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Edymaniac: Confessions of Lagos Runs Guy (Part 16)[18+]


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Edymaniac: Confessions of Lagos Runs Guy (Part 16)[18+]

We sat with drinks and got to know each other all around. Bisi clearly liked what she saw in Maryam, and they had an immediate connection. We chatted amiably for about an hour, making sure everyone was comfortable with each other. Then it was time to get to business.

I opened things up. “Bisi, Maryam knows that you and I have a fairly longstanding acquaintance. I met Maryam a few hours ago, and we’re also in sync with each other. So why don’t you tell us what you’re interested in tonight? Tell us how we can make this a special evening.” Maryam leaned forward, as curious as I was.

Bisi took another sip of her wine and said “I’ve actually got two fantasies I want to live out. Well, one will be only halfway.” Another sip: She was clearly nervous, though she shouldn’t have been. We were there to please. “I’ve wanted to have a threesome for a long time.

I have some attraction towards women, but I don’t think I want a one-on-one encounter. I want to be with a man at the same time, and I trust Kayode completely. At the same time, ever since I saw a porn movie for the first time back in university, I get hot at the thought of being in one.

I know we’re not actually going to do that. There will be no filming of this. I wouldn’t actually do it, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to do it either. I just want to do this as if we’re in a porn movie, dirty talk, different positions. And some very hot fucking. Are you both into this?” She asked nervously, biting her lip. It was a very sexy look.

I let Maryam answer first. “Speaking for myself, I’ve had a number of female lovers as well as threesomes, not to mention a few orgies. And those were in my private life.” She was smiling warmly, friendly with a measure of danger. “And men often ask me to play the role of a porn actress.” Maryam turned to me, not at all worried that I might not be on board.

“Hey, this is all fine with me. I’ve been asked to do all manner of kinky things over the years. It’s good for me, Bisi. I think we’re going to give you a great time, and I think Maryam and I are going to have some fun as well.”

As Bisi put our empty glasses on her bar cart, she said, “I expect so. At first, I want you two to start things off while I watch you. Then I’ll join in. I also like to watch.” She blushed, but she had nothing to feel embarrassed about. Sex workers are the least judgmental when it comes to other people’s personal fetishes.

Maryam and I had heard much worse in the past. She then asked us about certain sex acts and whether they made us feel odd, but we were just fine. Bisi smiled broadly; she knew she was going to have a great time with us.

We took our signal from Bisi, and we all stepped into the small elevator that couldn’t have held another person. We rode up to the fourth floor, which was where two bedrooms were, including the master bedroom. A big, king-sized four-poster bed took up the centre of the room.

Bisie took off her skirt only, so we could see her in red panties. She sat in an overstuffed chair and made herself very comfortable, ready to watch the opening act of the show. It was time for Maryam and I to get things going.

We spoke quietly for two minutes, deciding how we wanted to start things. Bisi left it up to us to roleplay it any way we wanted. She would be following along, and she let us know she had no hangups when it came to whatever we wanted to do.

After a quick back-and-forth, we decided a good way to make the sex hot and dirty with the nasty language Bisi craved was to act out a hate fuck. I had done it a few times, but Maryam said a lot of her clients requested it, so she was well-skilled in that scenario.

“You stupid bitch!” I said it with a growl in my throat. “You think you can cheat on me with one of your fucking girlfriends? You would cut my balls off if I slept with another woman!”

“If you had any balls at all, I wouldn’t have to have sex with another person! Bisi fucks me better than you ever have, and she doesn’t even need a dick to do it! You worthless….” OK, you get the idea. We were playing out a couple dealing with her infidelity with another woman.

“You think I can’t fuck you, right? We’ll see about that!” I aggressively (but carefully) threw Maryam on the big bed and climbed on top, straddling her body while we were still clothed.

“If it’s dick you want, I’ll give you all you can handle!” I grabbed her around her throat with one hand (not hard enough to leave any marks, simulated), and while she “struggled,” I undid my belt and trousers with my free hand, and I whipped out my cock through the fly on my red silk boxers.

“Fuck you, you bastard!” Maryam had a look of defiance as she pretended to fight me off, but when I pushed my cock to her lips, she didn’t resist all that much, accepting me into her mouth.

