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March 3, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Adaora & Oluchi’s Massage Therapy II (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Adaora & Oluchi’s Massage Therapy II (18+)

Now lotioning up his hands he slid his fingers under the towel and grabbed each of Adaora’s butt cheeks and rubbed back and forth. Adaora at first reacted to such intimate touching by lifting her head up and looking at Wale. Noticing that he was shirtless didn’t help.

He reassured her,

“This all part of the massage. If you no like, Ms. Adaora, I stop right now.” He paused and held his hands up, “I’m professional and no want to offend.” Adaora backed down and said quietly, “OK. I’ll try this for at least a little while.”

Wale soon had her enjoying the thrill of his hands deeply massaging her butt muscles. Like most married persons she had gone without a sensual touch that just focused on her for a long time.

“The room was private; this was a legitimate massage. What could happen?” I’m sure she thought to herself. But as Wale continued his massage of where no man had touched other than her husband, the towel was now pushed up off her butt and onto her lower back. The beautiful roundness of her backside was clearly visible to the cameras in the room. Her butt was rounded like a younger woman’s but wider like a woman whose hips had been pushed out by childbirth.

She had little dimples at the tops of her butt cheeks. The crack of her butt curved down between the twin globes of her fanny and terminated in a bush of dark black hair covering her pussy.

Back and forth and in a circular motion, Wale’s hands moved against Adaora’s naked body. His fingers now curled between the cheeks of her ass and Adaora didn’t object. Now his hands moved over her upper thighs, over her lower butt, and between her thighs. His fingers must have been touching her pubic hair and on either side of her puffy pussy lips, but Adaora still didn’t object. You could hear her moaning and sighing as his sensual strokes had their effect on her body.

The pleasure was too good to object to. She was letting go…gradually.

Finally, Wale climbed up on the table between Adaora’s spread legs, removed the towel altogether, and began long strokes up and down the length of her upper body, her butt, her hips, and her thighs. As he pressed up towards her shoulders his thighs pressed against Adaora’s naked thighs and then his groin began to press into the curve and crack of Adaora’s naked butt. The cameras caught the fact that ever so slightly Adaora lifted her butt up so that it came into contact with Wale’s body.

“Ms. Adaora,” Wale said,

“Now I caress your skin with a light touch. If tickle, let me know. This will bring blood to skin and warm you all over.” Clearly very relaxed and enjoying the sensuality of the massage Wale was giving her, Adaora merely muttered,


As Wale stepped down off the table from between Adaora’s legs she left them open. Clearly, Wale could see her pussy, but Adaora was just enjoying the wonderful feeling of Wale’s massage technique. She was no longer so self-conscious about being butt naked and exposed in front of a total stranger who was a man.

Now Wale slipped his trouser down and stepped out of them. He was wearing red boxers and was clearly very aroused by his contact with Adaora’s naked body. His cock was stiff and straining against the soft material holding it in place.

Stepping to the side of the table Wale began to lightly caress Adaora’s entire body with his fingertips. As so many before she began moaning as a pleasurable, erotic sensation filled her whole body. Almost involuntarily her hips lifted off the table as Wale’s fingertips caressed her bare bottom. And as Wale’s fingers traced lightly up the insides of Adaora’s thighs she lifted her hips and opened her thighs indicating she wanted to be intimately caressed and fondled.

Wale let it go several times in order to increase her desire to be touched sexually. And then he did it. His fingers stopped moving all over her body and instead moved between her legs. Soon Adaora’s bare bottom was up off the table and Wale’s one hand was reaching under her to caress her bare belly while his other hand played with her pussy. Her sighs and moans became more intense and her body would quiver every so often.

On the cameras, it was first visible as little shakes and jiggles of that soft, bare buttocks. Adaora was opening herself up as Wale played with her so that now her anus was visible when she lifted her hips up. On the microphone, Adaora began to moan more constantly and then began to direct Wale to pleasure her in the way she wanted: “Yes, there, don’t stop. No, back up in that one spot. Yes, oh, yes.”

Then almost explosively Adaora’s beautiful butt clenched tightly, lifted off the table, and visibly shook violently as she had an orgasm. At the same time, she cried out,

“Oh…god!! Oh…god!!!”

Wale didn’t let her stop there. He continued to caress her skin all over, now began to place gentle kisses on her skin all over, and now ran his tongue over her spine and down the crack of her butt to her anus. I could tell from the camera and where his head was on her butt, that his tongue was exploring Adaora’s anus. Her orgasmic shudders continued, not letting up for a moment. More,

“yes, oh, yeses.” More “oh gods,” more “don’t stops”, and more “please, don’t stops.” I guess Adaora hadn’t had such intense sexual attention in a while. The initial reservations slipped away like her towel had. She was naked and she was raw!!

