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Crazy Lenny: Emeka: Widower’s Wild Ride (Chapter 4)[18+]


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Crazy Lenny: Emeka: Widower’s Wild Ride (Chapter 4)[18+]

By the time the sun dropped, a powerful body high had washed over him and he felt utterly content and at peace with his life, for the first time in a very long time. Memories of his late wife and their wonderful shared life flooded his consciousness. Good memories. Bad memories. But all of them are perfect and lucid memories. None of them are troubling. All of them are under control. All of them make perfect sense, at least in that moment.

The three of them continued to sit in the yard, lost in their own minds and the stunning visuals, for at least 45 minutes. By then it was getting pretty dark. Iveren was the first to stir, getting slowly to her feet and then grabbing each of their hands, one after the other, and leading them inside.

When Emeka got to his feet, he felt that familiar unsteadiness, that weakness in the knees and joints, but he didn’t feel impaired. The high coursing through his body was intense, as was the feeling of attachment to his friends and this place. Iveren squeezed his hand tightly and broke into an enormous smile when Emeka finally made eye contact. She guided him toward the chair, where they sat down together, still holding hands. Odeh was standing by the door in front of them.

A few minutes later, Odeh sat down on the other side of Iveren. Iveren finally broke the silence: “we need some music.” She pulled out her iPhone and scanned through it for what seemed like several minutes. Then she pressed the screen a few times and suddenly music came blaring through the speakers on the walls.

It was a song Emeka knew but hadn’t heard in a long time. Bob Marley. Jammin. Emeka had forgotten how wonderful music could sound under this particular form of intoxication. The first time he had taken Molly, he had spent much of the night entranced by his roommate’s Ice Cube album, and he didn’t even like rap music. But this. This was a beautiful song, to begin with. And in that moment, in the state he was in, Emeka found it hauntingly beautiful.

As the chorus began (“We’re jammin’/ To think that jammin’ was a thing of the past/ We’re jammin’/ And I hope this jam is gonna last”), Iveren stood up and began swaying to the music, as if in a trance.

The only thing more beautiful than the song at that moment was her. The way she moved was so sensual. As she raised her arms in the air, her dress rode high up her hips, revealing a pair of white cotton panties with little blue flowers on them. As she brought her arms down again, her cleavage was on full display, and her hand brushed purposefully against her panties.

Iveren’s eyes were closed and she seemed quite oblivious to the show she was putting on. But Odeh was not. Emeka couldn’t help but notice Odeh touching himself through his shorts, a visible bulge beneath his hand. Emeka then realized that he had a bulge of his own.

When the song ended, Iveren opened her eyes, and she looked up at Emeka and then at Odeh, her hand still pressed between her legs. Slowly she walked toward the chair and sat down on her knees in between them. She leaned in toward Odeh and paused for a few seconds. She seemed to be whispering in his ear. He nodded and smiled. Then she sat up again and leaned in toward Emeka.

He thought at first that she was going to whisper something in his ear too, but she kept leaning in until her lips were pressed against his. It was electric It was the first time she had kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back and then they were kissing passionately, her hand resting on his cock.

They kissed for what seemed like forever, Iveren still on her knees leaning into Emeka. Emeka was lost in the sensation, the intimacy. When he finally resurfaced, he noticed that Odeh was pulling down her panties. Odeh’s hands and his mouth explored her ass and legs. She smiled at the contact but continued to kiss Emeka. After a minute or two, she let out a brief squeal of pleasure. Emeka guessed that Odeh’s tongue was now pressing directly against her clit.

With her right hand, she undid Emeka’s zipper. As they continued to kiss, Emeka pulled his own shorts down, exposing his erection. Her hand was instantly on it, stroking it, as they continued to kiss. Every contact she made on his cock caused a ripple of pleasure to wash over his entire body. It was unlike anything Emeka had ever experienced before.

