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Short Story: Wild Night Out by Ladybug (18+)


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Short Story: Wild Night Out by Ladybug (18+)

It was a beautiful Friday evening, I had planned to go out with my friends, let loose, and have fun.

I had a very short gown that was split exposing my lap and almost to my waist, the red lipstick I had on made my lips look extra seductive. Tonight I wanted all the attention I could get, the plan was to have fun.

 I took an Uber and arrived at the private club to meet my friends, arriving there, I could already feel eyes on me and I liked that, I went inside and I found my friends at the bar ordering drinks, tonight was going to be wild.

We ordered shots, and we all gorged it down, then the next shot and the next, I was already feeling tipsy and horny after my fourth shot but the alcohol was to be blamed for that.

We got into a game of dare in the VIP section and when it got to my turn, My dare was to make out with any guy on the dance floor.

I already had my eyes on a guy the moment I got into the club, so I already knew who I was going to do my first dare for the night, I did a quick search and was able to locate him, he was so easy to find, I just had to look for a guy that has a body that screamed of wild sex.

I walked up to him and in a few seconds my lips were on him, this caught him off guard, the kiss was fast and hard, the alcohol was working, Fuck his lips was so made for kissing.

His lips were so soft that I could eat it up, he tasted like vanilla ice cream with mint and chocolate toppings, I ended the kiss and went back to my friend leaving him dumbfounded.

My friends were already on the dance floor and I joined them, I was dancing my ass out when I felt a slight tap and a quick whisper from the guy I just kissed,

“Meet me out” and he left.

I excused my friend and just trailed behind him, we headed towards the car park getting there, His lips were on mine in an instant.

I was pressed against his car at that moment all my sense of reasoning flew out the window, I was hot for him, and just kissing him did wonders to my body.

The kiss was fast, sloppy, quick, slow, hot, soft divine, magnificent, words really couldn’t describe it, we were both hungry for one another, and his hand were working magic on my body.

We were at the car park so there wasn’t much we could do, so he opened his car and lowered the front seat and we got in. His lips were back on mine, but that wasn’t all that was happening, while he was kissing me, my hand found there way down to my panties and I was playing with my clit.

My fingertips circled my clit, and a shaky breath stuttered across my lips. My flesh felt hot and heavy under my hand, and I cupped myself, letting my fingers slip between me. 

His gaze met mine and I could see he liked what I was doing to myself, 

“Don’t stop” he said while his hand were already on my boobs 

“Don’t ask, I also don’t know how my top and bra went off”, he ducked down and drew one of my nipples into the scorching heat of his mouth.

My body jerked at the shock of it, the pleasure was staggering as he suckled first one nipple and then the other, tugging at my boobs with his lips, teasing me with strokes of his tongue,  It was sweet, so sweet, and terrible, too, the fire between my thighs now throbbing ache. 

My hips lifted toward him, wanting, wanting.

Wanting him, his tongue continued playing with my nipple, he was sucking me out, my emotions were over the top horny at this moment, I wanted him 

I could also see the hunger in his eyes, the car space was so little for everything that needed to happen, but that wasn’t stopping us, his hands left my boobs and found their way down to my pussy, replacing my hand with his, he slid his finger inside me and I plunged my tongue deep into his mouth, he stroked, Gently. Thoughtfully. Thoroughly. 

The air around us crackled, When he eased in a second finger, I  lifted my mouth from his and made the most exquisite sounds he’d ever heard.

His fingers were playing with my clit, I could feel how hard he was against my leg.

His hands worked wonders on me, his hands were stroking me, letting his fingers wander further, to dip inside before tracing upward again, I was wet for him.

He rubbed my clit in circles, he was driving me crazy

His lips were back on mine, his kisses became tender as he slid his lips down my neck, fluttered them onto my chest and clamped them onto my nipples, he took them in his mouth one by one, teasing them with his teeth.

Enough with the kisses I needed him inside me, it was like he could read what I was feeling at that moment, his hand found the condom, wore it and in a swift moment he was inside me, hard and huge, I let out a moan.

