February 9, 2023

Short Story: Bidemi and “The Man” by OluKay (18+)

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Short Story: Bidemi and “The Man” by OluKay (18+)

“Na wa o”, she wondered under her breath.
“Abi nobody travel for Christmas ni?”, she mused. It wasn’t even a Monday though it was still technically the first work day of the week.

Demi – as she preferred to introduce herself because it sounded like demi-god – had planned to get to the office at 7:30 having left 10 mins before 7:00. At least, bad as e bad, she won’t spend more than 40 mins on the commute to work. The Third Mainland bridge would be free because today was only 3 January and most people aren’t yet back to Lagos.


As soon as she took a right at the fork that diverges between Berger and the Island, she saw the build-up of traffic stretching back from Iyana-Oworo. “Wetin be this na?” she cursed under her breath as her car stereo blasted Naira Marley’s “Ko jo se se” from within the blacked-out windows of her sleek black 2015 Hyundai Sonata.

She instinctively started nodding to the electrifying beats as she reminisced over the eventful weekend she had had. “God punish you too, Burna”, she chuckled lightheartedly to herself.

The grammy-winning Afrobeat superstar had been callously late for his concert on Sunday night, showing up in the wee hours of Monday after keeping fans waiting for over six hours.

She hadn’t felt the wait so keenly because she’d been invited by Shamsudeen, her MD’s pal who she’d run into in the first week of November….


She had gone to the MD’s office to walk him through the strategy deck she’d been working on for double-distribution partners in 2023 for their spirits brand. The mandate was to double their distribution footprint but she was especially proud of the plans she had come up with to triple their sales through a B2B rewards program.

As she excitedly trotted into his expansive office with a view overlooking the Atlantic, eyes trained on her MacBook screen, she walked right into Shamsudeen who’d noticed her distracted walk and comically spread his arms. She was flustered with embarrassment as Shamsudeen and Tiamiyu had a hearty laughter at her expense.

“But you must absolutely make it up to me”, he addressed her with his deep husky voice and a handsome smile that exposed his perfect dentition. “Take me to lunch at your earliest convenience”, he politely ordered, stretching his business card in her direction. “Ermmm, ok-kaayyy, sure thing, sirrrr”, she stuttered, eager to end this unfortunate show in which she was the unpaid clown.

10 calls and plenty chats and surprise food deliveries later, she’d agreed to attend BurnaBoy’s concert in the company of Shamsudeen. He’d flown in from Estonia on Sunday morning to catch up on some meetings for his Edutech startup and in time for the concert. Demi had grown fond of him. He was a pleasing balance of masculine and very caring. Of course, she knew he was married. His Latino wife and cute twins littered his IG page.

At first, she had some inhibitions – married and all – but boy was he sweet and attentive! The first time she received the surprise order of Berry Bliss French Toast and Pancakes from her beloved Cafeteria on Akin Adesola Street in VI, she pondered how he figured out she loved cafeteria and their heavenly pancakes.

He initially gave her his usual nonsense of “I just know” until three weeks later when he opened up that he’d browsed the food places she follows on IG and found all the posts she liked or commented on. She was stupefied. This was definitely the intentional man they always banter about on Twitter. It was at that moment she decided to YOLO away with Shamsudeen.

After all, her cheating-ass, part-time excuse of a boyfriend, Lamide, was hardly ever available these days. It got worse this December as he was more preoccupied with hanging with his boys (and them ho’s) at Moist or going to Sunday at Ilashe – without her!


Shams – as she loved to call him in her sexy, sing-song voice – suggested they go chill in his ride after they’d waited at their table till midnight. She jumped at the suggestion because she was already getting a tad cranky at the senseless delay. She wasn’t a great fan of concerts in Nigeria, anyway. From poor logistical planning to utter disdain for fans, it all reeked of Stockholm’s.

Sham’s 2019 RangeRover Autobiography was plush and exquisite in every sense of the word. The chilling AC crept on you and it didn’t help that her body-con dress had a slit that stretched all the way to her panty line, except there was no panty line because there were no panties, duh. All of the sexual tension of the last four weeks’ supercharged the atmosphere and Shams smelled gooooooodddddd with his minty breath.

He was talking some sweet nonsense about how Burna always behaves at abroad concerts but his husky voice was wafting through her ears and turning her on. It didn’t help that she was ovulating and her modest bullet vibrator had been grossly inadequate to quell the raging fire between her thighs. Her eyes were cloudy with desire, her breath laboured.

“Are you okayyyy?”, Shams leaned in to ask just as she captured his glossed-up lips and that minty breath in a full kiss.

She seemed to have unleashed a malevolent sleeping beast because Shams transformed into a sex god in an instant. He snaked his arm between her neck and the backrest, holding the small of her neck from the back while lightly choking her with the other palm and fully enveloping her lips in a passionate kiss.

He moaned breathlessly into her throat, turning her on with greater urgency. His left palm disappeared from her neck and before she could protest, she felt her seat reclining as he heaved his frame over her, his hard-on prodding her exposed thighs.

The heat between her thighs gradually cooled into wetness as her juices started to rush. “E dey rush well well, e dey rush”, she found herself humming in her head. She wanted to be fucked with abandon by this gem of a man. No, she needed to fuck him into delirium.

“Please hold on”. She could see the disappointment in his eyes. ‘Chill baby, we’re still on’, she thought to herself. He reluctantly heaved off her seat and settled into his, looking sullen. “Please recline your seat, she commanded, as renewed hope lit up his eyes. She easily slid down his shorts as he wriggled his waist to ease the movement and then she struck gold. Shams had a beautiful dick.

It wasn’t big per se. It was thick and stout. Veiny and lightly curved in its turgid state. She licked the cap in admiration, slowly, respectfully, with great adoration.

Then in a swift move that surprised even her she deep-throated the entire length. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, he groaned with need. This activated her demon mode. She gave 10 pumps with her hands and throat in quick succession, slurping and gulping the dick as her eyes bulged from the sheer girth. Damnnnnnn! She needed to be filled with this giant sausage.

She lifted her dress slightly and mounted his hard-on straddling him on his seat. She was doing this gyration with her waist going 360 and then up-down, slamming urgently on his cock. He filled her so well that she started to feel her nut building up. “Oh, yesssss, fuckkkkkkkk, yessssss, oh Shamsssss”

“Fill me the fuck up, Daddy!” “Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!”

Her knees started to buckle as she creamed his stout dick endlessly. She was cumming harrrdddddd. This felt too goooood! She thought she was going to cry as wave after wave of pleases washed throat her soul

“I’m cummingggggggggggggggg”, he groaned as he attempted to push her off from the waist. Instead, she slammed hard on his dick, triggering her second glory ride of orgasm as he exploded deep in her pussy, spurting blast after blast of cum. She collapsed unto his chest as they both lay still, drinking in the pleasurable after-feel of their trip to the clouds. “Mmmmmm”, she purred as the cocktail of their juice dribbled down to his crotch.

He was still inside her and she loved the feeling as he slowly went flaccid, his breath steadying beneath her boobs.

It was now 12 minutes past 1 in the morning. But Burna was still nowhere to be found. ‘What a boy he is’, she muttered distractedly.

Written by Olukay

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