was having on me and I felt the effect I was having on him too. In the inner recess of my mind, I wondered if this was how he treated my sister. If he dominated her too and gave her pleasure laced with pain the way he gave me. I guess I’ll never know.

Soon I was calm and just lay there watching him, waiting for what next he would have me do.

‘’Get me something to eat’’ he said and I jerked, it felt like I hadn’t heard right. Is that all? Would everything end like this? After bringing me this far, I thought he would fuck my ass like he promised to do over six months ago. I looked at him perplexed but he simply stared back and then walked to their bedroom. I was a mixture of confused emotions as I quickly scrambled up from the couch and headed to my room to put something on before going into the kitchen.

‘’is that the way to the kitchen? His voice brought me to a stop like a whiplash

‘’IIII wwant ttoo wwearr something’’ I managed to stammer back an answer.

‘’did I ask you to? He asked, with a stern look

‘’sorry sir’’ I stammered back, making a u-turn and heading towards the kitchen in my birth cloths. My mind was a reel as I prepared dinner in the nude. But my body was a betrayal as pussy juice dripped down my legs and my nipples remained hardened at being dominated. I would subconsciously pinch my nipples once a while as I cooked, sometimes I would dip two fingers in my pussy, scoop out pussy juice and lick my fingers clean. Soon I was doing it every so often as the heady smell of pussy juice was not allowing me to concentrate on what I was doing

“What is that you are doing? My uncle’s voice asked from the kitchen doorway as I scooped pussy juice and brought the fingers to my lips to lick again. I looked and his erection was still bulging against his trousers. I stopped in my tracks and just looked at him with my fingers halfway to my lips. I didn’t know whether to drop the fingers or to finish what I started. I just looked back at him.

“You are going to get punished, but first, let me have dinner cos I’m starved’’ he said, striding out of the kitchen.

I didn’t know what to do with my soiled hands after he had left but a few moments later I just licked away as I finished cooking and served him his food on the dining.

‘’Sit’’ he commanded, tapping the chair nearest him on the dining. I complied and then he started eating, not taking his eyes off me as he chewed each morsel of food. His gaze was driving me crazy as it was smoldering and felt as if someone had lit a fire in the house. I started sweating but my boobs became more flushed and my nipples tauter (If that were possible). Then he pinched my nipples hard! I gasped as the pain flowed through me.

I tried to jerk back but his fingers were clamped tightly to my nipples and each backward movement sent pain flowing through me. I had no choice but to sit still and even try to get closer to him so as to reduce the pain. I was rewarded with a smile and a gentle caress on my boobs as I scampered closer to him.

My body betrayed me again by leaning forward to him, my chest almost touching him as I tried to get closer. I kept telling myself it was because of the pain but I know it was only to get his hands more on my body. Soon I was leaning against him and he had also abandoned his food as he touched me all over, rubbing my boobs tenderly and touching me in places I didn’t know could give me pleasure.

He used his knees to push my legs apart and once more I was spread to his gaze as my legs opened wider and wider and my pussy dripped more juice. He bent his head and took one of my nipples in his mouth while still rolling the other between his thumb and forefinger. A loud moan escaped the recess of my mouth as I pushed further and further into his exploring mouth.

Then he took the other nipple in his mouth and did what he had done with the first on it too. He cupped my boobs in both hands and looking into my eyes said

“You’ve got beautiful boobs, I love looking at them but I love sucking them more. I want to taste your milk, will you give me your milk? He asked in the softest voice he had ever used on me. I became like butter, melted and carried away by the intensity of his looks and the softness of his voice. I nodded dumbly, too aroused to say a word

“Say yes, master’’ he commanded

“Yes master’’ I replied like a robot. He smiled then clamped his lips on one of my nipples and started sucking and kneading my boob, gently at first but gradually exerting pressure until it felt like a suction pipe had been attached to my nipple. My initial soft moans changed to screams and then gasps as pleasure mixed with pain exploded from my nipples to my brain as he tried to draw milk from a breast that had never suckled a baby.

I couldn’t tell which was which as I alternatively tried to draw away and draw nearer to his hands and mouth as he kneaded and sucked on my boob. His eyes were glued to mine with a silent command for me to keep mine open and focused on him as each time I instinctively closed my eyes, the pressure on my boobs and nipples would increase to unbearable levels.

