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Short Story: The Naughty Best Man By Sixtie 9ine (18+)


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Short Story: The Naughty Best Man By Sixtie 9ine (18+)

I was the best man at the wedding of my friend and brother Sami and his beautiful bride Feranmi.

The ceremony was over and the reception was well underway when an old flame, Olaide sat down next to me. I hadn’t seen her in about six years, and she looked really good, really good. Her green silky gown rustled as she took her seat.

Clearly, she was coming from the dancefloor, a spot I had avoided given my hatred for dancing. We’re both friends of the bride and groom. It turned out neither of us decided to bring a +1 to the wedding. A couple of years ago, we had a fling and the flame between us burnt so hot that it lingered as we caught up.

“You look great, Sami picked the best man to be his best man. I’d almost forgotten how well you look in a suit” she said as I straightened my electric blue three-piece suit. She poured some of the red wine into our glasses

.”So do you,” I replied. It’s true, I’d been keenly observing her from the wedding ceremony, and she had made quite an impression.

“What are we toasting to?” she asked, raising her glass. Haha, I laughed.

“To reconnecting,” I said, and it made her smile.

“To old times and new opportunities.” She grinned with a glint of mischief in her eye. I didn’t really understand what she meant, but her charms and confidence worked like magic on me.

We clinked glasses and sipped our wine.The bride went to the front of the dance floor and turned her back to the crowd.

“Ladies!” DJ Jatt called from the stage,

“It’s the moment you’ve been waiting forrrr!” Olaide stayed glued to her seat while a number of women thronged to the dance floor as the bride took to the stage.

“I bet you,” Laide smirks,

“That Carmen would catch the bouquet.” Carmen is tall and plays basketball so she’s probably a contender, but I didn’t really think she’d catch it

.”Nahh, Adufe would definitely catch it,” I told her.

“No doubt.” Laide sized me up.

“You’re sure?” She was impressed with my confidence.

“Why would it be her?”

“It’s true,” I began,

“Adufe isn’t as tall as Carmen and yes she’s not a basketball shawty, but she’s fiery. Plus, I think she wants it more. Look how serious she looks.” I moved closer to Laide to discuss but I got distracted. Her perfume was entrancing, it must have been Seduction or Victoria’s Secret.
Those were her favourite. The fragrance brought back memories of our time together.
“Carmen is going to win,” Laide countered.

“Okay, let’s see,” I concurred,

“But it’s fun and games to her. Adufe looks like she wants this more.”

“You seem very sure,” she rejoined.

“Call me the punter, let’s have a bet, 10k, here and now, cash.” I’m not usually this cocky, but the drinks have been working on me for a while, and I’m very sure about what I’ve just said.

“That’s nice,” she grinned,

“But I don’t have any cash on me.”

“Cashless policy or you’re broke?” I said with a chuckle. I was almost sure she would get vexed and end the bet but she just locked eyes with me.

“If you win,” she said, unflinching,

“I’ll suck your dick.” I was lost for words. This was supposed to be a cute little game, but it suddenly felt very real. The volume of reality got turned up.

“I’m serious,” she told me,

“but don’t worry, I’m winning anyway, so no show for you.”

“We have a deal,” I responded, still in a haze of disbelief. We turned back to the dance floor just in time to see Feranmi throw the bouquet of flowers through the air. Carmen and Adufe were beside each other, but Carmen jumped half a second after Adufe.

The rest of the women didn’t stand a chance. Adufe caught the bouquet. There was no doubt that, as tradition holds, she was the next bride. Olaide took my hand and stood up.

“Come on let’s go,” she smiled, unbothered.

“A deal’s a deal, right?”She led me to the ladies, confident that no one will be there, and we settled into the last stall from the door.I was already semi-erect just at the thought of this, but I was also still in shock.

“You know,” I began , “you don’t…”

“I know,” she interjected,

“but I never say what I can’t do. Besides, I want to, and I know you want me to.”She was right of course, and she didn’t need my words to confirm it. Her hands made quick work of my belt and my zipper, and soon I was stiffening in her grip.