This was my normally modest neighbor, whom I had fantasized about; and here she was tapping into her sexuality with a complete stranger. What an erotic rush!!

Wale leaned against her back with his chest and held her until her shuddering subsided. He asked, “Turn over Ms. Adaora so we can continue with the deep center massage.”

Dreamily Adaora turned over. No self-conscious modesty now. After all, she had just had two incredible orgasms in front of a stranger and was feeling quite excited and aroused all over. Wale grabbed a pillow for her head and tenderly lifted her head onto the pillow, placing a kiss on her forehead.

Then grabbing another pillow he slid one hand underneath her naked hips, lifted them up, and slid the pillow under them. This lifted her hips up and opened her pussy a little. She left her legs wide open and bent at the knees. The pink inner lips were now visible and glistened in the light.

Adaora was sexually lubricated and aroused. She was ready for what would come next both physically and emotionally.

At the foot of the table, Wale slipped off his thong and his huge member (9 inches, I learned later from Boma) popped up hard and at right angles to his flat stomach. He grabbed some oil this time, not lotion. He climbed up on the table between Adaora’s bent legs and pouring some lotion into the palm of his hand worked it into Adaora’s rounded belly, her stomach, and her breasts.

Adaora closed her eyes and let what happened happen. Wale’s oiled fingers teased Adaora’s dark brown nipples into stiffness. He worked his hands back and forth across her stomach and belly. Adaora’s thick triangle of black pubic hair covered the lower half of her groin and Wale’s fingers worked the oil into her curls, worked oil around her clitoral hood, teasing her clitoral bud out, and worked up and down the slit in her womanly belly.

Adaora’s chest was soon heaving as she got more and more aroused. Her nipples were tight little tips pointing up hard from her small breasts. Her hips curled up to meet Wale’s fingers as they moved in her pubic region. Closer and closer Wale inched the tip of his enormous cock until it rested at the entrance to Adaora’s pussy hole. I could hardly believe how quickly Adaora had given into the erotic pleasure she was feeling.

Wale asked, “Ms. Adaora, do you wish for deep center massage? Full, deep center massage?”

Adaora responded by moving her hips down so that her engorged and pink lips surrounded the head of Wale’s penis. Wale did the rest. Slowly he sank that huge member up into Adaora’s lubricated and oiled pussy. After several long, slow, deep strokes his cock was fairly glistening with the oil from Adaora’s pubic hair and her own lubrication. After fifteen or so slow strokes his cock was coming out all creamy white with Adaora’s pussy juices.

Adaora never retreated from having delicious, illicit intercourse with this perfect stranger. She had become totally sexualized.

Wale’s hands caressed Adaora’s naked, flushed breasts, caressed her belly, and cradled her soft, full hips as thrust after thrust penetrated Adaora deep inside. Soon she was letting out a long continuous groan and moan. The muscles on her stomach spasmodically tightened and released. She opened her eyes now and looked pained and out of control as she realized she was going to have an enormous orgasm.

She was going to experience an orgasm like she had never had and it was going to happen while riding another man’s dick. A big wonderful hot dick, but nevertheless a dick not belonging to her husband.

She held this bewildered look for only a moment and then she gave in to the erotic passion and reached her hands up to caress Wale’s face and chest. She slid her hands down to feel the rhythmic motion of his hips as they moved in and out and side to side inside of her. Finally, she curled her bottom-up so his penetration would go deeper inside of her vagina.

Her eyes looked down to watch that shaved belly of his move against her pussy lips and watched that wonderful dark cock, stiff with blood, push in and out of her. She started to smile and laugh with each thrust. You could almost see it on her face, “Fuck the guilt; this feels too damn good. Don’t stop, Wale.”

Wale, without hearing a word, understood what he needed to do. He controlled his own pleasure and carried “Ms. Adaora” through three huge orgasms. Her sounds of pleasure were so loud that I was sure other customers must have heard her sexual, animal cries.

It was only when Adaora pleaded,

“Please, Wale!” that Wale quickened his pace and with a grinding motion tight against her naked, hairy belly and with a shuddering butt released a load of semen up inside of Adaora’s vagina.

Even after cumming he cradled Adaora, kissed her forehead, her face, her lips, the tips of her nipples, and rested a warm palm on her belly, almost as if to hold the erotic pleasure and his seed in place in her womb. Adaora caressed and cupped his tiny, muscular butt in her hands and ran her hands across his flat, muscular stomach, down to the base of the shaft still inside of her.

She looked up at him and said, “Thank you.”

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