Then his eyes opened wider and there was this look of wonder in them and his grip on my nipples softened. I also felt something flow out of me and into his mouth and before I knew what was happening, I was hit by a very mighty orgasm that left me screaming and writhing on the chair as I flooded it with cum. He held on tight to me and continued sucking as my orgasm caught me and overtook me. After I came down from my high, he opened his mouth and I could see white liquid swirling in it. Then he brought his mouth closer to mine and gave me a hard kiss, depositing breast milk into my mouth and the force of the kiss left me no choice but to swallow (I haven’t stopped producing breast milk since then).

I sat there spent but still shaking and still aching. The ultimate pleasure for being was being fucked, having a cock thrusting deep inside me, pussy or ass. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy everything sex but he ultimate for me is penetration. My body quivers just with a cock poised to enter me. It sends me to that hazy pleasure zone. So I looked at my sister’s husband, silently imploring him to give me the ultimate treatment; the gift of his cock, his cum. He knew what I wanted but just got up and pulled me along with him to the sitting room

I made to go towards the couch but he pulled me back towards him as he made for the single sitter just opposite it. I looked at him with a puzzled expression but he ignored me as he sat on the single sitter and pulled my face down unto his lap. I felt he wanted me to suck his cock so I tried wiggling in order to position my mouth over it but he pushed my face away, opened his knee and pushed my head and shoulder between them.

He then clamped his left thigh tightly over my back. My cloudy brain began to comprehend what was about to happen and I started wiggling, trying to get away but I was too tightly held.

My legs were on the floor, my ass pussy resting on his right thigh, my back, shoulder, and head almost on the ground being held tight by his left thigh. I was in a very vulnerable position, uncomfortable and difficult to wriggle out of.  

“I told you, you were going to get punished for doing what I didn’t ask you to do’’ he said, holding my back and shoulder tighter with his knee.

I tried to wriggle free, knowing he was going to spank me but I couldn’t. I was so helpless. Then I tried relaxing my muscles to wait for the spanks.

“You are a slut you know. Look at you wetting my thighs with pussy juices just because I want to spank you. Aren’t you ashamed to be wanting what your brother in law wants to give you’’ he taunted?

“I know you have been waiting for me to fuck you since that first time. I was initially afraid that you were going to tell….

SMACK….the sound of his hand hitting my ass. I screamed not at the pain but at the shock, the suddenness of the spank he had just delivered to my ass in the middle of his diatribe.

“Your sister or that you would move out. But I subconsciously knew you would not because you enjoyed what happened that day and wanted more…your body wanted more even when…

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK continuously now as I jerked and tried to pull away but couldn’t. He continued spanking me, increasing the speed and hardness of it and all the while talking

‘’your mouth was saying a different thing. I know all there is to know about you. Took the pains to find out after that night, I didn’t plan what happened but seeing you like that fucking the remote control was just too much for me to bear. I never even imagined your nakedness and here you are gifting me with a sight of your boobs and glistening pussy….you are made to be worshipped and used….fucked…see how your body is reacting…despite the pain you are still cumming…

SMACK, SMACK SMACK, SMACK until it all became a blur and then I heard someone moaning from far off, yelling yessss, yesssss, pleading for more. Then I realized it was me, I was the one moaning, raising my buttocks up to meet my uncle’s hand as it descended on my by now very sore and sensitive ass. But loving every smack, every word that came out of his mouth, I was begging for me. The realization of what I truly am hit me and I started crying, begging, asking for it, to be treated like the whore I was.


Suddenly, the smacking stopped and the feel of his hands became tender as he caressed my sore ass and rubbed it all over. I felt the wetness on my stomach and realized that I had squirted on his body in my orgasm. He released me and gingerly pulled up my quivering body. His trouser was soaked from the thigh to the knee with my pussy juices. I staggered as I stood, shaken, overwhelmed by my pleasure but still not sated, I wanted more. He had broken me to the basest form of what I was and I stood before him in eager expectation of all he had to offer.

He led me to the couch and pushed me into it, then stood back and unzipped his cock, brought out his engorged cock and I felt a thrilled go through me as I knew I would finally be getting laid. I opened my legs wide and spread my thighs waiting for him to get between them and shove his manhood into me.

He looked at me, pulled on his cock, once, twice, thrice then spilled cum all over my body and my hair. When he was done, he just tucked back his cock into his trousers and said

‘’cum, let’s go to bed’’

Written by Vixen Banks, she blogs at

Written by Vixen Banks, she blogs at

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