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Short Story: The Domineering Ms. Ifeoma by Offworld Tales (Chapter 3)[18+]


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Short Story: The Domineering Ms. Ifeoma by Offworld Tales (Chapter 3)[18+]

“Good girl… suck it up, real good,” she said as Iretí sucked and pumped it severally before deep-throating the entire thing like a pro, which both stunned and excited Ifeoma as globs of saliva dropped down Iretí’s lips.

Iretí looks up at Ifeoma, locking eyes with her as she serviced her “dick”, Ifeoma was amazed at her expertise, watching enthralled at her work before finding herself dragged by the butt to thrust into her mouth, which she involuntarily obliged.

Face fucking Iretí was like a dream, this sexy woman on her knees, with huge boobs wobbling like crazy as she got her mouth screwed was hers and hers alone. Choking sounds were from Iretí heard as Ifeoma bucked several times into her throat, before taking it out and putting it back in…

Apparently, Iretí was enjoying it far more than Ifeoma as she was the one holding her ass and pushing her to thrust in harder like a maniac, which amazed her the more and at the same time, increased the longing for her. 

“Get up, I wanna fuck you so bad. You minx with the sexiest body I have ever seen.” Ifeoma said as she withdrew the “cock” from her mouth. 

“Yes, Mistress” Iretí replied softly, softly standing and turning to face the counter, before slowly pulling up her dress to reveal her huge ass that awaited the assault.

Looking down, Ifeoma could see a trail of juice running down her legs, this slut was hornier than a dog in heat, she thought, smiling to herself as she slowly parted her ass just to see it wiggle, before slipping her “dick” into her flooding pussy.

“Aaaah, Oh, god!!” Iretí screamed, quickly covering her mouth as her voice was loud, which got Enó running towards the kitchen. 

“Mom, Mom!!!” she yelled, “Are you okay?” she continued as she got to the kitchen, only to find her mom laughing at her phone and Ifeoma, “behind” her looking over her shoulder and chuckling. 

“What the…? she said, seeing the spectacle… “What’s going on?” she asked. 

“Oh, sorry baby, it was a video Ifeoma asked me…to check out…on Insta…gram…and it was hilaaaa…rious. Sorry to have…woken you up.” Iretí said apologetically as she slowly pushed her ass back towards Ifeoma. 

“Yeah, we’re sooooo sorry, T. We’ll be… more quiet,” Ifeoma said as she slowly moved her hips forward towards Iretí’s ass. 

“You guys are so weird,” Enó said, rolling her eyes before leaving the kitchen. 

Both parties waited a few minutes until they heard a door close in the distance, before breathing a sigh of relief and fucking like nothing happened. 

“Next time, don’t be so loud when we’re not alone,” Ifeoma said amidst fucking her deep and hard as her ass cheeks slapped her thighs. 

“Yes, yes… my mistress,” Iretí said, after Ifeoma smacked her hard, but kept fucking her harder. Her hands were strong as they held her hips and guided her big ass towards that delicious “stick” that sent chills down her spine.

Her sense of self slowly evaporated as Ifeoma fucked from behind against the counter, it wasn’t until she felt her dress pulled down from the top to free her boobs that she realized where she was and found Ifeoma’s hands clamped against her mouth. 

“You were too loud. Now, we have to stop.” She whispered to her as she hastily pulled out to hide it in her pants, Iretí on her part, quickly adjusting herself, made for the sink as though she was doing the dishes while Ifeoma stood by “helping” out. 

“Oh, hey… Enó!! What’s up, just helping your Mom with the dishes- need something?” Ifeoma asks after Enó comes in with a confused look on her face. 

Enó, not sure of what to make of the situation, looks at them both, before saying; “Don’t get what you two are up to, but you need to keep down the noise. I thought I heard Mom scream.” with a worried look at her mom, who turned and smiled at her. 

“I’m okay honey.. It was a small accident, I stubbed my toes at the side of the counter, it’s no biggie.” her mom replied as she continued with the dishes, with Ifeoma helping out with the drying. 

