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Seventh Heaven: Kolade, The Chauffeur (Episode 3) [18+]

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Seventh Heaven: Kolade, The Chauffeur (Episode 3) [18+]

“I would miss living in a free house eating free food; the joy that comes with walking into the kitchen in the morning, knowing fully well that a sumptuous meal is awaiting you is unspeakable. I don’t need to hide from my cranky old landlord when he comes knocking for his rent. 

Money is good, Ronke, Poverty na bastard”, Kolade sat on the slab in the kitchen, reminiscing his memorable moments in Mrs Johnson’s house as their last day as employees were around the corner. Kolade prayed to find favour in the sight of God and Mrs Johnson, so she could fulfil her promise of getting him a high paying job after a month of chauffeuring her, he hoped he made it into her good book. 

“I am sure you would miss more than just my food, you would miss staring at my butt when I walk past you”, he spilt out the content in his mouth right on the floor as he couldn’t hold back his laughter,

“What is funny? Do you think I don’t feel your piercing stare trying to rip my butt apart? Get a rag and clean the mess you made on the floor”, he knew she was right about his piercing stare, but he couldn’t grant her the joy that comes with his admittance,

“I don’t know what you are talking about, it’s not like your ass is that big”, he said with a smirk on his face, he wasn’t going to give her the validation she sought from him. “I would not try to convince you, because it’s plain to the blind that I have a massive butt”. 

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound; I was blind, but now I see”, she playfully threw a napkin at Kolade and flashed her middle finger at him.

“I know you fancy having sex with Mrs Johnson before she leaves the country, I see the way you look at her”, he smiled sheepishly as he couldn’t find the right words to defend himself.

“She is so hot for her age; I love the way she speaks and carries herself. But I cannot shag a married woman, you know what they say about karma; it always comes hunting”, he walked towards the door, anticipating Ronke was going to pounce on him for what he was about to say,

“I would rather shag a fat Lonely Ronke than an attractive married woman”, she ran after him with a turning stick along their customary play route.


Kolade stood up from his bed to open the door for Ronke who came to his room for their night movie session, she wore her pyjamas; a blue tank top and a multi-coloured bum-short, she left the door partly open, so she would hear when Mrs Johnson calls for her attention.

They both laid on his bed as they watched a movie on his laptop, he had no choice than to watch a K-drama with her. He chose the action movie they saw the previous night, so it was her turn to choose a movie, he so much dislikes k-drama; he feels they portray a kind of unreal romanticism that can only be seen in dreams.

She noticed Kolade was not having any of it, as he was dozing already, she tapped him on his back in a bid to keep him awake.

“Don’t sleep Kay, I have stopped the movie. Oya, gist me”, he stood from the bed and walked to his bathroom to wash the sleep off his face.

“Don’t spend forever in the bathroom or else I will come drag you out”, Ronke sounded like a strict primary school teacher.

“What’s your favourite body part in a female?”, Ronke asked, trying to spice up their gist session which was already getting boring,

“I love boobs and ass, but I think I rate boobs over ass”, his face lightened up because he knew where the conversation was headed.

“Give me your description of perfect boobs”, she switched from the laying position to a sitting position, showing him her boobs, which sat rebelliously in her tank top.

“I love it firm and soft with an ingeniously crafted areola just like yours”, he gave her a confident naughty look which got her thinking if he had actually seen her naked.

“I know you have an image of my naked body in your head, which you jerk off to at night, but sorry to burst your bubble, my boobs are more beautiful than you can ever imagine”, she cupped her boobs with her hands trying to buttress her point.

“I have the right image in my head, I don’t need to imagine or make images up.”, she still didn’t believe him.

“I walked into your room while you were sleeping naked, you left your door ajar. I loved what I saw”, she felt happy inside of her that he liked what he saw, but feigned dissatisfaction 

“So, you have been spying on me, Kay, I never leave my door open. Tell me what you saw, describe it all”, he knew the whole anger was a façade but he played along,

“Your duvet hung around your waist giving me a nice view of your pleasant titties; your nipples could pass for the sleeping beauty who needed to be awakened by my kiss, they looked so peaceful in their sleep.

Your areola encircled and guarded your nipples perfectly, were they drawn with a compass?”, she felt her nipples react to its eulogy under her top.

“You tossed and turned until your bare ass was at my mercy; your butt cheeks looked so full and rich like twin globes. You got a massive ass Ronke, forget all I said earlier today. The thought of me sucking your boobs gave me a nice and long orgasm.”

She couldn’t believe her ears, Kolade’s description of her body was only seen in bestseller novels, she couldn’t blame her body for the way it reacted, she leaned into him and whispered into his ear,

“Let’s recreate that moment, I want to watch you wank to the sight of my naked body.”, she stood up from the bed and yanked her top off in a single motion, she squeezed her boobs cruelly before removing her short.

“Ronke, we boys don’t like to be seen masturbating, it’s a rule, more like a bro code”,

“Rules are made to be broken, kick-off the session already and never keep Momma waiting”. He loved the command in her voice, he loves when his lady calls the shot, he can’t resist a commanding lady.

Ronke was in awe at the sight of Kolade’s erect manhood; never in her life has she seen a curved dick, she had always thought it was a myth and here she is, on the verge of being fucked by one.

She tossed the baby oil on the dressing table to him at his request, he oiled his hard member generously from his ballsack up to its crown, the beauty of a curved dick lies in its ability to glow when oiled. Kolade began stroking his oiled dick slowly fixing his eyes on Ronke’s boobs, her could see her nipples get hard as she frolicked them.

She seductively emptied the bottle of oil on her boobs, she made sure every part of her boobs was rich in baby oil, he increased the paced at which he stroked his dick as he watched her apply oil on her boobs. He held on tight to the headboard of his bed as he approached climax; he let out a grunt as he emptied his load on the floor.

“Dirty boy, you couldn’t even get a toilet roll, Momma doesn’t like dirty and wasteful kids. You should empty your nut on my body next time, the floor can never know the value of what you blessed it with”

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