“No, FUCK YOU, you bitch!” I started fucking her face fast and a little rough, and we were making very wet sounds as she sucked me with great talent. I looked briefly over at Bisi and saw she was enjoying the show so far. Her pants were pulled aside, and I could see her fingers floating over her distended lips and her fingernail teasing her clitoral area. She was having a good time, but she didn’t want to cum, not yet.

I kept fucking Maryam’s face as I leaned backwards and put my hand up her black skirt, which I pulled up so Bisi could see. Maryam had a sock on, and she moved her legs around while I rubbed her pussy over her silk panties. She groaned loudly so Bisi could hear.

I took out my cock and slapped her cheeks with my turgid, sloppy cock. “You’re such a dirty man, you bastard,” she groaned, but her lust was obvious. Hell, she was even wet; I could feel it through her silk. Then, before I put my cock back in her mouth, she said, as softly as she could, “Rip off my blouse. Don’t worry, I have a change of clothes in my bag. Just do it; she’ll love it!”

I didn’t hesitate; I just grabbed her blouse by the buttons and pulled hard, sending buttons flying all over the place, and Maryam’s big, beautiful breasts were barely contained in a black lace bra. From where Bisi sat, we heard her cry out as she stuffed two fingers into her dripping pussy, fingering herself furiously.

“You can make me suck your dick, you fool, but I doubt you can fuck me properly!” my playmate spat at me. “Do it, you worm! Do it!”

“You wanna get fucked, you whore? I’ll give you the fuck of your life!” I got off her and turned her over, not gently at all. I pulled her up to her hands and knees, still in her skirt, her torn blouse, and what I found were crotchless panties, and I shed my clothes as fast as I could.

“Come on already! Do it; show me you can fuck me, you asshole!” She sounded hot as a volcano, but I didn’t know how much of that was real or how much it was for Bisi, who had ditched her own blouse and was rubbing her own small breasts hard while her fingers stayed buried in her cunt. Her body was writhing in the chair, and I suspected she would be joining us soon.

Maryam took her breasts out from the cups of her bra and pulled hard on her long nipples as I got behind her and took her pussy with one smooth stroke until my groin was on her soft, round ass. She clawed at the sheets, gritting her teeth. “Fuck me. Harder, do it harder!”

“Yes, fuck her, fuck that slut hard!” Bisi moaned, almost like she didn’t expect to be heard. She was leaking copious amounts of lubrication—more than I had ever experienced with her before. Then she got up from the chair and bent in front of Maryam, kissing her like long-time lovers while I fucked her hard and rough.

“Spank her, you bastard. Slap her ass!” Bisi grabbed the back of my head and then kissed me just as hard, just as I brought my hand down on Maryam’s ass, making her yell. “Harder!” Bisi demanded, and I looked at Maryam first to make sure she was up to a harder spanking. She nodded her head, and I smacked her ass hard enough to sound like a thunderclap.

She grunted briefly until Bisi reached down and pushed her pussy into Maryam’s face, ‘forcing’ the Hispanic woman to eat her pussy.

Bisi was almost immediately thrusting her hips back and forth, and Maryam, a true champ, was eating her vigorously as I kept fucking her from behind and spanking her.

Bisi pulled away, on the verge of an explosive climax, and laid down on the bed on her right side, spreading her legs wide. “Eat me! Both of you! Eat my ass and pussy! I need it so bad!” I pulled out of Maryam’s wet pussy, and we both made our way to Bisi. I went for her pussy while Maryam dug into the crack in her ass.

We were eating her aggressively, as if we were all starring in a porn movie, while Bisi shook all over, going through a series of orgasms, spewing a long stream of foul words as our tongues kept up the attack. We switched back and forth, we kissed as we licked her, and finally, Bisi screamed as an explosive climax overtook her.

Maryam and I slowly eased off, until Bisi just kind of collapsed. We kissed her all over her body, keeping her fire-stoked. I knew from my own experience with her that Bisi could take it. She could keep going all night long, even after I was done for the night.

“You two are awesome!” Bisi complimented us. “I wouldn’t believe you’ve never been together before. And you’re so fucking hot!” She exclaimed as she kissed Maryam warmly.

“Thank you, Bisi. You’re pretty awesome yourself,” Maryam said, returning the compliment.

“What about me?” I asked, pretending my feelings were hurt. I grinned as I said it.