She pressed her body into my side as she wonderfully stroked my cock. She let one, two, three drips of spit fall from her lips to my dick and I felt myself floating in the air.”It’s too bad though,” she teased me, bringing her lips tantalizingly close to mine,

“I really could’ve used the money.

“She was about to kneel, and she maintained eye contact. She licked gently, teasing the underside of my dick. Her hand squeezed lightly, keeping her steady. Then her lips wrapped around my dick and I felt her tongue swirl. My eyes rolled back so I couldn’t see it, but I could feel her smile on me.

She pushed more of me into her mouth, a captivating sight to see. Small slurping sounds escaped from her lips and went right to my head as she sped up her pace. She wrapped her free arm around my leg to gain more leverage and pulled me deeper into her. I touched the back of her throat and she kept pushing. It was incredible and mesmerizing.

It occurred to me that anyone could walk in at any time and see exactly what we were doing. She knew that too. To my surprise, that made her and what we were doing even hotter. I never realized this was one of my kinks, but I couldn’t deny it, it was amazing.

I struggled to maintain my balance as she hummed on my dick. She almost got me to my climax and I let out a moan. Then she released me and stood up.

“Fuck me,” she ordered, and I obeyed like the faithful servant.

She turned around and lifted her dress, presenting her red lace panties to me. There was a damp spot where her excitement had marked the delicate fabric. She pulled her panties aside, offering up her glistening pussy. I reached down, grazing her lips with my fingers, still somehow in disbelief.

She was delicious. I teased her entrance with the tip of my cock, bringing a shiver out of her. Slowly I eased a little more into her, then some more

.”Mmm, yeah,” she purred, while rolling her hips into my thrusts. Her body felt amazing, and all I wanted then was more; more pleasure, more of her.

I wrapped my arm in front of her and dipped my hand between her legs. Her clit was hot and hard when I found it, and she moaned in appreciation. I brought my hand to her mouth and wet my fingers before returning them to work.

She braced herself with one hand against the wall as she pushed her ass against my dick. She got even wilder. Her hips turned and her abs tensed. I could tell she was getting close to her orgasm, so I pressed her clit harder with my fingers, and fucked her pussy harder with my dick.

She openly moaned and her voice echoed, definitely loud enough for people to hear, but neither of us gave a fuck. She buckled and twisted as her orgasm crashed over her. I felt her pussy grip and pulse on my dick, and I definitely lost my calm.

She pushed me back, as far as the bathroom stall allowed. Her whole dress was folded around her waist, and her makeup was smeared, which contributed to making her the most gorgeous woman at the wedding.

She caught her breath, then dropped to her knees and clamped her lips around my dick. If I thought she was hot before, she was definitely hotter at this point. Her mouth seemed to move on instinct, propelled by lust or some primal hunger. I felt dizzy, the sensations she was giving were overwhelming, overpowering. I wanted to let go but didn’t want to lose control

.”Oh fuck,” I moaned,

“I’m about to cum. I’m cumming!!!” She looked up at me, her eyes locked with mine, but she didn’t slow down or soften at all. Her mouth pumped my dick and quaked my heart as I hit my point of no return. She gripped my hips with both hands to pull the most out of me, and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I felt my first spurt shoot into her mouth. She hummed with pride as a second, then third dose shot in her mouth. My blood pressure dropped and a wave of euphoria took over me. I felt a few more twitches in my cock as I looked down.

Laide had my cum dripping down her chin and had the most self-satisfied look in her eyes.

“There,” she smirked once more,

“Debt paid in full.” She stood and fixed her dress just as the bathroom door squeaked open. Laide stepped out of the stall, still looking a mess.

“Wait!” I called out, tucking my dick back in my pants as I tried to stop her. I rushed out to the sinks to meet the suspicious looks of Carmen and Adufe.

I quietly and briskly walked out of the bathroom and headed back for the reception a fulfilled man. Not only did I win the bet, I also got something extra.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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