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Dele’s escapade with his wife’s sister [Part 21] (18+)

Bisola can’t even begin to imagine what her husband is suggesting. He wants me to make love to Yinka, to not only commit adultery but also incest again. She feels the heat emanating from between her legs as she tries to come to grips with her internal struggle. Even if she wanted to, she can’t imagine that Yinka would ever consider it.

“There you are!” Lola and Yinka round the sand and stroll over to where Dele and Bisola are lying side by side.

“Have you two had lunch?” Yinka asks, eyeing his sister for any sign that she wants to continue their earlier conversation.

“No, have you?” Dele answers, standing up and brushing off the sand.

“No, but I’ve got everything ready to grill barbecue,” Lola says, turning Dele around and brushing the sand off of his back, spending a little extra time with his swim trunk covered ass cheeks. Dele gives Bisola a quick glance but her and Yinka seem to be studying each other and not paying any attention to he and Lola.

“Sounds great! Let’s go!” Dele grabs Lola’s hand and they start running down the beach, leaving Yinka and Bisola behind.

“Do you think we’ll get any time alone?” Lola asks as they run up to the house.

“Tomorrow,” Dele answers with an ear-to-ear grin on his face. “You and I are getting up early to go visit that uncompleted building near the road,” he says with one eyebrow raised.

“Mmmmm. I can’t wait,” Lola says, pulling him into the house and rubbing her hand fervently up and down the front of his swim trunks. Lola is wearing a thin dress over her swimsuit and Dele slips his hand under the hem to massage her pussy through her swimsuit.

“I wish we could fuck right now,” Lola whispers, looking through the window over Dele’s shoulder to see how far away their spouses are. Yinka and Bisola have stopped a long distance from the house and seem to be engaged in a heated discussion near the water.

“You know how the thing goes,” Lola smiles, “let me know if you see them coming.” She turns Dele towards the window, freeing his rapidly hardening dick as she kneels down and is stroking up and down its length before her knees even touch the floor.

“You are crazy!” Dele smiles as Lola pump his hard dick in and out of her warm mouth. Dele grabs her hair and picks up the rhythm, fucking her mouth as he stares out the window at his wife and brother-in-law. His arousal if obviously heightened by the imagined dialogue between the two incestuous siblings.

While Lola is feasting on Dele’s dick, her husband is defending himself to his sister.

“I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Yinka says, displeased at Bisola’s insistence that he’s broken their vow. “I did not break our vow!”

“That’s not what it sounded like last night,” Bisola countered.

“Well, what do you expect when you’re moaning and slamming the bed against the wall?”

“That’s because I have finally become the wife I should have been for the past year!” Bisola yells, frustrated that her brother won’t admit that he’s broken the solemn vow they took.

“Well, I’m sorry you don’t believe me,” Yinka says earnestly, his voice uneasily quiet as he lets his hands rest on his sister’s nearly bare hips. “I’ve never done anything with Lola that even comes close to what we did.”

Bisola feels shaky as she stares into her brother’s eyes. Dele was right, there is an unfinished business here. She covers her brother’s hands with hers, squeezing them gently against her hot skin.

“We should get back,” she says, lowering her eyes and catching sight of the bulge in her brother’s swimsuit.

“I mean it, Bisola,” Yinka says as his sister turns towards the house.

“I know,” she whispers.

“They’re headed this way!” Dele says, driving his hard dick into Lola’s throat for the third time. “I’m so close!” he pants while gripping Lola’s hair. She caresses his balls as her lips slide down the length of his dick. She whips her tongue around the head of his dick and drives him over the top.

“Ohhhh!!” Dele nearly shouts as his dick erupts in a fountain of cum inside Lola’s tantalizing mouth. She pumps his shaft, sucking and swallowing his bursts of sperm, finishing just in time for Dele to tuck himself away.

“Let’s let the guys start the grill while we get the meat ready,” Lola says as Bisola and Yinka walk through the door of the house. She’s wiped her mouth and has just taken a big gulp of coke.

“Sounds fine,” Bisola says without many thoughts and follows her sister-in-law into the kitchen.

After lunch, Dele heads out to the bookshop, Yinka settles in front of the TV and the women busy themselves in the kitchen, cutting up the vegetables Lola brought home from the market.

After the dinner, they all watch a romantic comedy on DVD. Dele makes sure he and Lola are the only ones interested in going away the next day and arranges to meet her early the next morning.

Once inside their bedroom, he and Bisola resume their conversation from earlier in the day.

“I think you’re right,” she says quietly as she undresses.

“About what?” Dele asks, climbing into bed naked and watching his wife disrobe.

“Unfinished business,” she says, kicking her panties aside and standing naked at the foot of the bed. She waits for her husband’s reaction. He just smiles.

“What makes you think so?” He asks, pulling aside the sheet invitingly. Bisola crawls in next to him before she answers.

“Just some things he said this afternoon.” She moves her body against his and runs her hands down his sides. “I’m just not sure we should act on it.”

“I spent the afternoon doing research,” Dele tells her. “First, there is no such thing as lifelong penance. Second, there is no evidence of contemporary churches giving penance for incest. I even contacted a priest…”

“You what?” Bisola stares at him disbelievingly.

“Don’t worry. I told him I was teaching a theology class and a question came up about penance for consensual sex between an adult brother and sister. The priest said that first of all, the occurrence isn’t as rare as people think and secondly, rather than penance he would recommend counseling to help the couple end their relationship and make a sound decision regarding their future.”

“Really?” Bisola lays her head on her husband’s shoulder and tries to absorb what he’s just told her. “So you really think Yinka and I should…” her voice trails off.

“That’s up to you,” Dele says, kissing the top of her head. “All I’m saying is that it’s okay with me if you do.”

“I don’t even know how I will approach it with him,” Bisola says, unknowingly accepting her husband’s suggestion.

“Lola and I are leaving early in the morning and we’ll be gone all day,” Dele says. “Yinka usually sleeps late. I bet you can think of a way to wake him up that will kill the little resistance Yinka might have.”

“Oh, you think so, huh?” Bisola smiles and rolls her husband onto his back. “Do you think I should practice a little on you first?”

“Wouldn’t hurt,” Dele laughs as his wife’s hand closes around his erection and she dashes down on the bed. Dele still doesn’t understand why he gets turned on by the thought of his wife fucking her brother.

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