“You, Kayode, I already knew you to be a very hot and sexy man. We do have a history.” She moved to me and shared her lips with me. She was kind of sweet and fun, but she was definitely still hot. Good thing, because my dick was still hard like petrified wood.

And looking at Maryam, I could tell she was also pretty hot. I had no idea if she usually got aroused when she was working, but she had been all through the earlier part of the evening, and she didn’t cum before.

Bisi’s tongue was in my mouth, and I pulled Maryam into that kiss, so the three of us were locking lips and swirling tongues. Bisi took Maryam’s bra off, which had to feel better for her.

I found my face in between Bisi’s thighs, licking hungrily all over her inner thighs and her pussy, which was freely flowing, as she went down eagerly on Maryam, who was blowing me in our little triangle. Then Bisi moved away so she could share my cock like you often see in a movie.

The two women were having a great time licking my cock all over, and of course, I was having an even better time. Sucking on the head, licking up and down the shaft, sucking my balls—they were doing every nasty thing to me they could think of, including rimming my ass. As turned on as I was, I was struggling to keep from cumming.

Whether I came then or later was up to Bisi, who was kissing Maryam while my cock was between their lips.

As if she could read my mind, she said to Maryam, “Do you want to share his cum with me? I know we can get him hard again. He gets so nice and hard so quickly.” Talking about me like I was in another room.

“Yeah, let’s get him off. Then you can fuck him when he gets hard again. Stand up, Kayode. We want your cum on our faces.” Bisi nodded enthusiastically, so I stood up with my cock sticking out straight, except for the slight curve of my shaft.

“Do you want me to jerk off on your faces? Or would you like the pleasure?” I asked with intense lust. My hand was sliding up and down the length, waiting for their answer. I had to go easy; I was very close.

“Let us do it, you sexy man!” Bisi decided, and both women grabbed my cock and jerked me fast. “Cum on us, Kayode. Shoot that hot cum all over us!”

“Do it, do it, cum for us now!” Maryam chimed in, tickling my balls, and in a few seconds, my ass clenched tight as a hot spray of semen covered both their faces as they started kissing and sharing before I was even finished. I grunted as the chords on my neck were tight, and they milked me dry. For a little while, at least. Bisi was right. I would recover quickly with a little help from my playmates.

First, though, I had to sit on the bed, and both women attacked me, kissing wildly and getting my cum on my face before we all started sharing it back and forth. I have had a few threesomes before, mostly in my job and twice in university, but this was by far the hottest one I had been to at that point.

Then we rested a bit, laughing, sticky, and having a very good time. It could be a hell of a way to make a living, something many guys would have envied. And what a hell of a living it was.

Bisi excused herself, first to use her bathroom, which she offered us when she was finished, and then she went to get us all cold bottles of water. That left Maryam and me alone for a few minutes. I offered to go with Bisi, but she told me to stay. “Rest, Kayode. I need you to get recharged. I still haven’t been fucked yet.” She went with a chuckle.

When we were alone, Maryam said, “This is the best threesome I’ve ever done professionally. She’s a wild one, isn’t she?”

“Oh yeah. Bisi is always a great partner. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted us both from time to time in the future. Her money is hers; she’s from a rich family, so she doesn’t rely on her husband’s money. And she’s just a really sweet person as well. She’s never been rude to me in any way. It’s something I rarely have to deal with when working with women.”

“I wish I could say the same. So many of the men, after they get what they want, treat me like some sort of trash. It’s hard not to take it personally sometimes. They can be such assholes. This is so much better. Just one thing, Kayode. I haven’t cum yet. You better make sure you take care of that.” She giggled, and I joined her as Bisi came back into the room with three bottles of ice-cold water.

It wasn’t long before I was hard again, thanks to a little more cock sucking from Maryam while I watched Bisi bury her face between her thighs, digging in on her bare pussy like she was starved for it. It was Bisi’s first time with a woman, and she took to it like a true natural. Watching her was a great help for my erection.

Soon I was fucking Bisi from behind while she kept lapping away at Maryam’s now steamy pussy. Both women were close, and Maryam got there first. She grabbed the back of Bisi’s head and thrust her hips roughly into her face as her legs flailed in orgasm.

Then she turned around so her face was right under where my dick thrust over and over into Bisi’s pussy. She licked both of us, from my balls to Bisi’s clit while Bisi rubbed Maryam’s lips and clit.