Based on the gasps that were coming from Iveren, he guessed that Odeh’s tongue was having a similar effect on her. After a while, she detached from Emeka’s lips and her lips went down to Emeka’s cock, enveloping it. If the sensations she was causing with her hand were a 10 on the pleasure scale, this was easily a 15.

As he looked down at her head bobbing up and down on his cock, he could actually see waves of pleasure rippling up from his cock through his body and out to the tips of his fingers and toes. On some level, he knew it was just a drug-induced hallucination, but it seemed more like a real phenomenon, something the molly was just allowing him to see for the first time.

From time to time, Iveren would raise her mouth off of his cock and moan in pleasure, while her hand continued to stroke him. After a couple of minutes, she stopped sucking and sat upright again. Odeh raised his head too, wondering what she wanted. She looked him right in the eyes, a loving smile on her face, and said “I’m going to fuck Emeka now, okay?” Odeh just smiled and nodded.

Not quite believing what was happening, Emeka watched as Iveren scooted over toward him and lifted her right leg up and over until she was straddling him. Using her right hand to hike up her dress, she reached back with her left and guided Emeka’s cock inside of her. She was dripping wet and it slid in with no resistance. Iveren gasped in pleasure as if the mere act of penetration had caused her to climax.

When she recovered, she began bobbing up and down on his cock. Emeka had his hands under her dress, one planted on each hip, guiding her up and down, and each time she did so, a ripple of pleasure coursed through him. This wasn’t just sex, it was some unbelievably enhanced version of sex, like nothing he had ever experienced.

With his hands, he reached up, moved her dress’s spaghetti straps to the side, and pulled it down gently. The entire top of the dress fell to Iveren’s waist, exposing her amazing breasts, which Emeka immediately cupped in his hands. In his hallucinogenic haze, he felt like he could actually see a heat map on her body, with areas of redness around the key erogenous zones, her pussy, her breasts, and waves of heat radiating out from those points.

In the intensity of the experience, Emeka had momentarily forgotten about Odeh. But Odeh had now removed his shorts and was sitting next to them, stroking his cock in his hand. Iveren noticed him too and motioned for him to come closer. In a naughty little voice, she said “come over here and let me suck your cock, hun.” A moment later, he was standing on the chair looming over them. She immediately grabbed his cock with her hand and moments later had it in her mouth.

From the moment she began sucking his cock, Odeh looked like he had been transported to some other world of pleasure. He had to grab the couch’s backrest and lean against it to stay steady and he was visibly trembling. He kept saying “oh god” and mumbling something about seeing streaks of pure light.

The obvious pleasure Iveren was giving him seemed to turn her on even more if that was possible, and she kept having to let go of Odeh’s cock to moan and squeal in pleasure. But when she stopped sucking, she would always use one of her hands to continue pleasuring him, and he didn’t seem to notice the difference, he was so lost in the experience.

It was during one such moment that Odeh came unexpectedly. He screamed “oh god” and a stream of cum shot out of his cock and landed on the side of Iveren’s face before falling on her breasts, some of it even landing on Emeka’s stomach. She giggled when she realized what had happened, but otherwise took it in stride, wiping her face quickly with her hand and continuing to buck up and down on Emeka’s cock.

When Odeh stepped out of the way, Emeka leaned forward, grabbed Iveren firmly by her ass and flipped her over until she had her back on the couch and her legs in the air. Emeka was now kneeling on the floor, his cock still buried deep inside of her.

With one quick motion, he removed his shirt, and then he began thrusting into her with a renewed urgency. Emeka was in such a state of extreme arousal and drug-induced body high that it was as if, with each thrust, he was having an orgasm. He felt himself trembling. And more than that, Iveren was trembling too, and the more he stared at her, the more he felt that, with each thrust, her pleasure was somehow flowing into him, that energy was literally passing between them.

Iveren was in such a state of sensory overload that her eyes were practically rolling back in her head. She had her hands pressed against his chest and her legs high over her head as he pressed her back into the couch. She could barely even make noise at this point and simply shook her head from side to side as if to say it was all too much, that she couldn’t take any more pleasure.

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