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March 3, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere VIII (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere VIII (18+)

As the gate opened, Tayo’s heart leaped into his chest, when he saw Gbenga entering through the front door. Stay cool, keep it together, just act innocent, he instructed his own brain, even though he could feel his palms were becoming sweaty with nerves.

After Gbenga’s battery had died, he figured it would be best to leave work a bit early, just in case his imbecile of brother showed up before he got home. He was convinced Chinyere would have forgotten too and it wasn’t fair to leave her alone with the weirdo for too long. He worried what she was going to make of him. He had always been a strange kid, with no social skills. It was like he didn’t know how to be normal.

It turned out his instincts were right.

“Oh it’s you. How’s it going? You found this place all right then?” Gbenga looked at the little dude in front of him, wondering how he was even related to him.

“Oh…err…hi. I just got here. Just now.” Tayo could tell by the way he had blurted out the sentence that he sounded suspicious. Or was that just his paranoia?

“But you were just going out of the building, not going in?” Gbenga looked at him as though he was stupid.

“Oh yeah because I forgot what floor you were on so…so I was going to wait for you down here?” Tayo’s quick thinking seemed to have appeased Gbenga enough. He didn’t find it hard to believe that his fool of a little brother was stupid enough to forget such a thing. The brothers climb the stairs in awkward silence.

Chinyere had just wrapped a towel around her and stepped out of the shower when she heard the door open. She sighed with relief, God damn that was a close one! He had got home much earlier than she’d been expecting. Then she heard another voice and suddenly remembered Gbenga’s little brother was staying the weekend. Oh my god, what on earth would she have done if he had arrived only ten minutes earlier? Must be my lucky day, she thought contentedly.

“Chi-baby? We’re home. Tayo’s here too. Sorry about my phone dying, I forgot to remind you he was coming.” Gbenga called through the bedroom door.

“Hey! I’m just changing, I’ll be out in a sec!” Chinyere threw on a pair of jeans and a yellow top.

Tayo looked around the room anxiously, unsure about how he was going to react to being introduced to the girl he just witnessed fucking some old fat man. He had been nervous enough about meeting her as it was. But this was now on a whole new level of nerves.

Eventually, the bedroom door opened. As soon as Tayo made eye contact with Chinyere, he had to avert his gaze. God, she was so beautiful, it was almost impossible to look at her.

Chinyere just assumed he was shy. Tayo didn’t look anything like she had expected him to. She had seen a few photos of him, but had assumed they must have been old ones. She knew he was 19 now, so expected him to look his age. Instead, the boy in front of her looked barely 14 if she had to guess. He was a few inches shorter than even she was and very skinny. He looked sweet though if a little shy.

“Nice to meet you at last Tayo.” Chinyere welcomed him warmly. She walked over and hugged him briefly. It was long enough to get the poor boy’s head spinning though. As soon as he felt those fantastic breasts of hers, crushing up against his chest, his eyes started to go cloudy. He froze, stiff as a board, with his arms outstretched, unable to bring himself to hug her back.

“N…nice to m…meet you.” He mumbled.

“No need to be shy my guy, she doesn’t bite.” Gbenga was enjoying seeing how uncomfortable his little brother was. He knew how enormously beautiful Chinyere was and loved seeing other men’s reactions to her.

Tayo smirked to himself at Gbenga’s throw away comment, knowing full well she was a biter all right. It was weird hearing his brother call him ‚Äėmy guy‚Äô though, he was never normally that nice. He usually called him shrimp or stupid.

“Don’t worry babe, he’s just not used to being around such an attractive woman. He’ll warm up to you eventually.”

“Well, aren’t you sweet?” Chinyere gave her boyfriend a quick peck on the lips. Then she and Gbenga settled down on the chair while Tayo took the armchair and they watched TV.

The conversation was only awkward at first. After a while Tayo found himself getting more accustomed to Chinyere’s presence. He still couldn’t stop picturing her getting fucked every time he looked at her though.

Chinyere soon understood that although Gbenga’s little brother seemed to be having trouble looking her in the eye, there was one place on her body he seemed more than comfortable staring at. She kept having to pull up her top, to conceal the line of her cleavage, but when this failed miserably at deterring his attention, she made an excuse that she was a bit cold and went and grabbed a sweater from her bedroom.

She was used to men of all ages staring gormlessly at her chest, but there was definitely something weird about having her boyfriend’s little brother, checking her out in such a manner. All she could do was shrug it off and hope the sweater would snap him out of the trance her breasts had seemed to put him under.

Her insides twisted when she sat back down. Far from being put off, Tayo’s eyes continued to roam up and down her body. Did some part of her enjoy this unwanted attention? It was hard for Chinyere to process her thoughts. He was expressing the same hungry look of desire which she liked so much when it adorned the faces of older guys, but it was strange when the guy who was mentally undressing her looked as young and innocent as Tayo did.

After an hour of relaxing and watching some rubbish TV show, most of which Chinyere had spent trying to ignore being so openly ogled in front of her oblivious boyfriend, Gbenga stood up and stretched. “Right if we don’t plan on a course of action for this evening, then I’m going to go to sleep. I’m tired.”

“What did you have in mind?” Asked Chinyere.

“I’m thinking we head out for something to eat? We’ve got nothing here to cook really. Then how about we just go to a bar for a few drinks after? I’m not used to Tayo being able to drink now. I think it’s about time I bought him a beer. How does that sound you two?”

Truthfully Chinyere was exhausted, she wanted to curl up with a book and go to bed early. But Tayo had come all this way to see them, it was only fair that she made an effort to make his trip enjoyable. “Sounds good to me.” She said.