We were all too deep in lusty feelings to speak, and then we all came within a few minutes of each other, with me filling the condom with another thick load that just left me wasted. We fell into a heaping mass of tangled limbs, all of us sweaty and gasping for breath.

After some light chat, Bisi welcomed us to join her in her oversized shower, and the three of us cleaned up with no funny business (well, a little bit of pinch and tickle; it was fun), and then Maryam and I dressed. After thanking us for a great time and letting us know she would be calling for us both again, Bisi said goodnight to us at about 11 p.m. I asked Maryam where she lived to see if we could share a taxi.

“I know I should be exhausted and ready to collapse in bed, but I could really go for a drink, Kayode. Would you like to join me?” She was flirting with me, giving me looks with those big eyes of hers.

“I wouldn’t mind a drink or two. There are some bars over at the junction.” I took her arm, and we walked for less than two minutes and went into a bar that was still very busy (it was Saturday night) with some music blaring in the back. We sat near the front, where it was quieter, and ordered drinks from the waitress.

“That was actually fun tonight, Kayode. I almost never get excited with my clients. It’s not what I’m there for.”

“It’s different for me,” I replied. “I can’t fake it. I have to get off; it’s expected of me. And it means I can’t book more than two clients at most on a given day. Even that can get challenging by the end of the day.”

“Poor you,” she said with a light laugh. “Making lots of money and getting off! You have a lot of men’s dream job!”

“Funny, I was just thinking that a little earlier tonight. But there’s a lot of work to this as well. I’m sure you also have to be something of a psychologist with your clients.”

“Like you wouldn’t believe. Well, maybe you would.

We talked and ordered another drink, along with a couple of appetisers. I found that I liked Maryam as a friend. We had a lot in common besides our work. We came from middle-class homes that were not exactly happy.

We both studied psychology at the university, me at UNILAG and her at OAU. She also enjoyed cultural outings like I did. And she loved to go out dancing, something I hadn’t done in years. There was a lot to be attracted to in Maryam. Of course, there was also a woman named Ginika out there.

At about 12:30, the night was catching up to us. Maryam lived in Ajah, while I lived in the other direction. After I paid the bill, I booked a taxi. I figured it would be hard enough to get one, and besides, I thought at that hour I should escort her home before having the driver take me to my place.

We rode in mostly comfortable silence, holding hands and smiling. If we hadn’t had such a wild evening, I am sure she would have invited me in to spend the night. But we were all sexed out, and besides, the next day was Sunday, and I had plans with Ginika.

When we got to Maryam’s building, I asked the driver to wait with the meter running while I escorted her into the building. We were a little unsure as to what to say at that point. There was a certain sexual tension between us, even after the events of the evening.

“Maryam, forgetting why we met today, I had a good time with you when we were alone talking. Under other circumstances, I would love to see you in our private lives. But I’m kind of seeing someone on my days off. It’s new, and there’s no commitment or exclusivity, but I like her; she knows what I do, and I don’t think I have the time to see someone else right now.”

She smiled shyly, and she looked a little disappointed. “That’s too bad, Kayode. I like you as well, and I had a good time with you. It would be nice to have someone in my private life as well. It’s been quite a while for me.

Our jobs don’t exactly work well for personal relationships. Let me give you my number. Maybe we can at least be friends. I would like to have a man I can talk to when the job gets to me, or just to talk with. And perhaps your relationship with that woman won’t work out. I usually have off Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Though I’m not working tomorrow,. I don’t have any appointments, and I don’t think I have it in me after this evening.”

We laughed lightly, and we were clearly attracted to each other. But one woman was already enough of a complication. Two would be unmanageable. “I would like for us to be friends at least, Maryam.” We exchanged numbers on our phones, and after we kissed cheeks goodnight, I went back to my cab and had him take me home.

I got out of my clothes and wearily brushed before falling into bed. And honestly, my thoughts were more of Maryam than they were of Ginika, whom I was set to meet at 1 without set plans for the day. A normal guy with a normal lifestyle could have seen both of them. There was no commitment with Ginika. I liked her a lot. But I couldn’t commit to her even if I wanted to unless I left my job, and I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to do that. With Maryam, I probably wouldn’t have to. Maryam. I was thinking about her, and I knew her for nine hours.

How complicated did I want to make my life?

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