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July 11, 2020
Crazy Lenny: The Roleplaying with Ijeoma [Part 8] (18+)

Crazy Lenny: The Roleplaying with Ijeoma [Part 8] (18+)

I woke up with my customary morning hard-on. I moved Ijeoma to her back and eased her legs apart. I shoved my stiff dick in her and fucked her royally until she screamed loudly for me to stop. There was no way that Ijeoma could possibly cum anymore and her pussy was extremely tender. I got out of bed and used Ijeoma’s bathroom.

I took my morning pee and relieved the pressure in my bladder. I washed my dick thoroughly and went back to Ijeoma’s bedroom. Normally I would have her suck my dick and fuck her ass but I decided to visit Susan instead.

I walked naked into my bedroom and I saw that Susan was awake. How could she sleep with Ijeoma being so vocal that morning? She looked at my impressive dick and subconsciously wet her lips with her tongue. I moved over to the bed as she sat up. Sitting on the side of the bed, Susan took the big dick in one hand and stroked it. She leaned over and ran her tongue over the pee hole and around the soft mushroom head. She loved playing with a nice dick and I had a very impressive one. She then took it in her mouth and began sucking it.

Susan was a very skillful dick sucker and she had me ready to blow my load. I was ready after fucking Ijeoma and I would always cum quickly with my first of the day. I could feel the release building in my scrotum and then I warned Susan that he was close. Susan never removed her mouth but welcomed my youthful discharge. She was prepared for the volume and force of my ejaculation as she had sucked many virile cocks in the past.

I reached for her head and buried my fingers in her soft hair as I fired five to six streams of semen deep into Susan’s mouth. Susan stayed glued to my dick and drank down every drop of semen. Then she milked my dick and drained it of every drop. She nibbled on the head of my dick sending chills through my body. I had to push her head away as I thought he would faint if she kept it up.

My dick remained hard and looked menacing to Susan but she felt that she just had to have it in her. “Lay down on your back,” she whispered. “I got so hot sucking your dick that I need to sit on your dick,” Susan gasped and quickly added, “I’m safe so it’s okay to cum in me.”

I got in my bed on my back and I helped Susan straddle me. She lowered her pussy onto my dick and moaned as it filled her womb. She remained still for a few seconds letting her vagina stretch out and then she began to move. There was a slight pain in her shoulder but it was worth it to have the big dick in her.

I began to pump my dick in and out of Susan’s pussy as she bounced up and down on me. Susan positioned herself so that her clit was in constant contact with my dick. I began to pound Susan’s pussy and Susan humped her hips back at me just as hard. The two of us fucked each other frantically breathing heavy and grunting and moaning. Susan had another orgasm but continued to fuck me toward mine.

Susan lost count of her orgasms before I finally filled her pussy with my seed. He was glad that she told me that she was safe. I stiffened and then thrust into her each time I felt my cum ejaculate. Susan rocked with me and she clenched her cunt muscles squeezing every drop of cum from my dick. Susan collapsed on my body as she felt the last surge of cum leave my dick. Susan held me tight as I relaxed my body. I couldn’t believe my good fortune in fucking Susan.

Susan rolled off of me and lay next to me. Susan, then she kissed her way down my chest passed my stomach to my dick. I smiled to himself when Susan took my dick in her mouth and sucked it clean of their combined juices. Then she moved up my body and kissed me deeply shoving her tongue in my mouth again. Susan wanted to be sure that I got to taste both of us and she was pleased when I kissed her back.

“I need to shower and get going. I’m going to get Ijeoma to help me with my shower,” Susan whispered.

“I can help you,” I offered.

Susan smiled and took a hold of my soft dick. “No, I think that I’ve had enough of this for one day.”

Susan got out of bed and went into Ijeoma’s bedroom. I went to the other bathroom to shower. Later the three of us were seated around the dining table finishing a light breakfast. Susan had called for a car to take her home. Susan left the house and I was sure that I would see more of her once her shoulder healed.

Over the next several months I established complete control over Ijeoma. I fucked her whenever I was in the mood. Sometimes I would just have her suck my dick and I fucked her ass on a regular basis. I saw a pictorial in a magazine with a model wearing a scanty maid’s costume. That’s when I got the idea to buy one for Ijeoma and have her wear it around the house when she was doing housework.

One Saturday Ijeoma was dressed as a maid and I had just fucked her in the ass when Tunde arrived at the house. Tunde had been pumping me for information about Ijeoma for the past two months. He wanted to know if I was banging her and he wanted me to tell him about her big breasts. Tunde was a big breasts guy and he loved women with big busts. I decided to invite Tunde over to the house but I did not tell Ijeoma. When Tunde arrived Ijeoma was surprised and shocked but not as surprised as Tunde to see her in the maid’s uniform.

I let Tunde in the house and told Ijeoma to get him a beer. Ijeoma did as she was told even though she was embarrassed to be dressed the way she was. She brought Tunde his beer and then I told her to join us in the living room. Ijeoma was directed to sit between Tunde and me. She could still feel my cum in her rectum.

“Ijeoma enjoys wearing her maid uniform. What do you think Tunde? Doesn’t she look hot in it?” I asked my friend.

“I’ll say,” Tunde gulped as he stared down the front of the uniform.

