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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 9] (18+)


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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 9] (18+)

We were already in my room for over two hours and the entire compound was already a beehive of licentious orgy and the craziest sex show I had ever experienced. I stood by my window to see men fucking women of different shades and sizes, at every space and location.

My aunt was nowhere to be seen, but what was supposed to be a welcoming party turned out to be a secret initiation ceremony to welcome new members into a very powerful swingers and sex club, owned by my aunt.

Sonia was more friendly now and as I sat with them in the room, they gave me thorough information about what was happening. She explained to me that my aunt was the most connected woman in the country. She had over a thousand women and men under her roster, to cater for the sexual needs and desires of mighty men and women across the country and beyond.

I got to understand that Sonia’s mother was a Spanish woman and was my aunt’s mentor before her demise. My aunt took her daughter under her wings and accepted her like her own daughter, but Sonia had strange desires. She had always wanted to be a man and she derived pleasure from fucking other women rather than getting laid herself.

Sonia explained that she got whatever she wanted from my aunt, who had already adopted her as her daughter. But she had this love for Ralia, that was so powerful. She made me realize that she was the one who gave Ralia the privilege around the house and kind of elevated her from a common house help to my aunt’s assistant.

It seemed as if my aunt was caught between the love she had for the two most important people in her life and she was dancing to either person’s demands. Sonia would not allow anyone to get close to my aunt except she consented and the only way for that to happen was for that person to get her approval.

Our common denominator was Ralia and I saw that it was through that young lady that I could manipulate my way into Sonia’s heart and get unhindered access to my aunt.

Sonia was a beauty! There was something about her that made sexiness like second nature to her. Her eyes were of the lightest shade of brown and she had a way of looking at you that made you want to smile sheepishly. Her body was a killer! Full, firm, pointed pair of marmalades with thick nipples.

Her thighs were sumptuous and voluptuous. Her hips were wide and flared and her skin had an olive shade to her caramel complexion. But she had an arrogance with her, like someone who was brought up in affluence and I was to later discover she was sitting on a vast amount of inheritance.

Yet, I was surprised at how much she cared for Ralia and loved her. The young Fulani lady knew and neither encouraged nor disdained her, but rather accepted all of the doting with respect and calmness.

Rosie was Rosie! Calm, but always stroking something or someone. She lay beside me and played with my cock as I listened to Sonia talking. Ralia curled up into Sonia’s embrace and we remained like that for a long time, except for the few periods that I stepped up to the window to witness the orgy outside.

When Sonia had finished telling me the entire situation of things, I sighed and we remained in silence for quite a long period.

After a while, Ekanem knocked on the door and served us some drinks. I smacked her heavy-set backside and she squealed in delight. After she left the room, I felt my prick springing back to life and Rosie sighed her delight. She held it in her fist and moved her hand over it up and down.

I simply laid her back and mounted her. I loved her slim frame and how she was so pliable in my hands. Using the tip of my cock to tease her wet vulva, I heard the female genitals give a squelching sound and I was excited. She caught her breath and spread her legs apart to expect my impending invasion.

“Damn! You’re big!” She whispered.

I chuckled and continued to play at the entrance of the clean-shaven genitalia. She raised her hips off the bed and tried to get me to penetrate her but I held back and continued to tease her.

“Please!” She begged but I refused to comply.

“Sonia! Come here.” I ordered.

The beautiful woman raised her head and looked at me. She unwrapped her arms around Ralia and crawled toward us. I met her lips with a deep kiss and she responded. After a while of exchanging spittle and chewing on each other’s lips, I pulled back and lifted my throbbing baton to her.

“Suck me,” I ordered.

She hesitated for a few moments before crouching beside me and taking the phallus in her lovely hands. She played with me for a couple of seconds and then opened her lips to take me in. I gasped at her expertise, she knew how to treat a man’s cock.

Ralia rolled onto her belly and watched us and I smiled at her. She smiled back at me and I gestured to her that I would be with her later. She nodded her understanding and I continued to enjoy the fellatio being performed by a woman that had shown me some animosity hours back.

Rosie held my hand and played with me, looking up into my eyes. I played with her vagina and stuck a finger deep within her, searching for her g – spot. She moaned and I really wanted to fuck this woman.

Easing my prick out of Sonia’s mouth, I pushed the wet, hard poker at the cunt of the lady before me. The wet pussy spread apart as I pushed forward, my cock felt the slimy walls spread aside to accommodate me. I kissed Sonia and raised Rosie’s legs, to give me unhindered access to her deepest regions. She gasped as I grabbed her buttocks in my hands and used my left finger to force the right half of her butt aside.

Her moan was loud and deep, a tell-tale sign of what effect my invasion was having on her. She had really deep caverns, and I knew that already. Rosie was a good lay and I wouldn’t mind fucking her all day.

She had a way of keeping her raised limbs by my sides without seeking my help to keep them hanging and in place. I undulated my hips and poked at her opening deeply as if searching for something I lost within it. Her pussy gave a farting sound as I found my tip touching her inmost wall. 

She giggled.

“That’s how to fuck a woman.” She whispered.

Her fingers played with my head and I began to fuck her with relish and abandon. Sonia sat beside us and watched. I was excited about the fact that two other enchanting women were in the room, watching my act.

Rosie whispered unintelligent mumbles and I took her lower lip in my mouth and sucked passionately. 

After a few minutes, I listened to her pussy making a consistent wet sound that sounded like someone was using a stick to tap on a wet surface. Sonia gasped at the fury of my drives and I felt her fingers on my back. I knew she was captivated by the raw animalistic coitus. 

“Fuck me.” Rosie whispered fiercely. “Fuck your cunt. I surrender it to you, master.”

I groaned with excitement. No one spoke to me like that. 

My hand snaked underneath her and she seemed to know what I wanted, raising her hips to allow me. I found her buttocks and spread my fingers to keep her in place for my hard but slow penetrations. 

“Master. My master!” Rosie continued to whisper and I gave her offered vulva a satisfying battering. 

Her first orgasm took her like a storm and she screamed. Her entire body shook like a woman with a fit. I didn’t hesitate in my ploughing, intentionally crushing the spongy membrane of her flayed-apart genitalia under the flogging of my heavy baton.

The wet sound had become so pronounced and obscene. Ralia sat up to watch the animal-like mating. Sonia moaned beside us and played with my scrotum. I fucked Rosie senseless and she squirmed and whimpered and sobbed and moaned. Despite the air-conditioning unit, the bed was soaked with our sweat and soon I heard her whispering mumbo-jumbos that were incoherent. 

When I released, it was with a roar and she spasmed. I felt the rush of my semen hit the innermost parts of her privates. She screamed and I was sure that she felt the cum hit her pelvis.

After a while, we were both calm and I kissed her deeply before rising up. Sonia bent over and took my cock in her hands before she began to lick me clean.

I smiled. I had commenced the dominating of this woman and I knew she was next in line to fuck. I was hungry and wanted something to eat first. I wanted to make a lasting impression on her and I needed all the strength to do that.

Written by Big Mak

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