He rocks his hips back and forth inside me he was slow at first but quickly picked up his speed, My legs gripped his waist and with each of them

I felt the pleasure of climbing, it climbed higher to distances I had never before met, his dick felt so perfect inside me, I greedily drew him closer, higher while he kissed my  ears, my neck, and, as his thrusts accelerated, 

I struggled to catch my breath, his face was buried in my neck while he stroked me faster, The car was sure steamed up from our heavy panting. Our movement became more frantic, more demanding his thrust was fast, his hips pushing up into me while his lips found mine.

I arched my hips beneath him, keeping up the rhythm With each stroke, he slid his engorged flesh completely into my passion-moistened pussy, my body rose and pushed as he drove his dick further into me with each thrust at an increasing pace. 

His mouth was against my neck. His breathing was fast and hard, my legs were pulling him into me even deeper. I  clenched my vaginal muscles even tighter to increase his stimulation. His strokes became rapid and shallow, his breathing chaotic, his groans low and primal. His hands gripped my hipbones, as he continued to pound into me. Faster. Faster. Harder. Oh, yes. 

He thrust deep and then paused, and then began to move more slowly. Deeper.

His strokes became slow and deep. Slow and deep. Stretching me wide, his dick filled me up, I have never been with a man as well-endowed as he was and someone that knows how to do what he has, I groaned 

We switched positions and now I was on top, I wrapped my hand around his full, throbbing erection and started stroking. 

He grabbed my hands trying to stop me, but I continued by putting my mouth against his chest and licking his nipple.

My mouth was on his chest, with my hands teasing over his aching dick. I kissed him on his lips, while I fiddled with his nipple, putting my mouth down on it, I kissed sucked, bit him a little.

I left his nipple and went to his neck and nibbled on it softly but with a lot of pressure and I heard him moan, he was moaning for me, I added mouth pressure a bit, and his moan was incredible.

I pushed him to his back and kissed his neck down to his nipple again while he pulled me closer, I could hear the urge from his moaning sounds and felt it from the heat of our bodies.

I grabbed his dick, hurriedly straddle his hips and sank on his thick cock, taking him as deep as he would go, stretched to my limits. I tilted my head back in ecstasy.

His hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me down, urging my body to take more of him. 

“Deeper,” he groaned.

Putting it back inside me, I sat up and tweaked on his lap, I rode him as if my life depended on it, while he continued to push into me, I was fucking him and he loved it, I kept going while he moaned for me, 

I could feel the heat, he pulled me closer and I continued to ride him, I  bounced against him, taking him a centimetre at a time until, at last, I could accept him all in.

 His fingers traced paths up and down my spine. I rode him. Lifting my hips and grinding downward, gyrating to stimulate my clit against his dick.

I pulled out and thrust deep, our combined moans edging me, my orgasm built up, I took him faster, rotating slightly with each downward stroke. His hips rose to meet my strokes. He bit his lip, his head tossed back.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” he shouted and grabbed me firmly by the hips to stop my gyrating thrusts.

His quiet gasps in my ear sent my lust spiralling out of control. My hands moved to his ass, His gasps grew shaky and punctuated. My trust is faster and harder. And harder. And harder. Harder. 

God yes, harder, I was filled with hot pleasure, I was so close, he kept groaning in my ear while my trust became quicker. My thing tensed, crying out, as my orgasm rolled through me, my vision went white.

The anticipation is blissful agony, but just a few moments later, his face contorts, desperately containing his screams as he comes.

I could also see that he got his release while he punched the car with his hands while he finished, his body shuddering way through.

As we both shudder and gasp, the waves gradually subside, delicious ripples flowing through my entire body. 

As our breathing slows, we stare at each other like we can’t quite believe what has happened. 

We caught our breath, and just relaxed our bodies, while I quickly got dressed, and freshened up, I used his spray so I wouldn’t smell like sex.

We both got out of the car and went back into the club and went back to our friends as if nothing happened 

Written by LadyBug (Izzy Goodmust)

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