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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Volume 2][Episode 5] (18+)


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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Volume 2][Episode 5] (18+)

What I thought was going to be an easy lay turned out to be quite an adventure and fun. Sasa allowed me to kiss her, but as I attempted to go for her dress, she jumped out of my grasp and crawled away from me on the bed, like a frightened teenager.

I stared at her in surprise and she avoided my gaze, closing her legs and hiving me coy lots under her eyelids. I crawled toward her but she retreated. 

“I am not going to hurt you.” I tried to assure her.

As I advanced, she pulled away and I shook my head in exasperation. I wasn’t ready to force an innocent girl into sex with me. She was after all a celebrity, any report of forced intercourse would land me big trouble. I thought of the ‘me too’ movement going on around the glove and decided I wasn’t going to become a target. 

I withdrew and sat on the edge of the bed. She sighed deeply and I turned to look at her. To my surprise, she was lying on her back on the bed, her legs spread apart and the short dress had ridden far up to reveal a clean shaved pussy, without a shred of undergarments on her.

I met her eyes and she gave me a shy look. My cock sprang to attention and I felt glad that somehow, she had overcome her fears. I crawled onto the bed and hovered over her, she stared into my eyes with open passion and I leaned down to kiss her. She allowed me to kiss her for a while and responded with vigour. 

As I began to pull her closer for a more passionate bonding, she jumped out of my clutches again and moved away, sitting up and covering her exposed privates. I frowned at her. She blinked at me several times and smiled shyly. I sighed and started to move away from the bed.

“I thought you’re a man.” She whispered. “Afraid of a little girl?”

I smiled at her and understood what she wanted. Flashes of my training sessions came back to me. I recollected my tutors lecturing me about the several types of women in existence. Sasa was the playful type!

I jumped across the bed at her without warning and she squealed in delight,  trying to escape from me but my hand grabbed a piece of her dress and I drew her down on the bed with me. She laughed and tried to beat me off with playful slaps but I grabbed both hands easily and crouched over her body.

The musical starlet looked so beautiful and desirable under me. She met my eyes and I saw her breathing heavily with excitement. She was so slim and delicately built, and her golden caramel skin looked so nice. She looked like a young teenager and somehow I got turned off. She seemed too young for me! 

I was sure she saw how I looked at her and she freed her hands, before tearing off the towel around my waist. I tried to take the piece of clothing from her but she refused and flung it away. Her eyes feasted greedily on the huge phallus that lay on her belly as I crouched over her prone body.

She rose and met me with a brief kiss before reaching behind herself to draw down her zipper. Sasa pulled her dress down her body, with me still hitting over her midriff and I gasped in shock. While it was true that she looked no more than a seventeen-year-old girl, she had such a glorious body.

Her breasts were perfectly shaped, like two pears, with prominent nipples and a very dark areola. I salivated and she laid back again, blinking at me. I laid down on her and found her lips, which she gave to me without any drama. She tasted like a vanilla ice cream and I found her tongue, dueling with it for a minute or two. My lips locked with hers and I was surprised how good she was at kissing. 

Her hands moved my back and I felt my prick grow in length and girth. She gasped into my mouth as she felt the ‘anaconda’ increase between our bodies. I lifted myself off of her for a bit and reached out to play with her breasts which grew in size as I tweaked at the nipples. 

Sasa moaned and I felt her legs twitching behind me. I came down again and my lips found her left nipple, which I sucked into my mouth. She rummaged through my low-cropped hair and gasped loudly in delight. 

I was merciless at working on the erect, pulsating marmalade sticks which I sucked at and licked at, like a pair of lollipops. 

I climbed off her body and raised her legs into the air, going for her clean shaved pubis. I thought of Aunt Steph’s as I stared at the inviting piece of female genitalia. She smelled so sweet and clean, no offensive odor and I smiled to see that the entire labia was already soaked with her cream.

Her vaginal lips were puffy and her clitoris was erect, sticking out at the top of her pussy like a small pistol. She had such an identical-looking cunt to my aunt’s. Remembering how the other pussy affected my sense of equilibrium and control.

I felt my baton grow to an alarming size and felt the strain on it. Only Aunt Steph had the charm to affect me like that and this young lady was bringing back memories of an encounter I always loved thinking about. 

I picked at the clit for a while and watched Sasa jerk in delight again and again. She whined and moaned into the hand she placed over her lips as her other hand played with my head. When I rose up from my sucking rituals, she watched me with open admiration and I stroked the huge phallus at her for a few moments before crouching before her.

I picked up her sumptuous thighs again and spread them apart for my audience and perusal. She watched me silently and without warning,  she jumped again out of my grip. I grabbed at her waist and tore the dress around her. She screamed in delight and I laughed.

Wrestling her down, I pinned her to the bed and she buried her face into the bedspread while I took her thighs in my arms yet again. 

To my surprise, she raised her pubis at me as I held my raging bull and aimed it at her. I knocked at the entrance of the wet door and she moaned into the bed.

I loved watching how my prick spread every pussy I invaded. That initial penetration was something that had always left an impression on me. I pushed and her puffy lips spread apart to allow me in. 

I marvelled at how her tiny hole accounted for the bulbous stick I introduced to her. She moaned loudly as I eased my way into her dark caverns, enjoying the smooth slide.

Sasa removed her face from the bedspread where she buried it and stared up at me. I could see the admiration in her golden brown pupils and I allowed the prick to slide down into her gently, as she bit her lower lip.

I crouched over her and pushed a palm under her buttocks to keep her in place for what was coming, I intended to fuck this lady and that was what I was going to do. She willingly adjusted herself to my directives and I began to work the inflamed membrane inside her wet and sweet cavity.

She groaned and wrapped her arms around my neck, drawing me down to kiss me. I tried to withdraw the locked phallus but I couldn’t move, it was a tight fit. I knew this hole had not been properly fucked before this time and I was ready to pave the way for subsequent invasions. 

“Mark. Please, take it easy with me.” She whispered in my ear. 

I chuckled and nodded. 

“I will…but I also intend to fuck you thoroughly. Ok?”

She nodded sheepishly and I twisted my hips to help my straining prick to find the space to manoeuvre its way to do its work inside of her. Sasa looked so slim and delicate in my arms, she reminded of Ralia, whom I had been angry with since the realization that I had been taken on a ride.

The beautiful Fulani lady avoided me since then, except when it was necessary for our sessions together and I had since refused to have sex with her. She had not made any move to apologize to me and I wasn’t ready to forgive her. Even though I knew it wasn’t any fault of hers for me to fall so stupidly for her. 

As I began to feel her inner walls soak with her cream, I ground my hard baton to find a manoeuvring space and began to fuck her gently. She moaned and to my surprise, my favourite sound rang in my ears immediately I began to work my hips; her cunt began to emit the wet sing-song sounds of a cunt receiving a good fuck.

Sasa rotated her waist and tried to twist her pussy away from my well-timed jabs but my hand under her buttocks gripped the flesh of her backside and kept her in place. She moaned and picked at my ears as I continued to stroke my well-calculated drills into her spread labia, which continued its consistent wet sounds.

“Mark…Mark…you’re so deep in me. Are you going to make me pregnant?” She whispered in my ear.

I chuckled. 

“Not yet. But I want to fuck you so well, you’ll beg me for more.”

She moaned loudly and began to trash around,  as the sudden fit of the first orgasm took her entire body. To my surprise, I felt a jet of vaginal cream coat the entire entrance of her pushy and some of it splashed all over the bed and my thighs. 

I chuckled in triumph. I had in my arms a very sexy and willing damsel, ready for a marathon of undiluted sex.

Written by Big Mak

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