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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 3] (18+)


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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 3] (18+)

After I had laid down beside her and my body had calmed down. We kissed and shared jokes. She was an intelligent girl and I loved her company very much. After a while, I fell asleep and I must have been really tired because when I woke up, it was way past midday. 

I shook my head and yawned, looked around me and realized that Ralia was no longer with me. I sat up in bed and saw that the trolley was no longer beside the bed. 

I walked to the bathroom and eased myself before stepping out to check my phone. I saw that Sharon had called me a number of times. Feeling guilty, I quickly placed a call across to her and smiled when she asked why I had neglected her. 

I apologized and explained to her that I was so tired – refusing to tell her why I was so tired – and I was trying to catch some sleep. She accepted my apology and confessed her love for me, and how she missed me too. I responded, “My love but the truth was that my heart was already with someone else.” 

That day was uneventful and filled with fun. I drove one of my aunt’s car out of the compound and headed for the city to catch some fun. Actually, I picked a Mercedes coupe. Ralia begged me to spare her from going out with me when I insisted that she would go with me but I wasn’t ready to accept her excuses, I knew she was shy. 

I drove into town with her beside me, we looked like a happy couple in love, in an expensive vehicle. We visited a couple of supermarkets and I bought a number of items for Ralia and myself. Then, I drove to a cinema hall and we watched a movie, bought some ice cream and popcorn. 

I was happy! I was in love with a girl I just met! And she in love with me! My steps were springy and I always had my arms around her even though she resisted when we were in public. When I inquired why she acted so, she said her tradition and religion were against public display of intimacy. 

I apologized and promised not to do so again but she laughed at my seriousness. She said she was not angry, but she wanted me to know. When we got back home, it was already late. The domestic staff helped us take the goods we bought inside. Ralia disappeared after that and I went looking for her. 

Ekanem met me on the way to the kitchen, where I was searching for Ralia. 

“She’s not here.” She answered with sarcasm. “Maybe you should look for her in the security post.”

I frowned, not understanding her. But I hurried out of the house and headed for the security post by the gate, where a small building was, where the gate man resided. 

When I got to the door, I heard voices inside and I froze, as I recognized the unmistakable voice of Ralia and a man.

I listened but didn’t understand the language. It was Hausa. The man’s voice was raised and he was clearly angry. I heard Ralia speak back and she began to weep audibly.

Then, I heard her hushed tone, and even though I was unfamiliar with the language, she was obviously pleading. 

Anger flooded through me. What was going on? I wanted to know. I stepped forward and knocked on the door. The security guard opened the door to the tiny house and looked hard into my eyes.

“Oga! I hope there’s nothing wrong?” He wondered aloud. 

I could see that he was only trying to be diplomatic, he knew why I was there.

“I want to see Ralia. I have an errand for her” I replied.

The pretty lady opened the curtain behind him and met my eyes. I could see that her eyes were bloodshot and tear-filled.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, with concern.

“There’s no problem, sir.” She answered. “I’m just having a conversation with my uncle. Please, sir, I’ll join you inside when I’m through here.”

I stared at her for a while and tried to say something but nothing came up. I was speechless.

Her uncle? The gateman was her uncle?

I turned around and walked toward the building, wondering what their conversations were all about. Was it about me?

I wondered why I was so concerned about a girl I just met. Was I falling in love with her?

I stepped into the house and headed for my room. Lying on my bed, I thought about it and waited. 

For over an hour, I remained in my room and refused to do anything else. Later, Ekanem knocked on my door and told me that supper was ready but I responded that I wasn’t interested. 

About an hour later, a soft knock sounded on the door and without asking, I knew who it was. Ralia stepped in and she was in a short white transparent gown that reached above her knees. She looked so beautiful as usual!

“What were you crying about?” I asked. 

She stood where she was, not saying anything or trying to retreat. 

“You don’t want to tell me?” I asked, bothered.

She remained where she was, staring at her feet. 

“I don’t want to get you involved.” She whispered to my hearing. 

I stood up and walked over to her, putting my arm around her.

“I’m already involved. Talk to me.”

I walked with her back to the bed and we say down, my arm still around her shoulders.

“Are you in some kind of trouble?” I asked. 

“My uncle received a message from my hometown that the man my father is owing wants to marry me, to settle the debt.” She replied. 

I was shocked beyond words. I frowned and rose up to meet her. 

“Your father is owing someone?” I stood before her and she raised her face to look at me. 

She nodded her answer and I gasped. 


“Back in my village, my parents owed him a lot of money and things. It was my uncle who brought me here so I can get some work and pay back some of the debt but it’s too much.” She answered. 

I took her hands and drew her into an embrace. She laid her head against my chest and we remained like that for a while, while I thought about it.

“I will find a way to offset the debts,” I promised, even though I haven’t asked how much it was. 

She looked up into my eyes and I could see the doubt there. 

“It’s not a small amount of money.” She explained. 

“I don’t care how much it is. I’ll look for a way to pay it.”  I promised. 

She looked at me for a while and nodded. She touched my face and rested her head against me again.

“Thank you, sir.”

“I’ve not done anything yet. Let me pay first before you thank me.”  I tried to sound modest.

We sat like that for a long time. I stroked her hair and my other hand played with her thighs.

“How much are we even talking about?” I wanted to know. 

She looked up again. “I will have to ask my uncle. I’ll let you know tomorrow.”

I stared at her for a while and felt so bad and angry. How could an innocent and beautiful woman like her be in such a situation because her father was owing someone?

“Can I get your food?” She asked. 

I nodded and she rose up to get my food and we ate together when she returned. After the meal, I was already feeling horny for her. She looked so delectable. 

I removed her gown, and she laid back in the nude, looking at me so innocently. When I pulled off my clothes and stroked my erect prick, she reached out to touch it. 

“You’re so big.” She whispered. 

“Do I hurt you?”  I asked. 

She shook her head. I pressed forward, aiming the hard appendage toward her spread pubis. As I touched her wet vagina with the cap of my cock, she touched my hands and stroked me. 

“I’m wet for you.” She whispered. 

I lunged forward, feeling my phallus grow stronger at her words. The labia lips spread apart for me to pass through into her inner recesses. I pushed further inside and felt her walls clutch at me. She drew my face down and kissed me as I slid deep into her. 

As usual, my coitus with Ralia was explosive and passionate. I forgot about her issues with the man her father owed and enjoyed her succulent body, which I fucked that night to my satisfaction. 

I took my time to explore her and she gave herself to me without reservations. She was like my own alone to enjoy as I poked into her wet orifice again and again, the squelching sounds sent me into a frenzy and I moaned my pleasure as I continued to fuck her with relish. 

When she began to chant ‘baby, baby’ again in my ears, I bit at her neck and kissed her sloppily, our spittle mingling and I enjoyed it, as if it was a meal I needed. 

As I was sawing into her and her legs were wrapped around my waist, I decided there was no way I was going to let go of this beautiful woman! I wanted her for myself alone, and I was ready to do anything to have her!

Written by Big Mak

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