“Anyways, I wanna go see a movie, you guys wanna come? It’s by 7 pm and it’s sci-fi, Dune part 2.” Enó began as she went through her phone. 

Iretí and Ifeoma both exchanged glances, with the latter giving a sly smile at the other.

“Well, of course… I’m sure your mom would love to come with us.” Ifeoma said confidently at Enó, flashing an innocent smile at her, who looked at her mom who nodded in agreement. 

“Cool, I’ve just booked us three tickets at Genesis Cinema, so we have like an hour and a half to get there before the movie begins.” Enó continued as she prepared to go back to her room. 

“Oh, okay… I’ll go freshen up after this,” Iretí said as she finished the last dish and handed it over to Ifeoma, who dried it and placed it in the cabinet. 

“Sure thing, Mom…” Enó replied, now turning to face Ifeoma, who replied saying; “I’ll just get a change of pants.” before turning to Iretí, saying whilst giving a small bow; “Thank you Ma for the talk, I enjoyed knowing you and hope we can continue some time again.”

Iretí, hearing this, quickly turns away, blushing madly…

“Oh, uh.. Why thank you. It truly was a pleasure to satisfy you in that regard.” she said before Ifeoma winked at her and blew her a kiss, unknown to Enó as they both left.

Iretí felt her heart beating fast at the thought of what transpired, and what would’ve been the outcome, if they were caught made her horny. Was her now sexual romp with Ifeoma was now making her too kinky and slutty? This was the first time in a long time she ever felt desired and her body was badly craving it. Maybe this was the sort of relationship she needed… 


A notification comes into her phone, promoting her to check, to find a message, with the words,

“Wait for me, wearing nothing but a shirt and panties, in your bathroom.” Iretí seeing this, felt her pussy tingle as a smile ran across her face. 

She shouldn’t be this obedient to anyone her junior, much less Ifeoma, but something about that girl brought out a part of her she never knew she had an extremely submissive side. Back in her room, she found herself, putting on a white big tee shirt with some sexy lingerie underneath, bending over as she waited for her rendezvous.

Ifeoma in Enó’s room, to get away, gives a flimsy excuse about using her mom’s shower since it was already occupied by her. Grabbing some clothes, she heads to Iretí’s room, stealthily creeping in, taking off her pants and locking the door behind her to avoid interruptions, as she found… to her enjoyment, Iretí, waiting for her, huge ass in sexy panties in view as she waited for her, whilst bent over. 

“My, my, my!!” Ifeoma said happily as she caressed and smacked Iretí’s ass, who moaned in return.

“Did you miss me, baby?” she continued as Iretí raised herself to be kissed deeply by Ifeoma, who was now squeezing her boobs from beneath her shirt. 

“Aaaah… Yes!! I thought you wouldn’t come, but I waited for you… Just as you said.” Iretí said as Ifeoma sucked her tongue, before running her tongue down her neck, slowly. 

“I’ve got your present right here, but we have to be quick about it.” Ifeoma said, slowly rubbing the “dick” strapped to her on Iretí’s ass. Iretí, sensing this, smiles as she arches her ass backwards for Ifeoma to thrust into her with, ease. 

“Aaah, Yes… pl… ease.. Fuck me… I’ll be… quieter this time.” Iretí said as she began to push her ass backwards to get it all. Ifeoma didn’t need coercion to fuck her better, as she immediately grabbed those hips, slamming her crotch into those mounds of jiggly flesh in quick succession.

Iretí controlling herself this time, let Ifeoma pound her pussy, in standing doggie style- sending her mind up the clouds of ecstasy. Ifeoma pounded her pussy, pulling her for a quick kiss before continuing- her ass wobbling and jiggling with each movement, causing Ifeoma to increase speed as she watched that ass bounce… she was so loving what she was seeing. A slight knock is heard, freezing them both as Enó calls out;

“Hey, are you two done..? We should be going now.” 

Written by Offworld Tales

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