Ijeoma was showing plenty of cleavage and Tunde was salivating over her exposure. “Ijeoma, you know Tunde asks me about you all the time. He is really interested in your breasts. Why don’t you show him your tits? I know he is dying to see them,” I said startling both of them.

“I will not. In fact, I need to change clothes this minute,” Ijeoma replied nervously as she attempted to stand up.

I held her down and told Tunde to unzip the back of her uniform. With trembling hands, Tunde pulled down the zipper allowing the garment to separate. Ijeoma quickly held the top up with her hands so that her breasts didn’t spill out. I firmly pulled Ijeoma’s hands away and the top dropped to her lap baring her ample breasts. Tunde stared in amazement at her boobs unsure of what to do next.

“Its okay buddy you can feel them. I know that you are dying to,” I encouraged.

Tunde tentatively moved his hands to Ijeoma’s breasts and began feeling them and massaging them. In spite of her embarrassment, Ijeoma’s nipples got hard and that was the signal Tunde was looking for. He lowered his mouth to one breast to kiss it and suck on the nipple. Ijeoma moaned and she knew that I was going to let Tunde have his way with her. Ijeoma had never been with two men but she was sure that we would both fuck her that day. In a strange way, Ijeoma felt excited by the possibility.

“Ijeoma, I’m sure that Tunde has a boner by now. Take it out and play with it. Make him feel good,” I directed.

Ijeoma followed my instructions and she fished Tunde’s dick out of his trousers. The dick was average in size and smaller than mine. Ijeoma stroked Tunde’s dick as he continued to work on her breasts.

“Come on you two let’s take this up to Ijeoma’s bedroom and get more comfortable,” I told them.

I stood up and helped Ijeoma to her feet. The front of the uniform fell down and Ijeoma’s breasts were left bare. Tunde stood up with my erection poking out of his trousers. The three of us went to Ijeoma’s bedroom as Ijeoma knew it was useless to protest. Once in the bedroom, I told Ijeoma to undress Tunde and then for Tunde to remove Ijeoma’s maid uniform. I undressed and by the time we were all naked we were ready for action.

I told Ijeoma to suck Tunde’s dick so she dropped to her knees and took it in her mouth. Ijeoma had become a very accomplished dick sucker in the past two months and she soon had Tunde ready to blow his load.

Tunde pulled out of Ijeoma’s mouth just before he came and aimed his dick at her breasts. He ejaculated all over her breasts wetting them with semen. He then put his dick between her breasts and pressed them together around his shaft. Tunde moved my hips as if he was fucking her breasts.

“Oh God, I have been dreaming about this and now its happening,” Tunde cried out.

I got a towel from the bathroom and gave it to Ijeoma so she could wipe the semen off her body. Tunde was still hard so I told him to get in Ijeoma’s bed on his back. I then had Ijeoma straddle Tunde and lower her pussy onto his dick. By now Ijeoma was feeling hot and she began fucking Tunde in search of her own climax. I got the lube from the stool and greased up my dick and Ijeoma’s anus.

I moved behind her and eased my rigid dick into her receptive asshole. For the first time in her life, Ijeoma had two dicks in her at the same time and she loved it.

“Jesus Lenny, I can feel you in there,” Tunde stated.

Ijeoma had several orgasms before I came in her ass for a second time that day. Tunde was the last to cum but when he did he wanted his dick between Ijeoma’s breasts again. I pulled out of Ijeoma’s ass and Tunde rolled Ijeoma over on her back and kept fucking her. When Tunde was close to cumming again he pulled out and sat on Ijeoma’s chest. He put his dick between her breasts and held them together as he fucked her breasts.

Tunde let loose another big load and the first spurts hit Ijeoma under her chin. Tunde kept his dick between her breasts milking it dry and then he rolled off of her and lay next to her in bed. “That was  great!” Tunde sighed.

Ijeoma got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Tunde and I heard the shower running and Tunde took that as his cue to leave. Tunde got dressed and I showed him out. “I can’t believe that happened. Thanks, buddy, I owe you big time,” Tunde said.

“We’ll do it again sometime,” I replied.

Tunde left the house and I returned to my studies. Ijeoma stayed in her bedroom the rest of the day contemplating what happened and what the future held for her. Easter was on Thursday and Ijeoma decided that she would get away for the long weekend.

I was happy not to have to go to school so I could not just stay at home on Wednesday night after work. Susan and I planned to have dinner in the town on Wednesday evening and then spend the night together at her place. I was looking forward to seeing Susan again as I had not seen her since that time at Ijeoma’s house.

I got off work early on Wednesday and I arrived at Susan’s place at 5:00 PM. She was thrilled to see him and she kissed me deeply plunging her tongue into my mouth. Susan’s shoulder was completely healed and she was ready for action. Within minutes I had my clothes off except for my boxer shorts. Susan had me sit down in a chair and she moved over to where I was sitting. She knelt down in front of me and without hesitation, she pulled my shorts down my legs.

She moved between my legs and my dick started to stiffen in anticipation. Susan wrapped one hand around its girth and looked up at me with those adventurous eyes. She then tilted her head back down and brought her mouth towards my dick. She ran her tongue up its smooth underbelly and I groaned aloud.

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