“Yeah…fine.” Tayo shrugged. Buy him a beer? Who was this imposter? For the last 5 years, Gbenga hadn’t even bothered to buy him a birthday present. He figured he was being nice for Chinyere’s benefit, not his.

Gbenga took a quick shower to wake himself up a bit before they headed out.

Tayo was finally left alone with Chinyere for the first time. He desperately wanted to tell her he knew about her and Kwesi, but couldn’t bring himself to say anything. How could she just sit there like nothing had happened? Was cheating on his brother such an easy thing for her to do? How many times has she done it? He wondered. She hadn’t even seemed fazed that Gbenga had got home only minutes after Kwesi had left. Did she want to be caught? Or did she just not care? This girl was a complete mystery to him. A beautiful, busty, mind-boggling mystery.

“So Tayo, have you got a girlfriend yet?” Chinyere felt like she had to break the uncomfortable silence somehow.

Tayo shook his head rapidly. “No…not yet.”

“There isn’t anyone you’ve got your eye on…” God, why did she say that? His eyes had been glued to her for the last hour. “…you know…at school?”

“Nah.” Tayo felt embarrassed talking about girls, to the girl he was so obsessed over. He twisted his thumbs and looked at the floor, feeling embarrassed once again.

Chinyere hoped that Tayo would loosen up a bit after taking alcohol. He was so painfully shy that she was finding it rather difficult to talk to him. She tried her hardest to ask about his interests and hobbies but was only receiving shrugs and one-word answers in response. She breathed a sigh of relief when Gbenga eventually got out of the shower. It gave her an excuse to leave the tension-filled room and get changed for the night out.

Knowing the effect she was having on the young man, Chinyere thought it best to dress a little bit more conservatively than she normally would on a night out on the town. The only problem was, this limited her wardrobe options considerably. Most of Chinyere’s outfits were either very short, to show off her long sexy legs, or they were low cut enough to display her incredible breasts nicely. Sometimes they were both.

After trying on nearly half of her clothes, she eventually decided to wear what she liked. If Tayo couldn’t keep his eyes to himself, then that was his problem, not hers. She was still feeling in a playful mood after her amazing fuck session earlier, so decided to wear her favorite little red dress. It was both short and it enticingly displayed her mountainous cleavage.

She wore a black and red set of lacy underwear beneath it. Stuff Tayo if he couldn’t cope with it, she thought with a grin.

Tayo’s jaw nearly hit the floor when she stepped out of her room wearing the shortest, sexiest, figure-hugging dress he had ever seen.

The boys had apparently taken a much more casual approach, opting to wear jeans and t-shirts, but Chinyere didn’t mind. She always liked to look her best when she went out. Thriving on the attention her curvy body drew from men of all ages.

“You look, great babe. Shall we go?” Gbenga gave her a peck on the lips. Chinyere smirked when she saw Tayo’s hands moving to cover his crotch. “I’m ready. Let’s hit the town!”

A few hours later, after enjoying a nice meal and a few drinks at a restaurant, they found themselves in a busy bar in the city center.

Chinyere and Tayo went off to try and find a table, whilst Gbenga pulled the short straw of having to queue at the insanely busy bar to buy the drinks.

They were just about to give up and suggest going to another pub when a table in the far corner was vacated and they rushed to fill the seats.

Chinyere couldn’t help but smile inwardly when a few older men at the table opposite raised their eyebrows in appreciation as she sat down.

Luckily for her, Tayo had started to come out of his shell more too. They have had a few drinks over dinner and sure enough her feeling that he had loosened up once a few bottles of beer were in him, turned out to be true. Even though he still couldn’t stop himself from checking her out, at least now he could say more than a few words to her. The conversation was still a bit awkward, but it was an improvement on earlier.

“So do you come here often?” Asked Tayo, as he shuffled into the chair opposite her.

“That’s an old pick up line, abi?” Chinyere replied with a teasing giggle.

“What? No…I wasn’t…I just meant, do you and Gbenga normally come here?” He stammered with embarrassment, not picking up on Chinyere’s joking tone.

“I know what you meant, I was just kidding.” She said with a wink, which caused Tayo to smile broadly. “No, we don’t really go out that often, but when we do it’s normally to quieter places. This is the first time we’ve been out since he took me for a nice meal for my birthday a few days ago. It’s nice to have a change now and then. Do you go out clubbing much at home?” Chinyere thought she already knew the answer to this but asked it anyway.

“Um…sometimes.” Tayo lied. What was he going to say? No, I never go out because I don’t have any friends? She didn’t need to know that.

“I bet you’ve got some moves on the dancefloor.” Chinyere moved her shoulders to beat of the music.

“Well I don’t know about moves…but…well I guess I do.”

“Ah don’t be so modest. I’m sure you’re probably a better dancer than your brother at any rate. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this if you didn’t already know, but your brother has absolutely no rhythm. It’s embarrassing.”

Tayo laughed at this. It was nice to hear that his so-called “perfect” brother was bad at something.

The conversation moved onto music while they waited for Gbenga’s return. Chinyere was doing most of the talking. She chatted away about the musicians she liked and some of the shows she had been to, while Tayo listened intently and chipped in now and again when his knowledge base overlapped hers.

He didn’t know much about music. Movies, novels, and computer games, he could talk about for hours, but music, not so much. It didn’t matter though, he was just so thrilled to be talking so casually to such an attractive woman. Rarely did anyone take the time to get to know him these days. It felt nice.

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