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[Short Story] Nkechi, the Hot Food Vendor by Offworld Tales (18+)


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[Short Story] Nkechi, the Hot Food Vendor by Offworld Tales (18+)

Emeka was at home, working on his laptop… It was almost 4 pm as he designed a logo for his latest client, who kept changing the outline of the project, with each submission. It wasn’t until the power went out that he looked at the time and realized it was evening as the clock showed a clear 4:15 pm. 

“Haaaa!!! Has it been this long, and I never chop sef.” He said to himself as he stretched while standing to go to the kitchen. He was in his mid-thirties, athletic built and sported long dreads that went past his shoulders. He was fairly good-looking and had a wide gap tooth on his lower dentition, which used to make him shy when he was younger, but not anymore, since he learned to love himself.. 

Raising the lid on the only pot that sat on the stove, he discovered it held water, already stained with oil from the rising the lid on the only pot that sat on the stove, he discovered it held water, already stained with oil from the bottom part and patches of rice that caked the lower walls of the pot. 

“Oh, yeah… I finished this last night.” He said, suddenly realizing it wasn’t a recent occurrence. And in no mood to cook, he opted to eat out as his tummy rumbled in agreement. Suiting up in elastic cargo pants, a tee shirt and clogs, he set out, searching for an eatery before he collapsed out of hunger. 

Walking on the streets of Century at Ago, he scoured the area for a place to chow and at the same time, a presentable place. It wasn’t long until he found a shop that stood after a junction to another street, but slightly hidden from view by a small thicket. 

The place was neat and had a small group of patrons enjoying a meal as some talked loudly, while the rest had their gaze taken by the wrestling match going on in the TV. Settling down, a man, probably in his fifties approached him… 

“Ah, dada (dreads), Welcome o… wetin (what) you want?” he said. 

“Which soup dey (is available) ? Emeka responds. 

“We get, vegetable, draw soup (ogbono, okro), egusi, uha.”

“Okay, give me uha and okro…  you get goat meat?” 

“Yes…  na garri or fufu, you dey chop?” 

“Give me garri.” 

“Okay… NKECHI… Bring Uha and Okro With Goat Meat For Customer!!!” he yelled, as a female voice replied; “Okay.”

Emeka waits as the man brings a small bowl of water for washing his hands and a small plate that holds a sachet of pure water on it for him. 

Emeka, wanting to get a bit of appetizer asked for a fizzy drink, which he was served a plastic bottle of coke. Minutes later, a woman, brought forth a tray that held his order, and placed it on his table, looking at her, she was probably in her late forties and pretty. 

But what caught his attention was the way her boobs swayed underneath the apron that covered the yellow top she had on, which weren’t pronounced, but Emeka could tell she was busty and he loved a good pair of boobs, especially big ones. 

Emeka whistled quietly as he washed his hands, and it was not until she turned around that he felt his dick slowly harden… she was packing and extremely… with the leggings she wore, anyone could see she had a MASSIVE backside, that jiggled violently when she walked. 

Emeka, quickly looking away, had to distract himself by watching the TV as he didn’t want the slight tent that was rising in his shorts to draw any attention. This woman was sexy as fuck he took his time casting coded glances at her behind as she went to clear the table after a patron was done with his meal. 

He noticed a few were doing as he did, checking out that massive behind, slyly as she bent to clear dishes and clean the table for the next customer. 

Emeka slowly eating his food, had to tame his thoughts as he overheard one customer whispering to his friend to take his eyes off her as she was a married woman and her husband was the man in the shop with her, which now explained a lot, even though it was glaring from the moment anyone entered the shop. 

Long after, Emeka was done, motioning for the bill as he decided to not let his dirty thoughts take over as he checked his phone. 

“How the food dey?” she asked, as she bent to clear the table. 

Pausing for a while, Emeka found his eyes roaming to her ass, the curve of it was magnificent and he could tell they were going to be soft to touch as he replied; “The food de good, madam. You be chef.”

“Aah, thank you, dada… I appreciate it o… just come next time make I give you… better food.” She replied as she placed the plates on a tray and wiped the table. “Your money na 1500.”

“Okay, you de accept transfer.”

“Yes, make I call the account number for you?”

“Yes, hold on.”

The transaction goes and is completed before she thanks him and leaves, giggling to herself, as Emeka stares at those bouncy cakes, which by now he was sure she was doing on purpose. Staying a few minutes, Emeka leaves, replying to the woman as she says goodbye to him, unaware she had already noticed the tent that sprang up in his shorts when she was clearing the table. 

Weeks after, life goes on, until Emeka one day dropped by for a meal, one Tuesday afternoon and to his surprise, he was the only one there. 

“Madam, good afternoon.”

“Aah, dada… see this man, na now you remember me so. Nawa o.” she replied, laughing as she saw him. 

“No be so na…  you no say na work na. Why I go forget fine woman like you na.” he said as he took a seat. 

“I know… maybe your girlfriend don hook you, make you no de remember me.”

“Haba na… no be so na… how I go forget person way sweet like you.”

“Sweet like me ke? You don taste me before?” she replied, smiling slyly at him. “in fact, how you take know say I sweet, or you don knack (fuck) me for dream?” she continued as she eyed his pants and sees the desired reaction. 

“Na, compliment I de give you. Which one be I don taste you before? Or you wan make I do am?” he replied jokingly. 

“You fit…? You sabi fuck? You fit fuck person like me? You fit handle this Ikebe (ass)” she said, showing off her ass that was hidden underneath a blue leggings that jiggled when she smacked them. 

This was a bold move that shocked Emeka as his eyes feasted on those yams lustfully, and without even realizing it, the words blurted out of his mouth.. “Make you step into my room, make I show you what Superman fit do.” 

The place was at a junction but was hidden by the small thicket, so eyes couldn’t see what was happening unless they got really close. Cause to his utter surprise, she pulled down her pants and flashed him her huge ass that was covered in red lace panties. 

“Na only big gbola(dick), this kind nyash(ass) need o. I hope say you sabi fuck” she replied as she pulled up her pants. 

Emeka felt his erection getting painful as his dick pushed against his jean pants, what he just saw was driving him insane… an ass like that needed to be filled up, with his dick… but restraint was keeping him as he found himself looking to see if anyone would mysteriously appear.

“Haba na… you wan kill me with this kind food?” Emeka asked, amidst laughter from her. 

“No bi you start am?” she casually replied. 

“How… this one you de talk like this sef, no bi your husband suppose to de knack you?”

“Abeg (please), leave that yeye man… he no sabi… for three years na, dick never enter this my toto (pussy) and I don de hungry for am. You know no sey, since I see you, I just de hungry for you. See as you grab and you fine sef. And that day, when you last come, I see how you de fight your prick for table.” 

“Hahaha… nawa for you o… you na bad woman.” Emeka said jokingly as he sat down.

“Leave me o…  na frustration cause am.” She replied, laughing. “What do you want to eat?”

“Haa, I never hear you speak English o.” Emeka said, surprised. 

“Look at you, just cause I don’t want to say, no mean say I no sabi am o.” she replied, sticking out her tongue to him. 

“Make I go prepare your… food.” She continued after Emeka made his order and watched as she walked away, her steps seductive as she cat-walked inside. This was a new development and an obvious invitation, but she was a married woman and that wouldn’t be morally right. 

But then, the sexual thoughts had already overtaken him as his erection looked like it wasn’t going down. 

“dada?” she calls out from within. 

“My name is Emeka, not dada.” He replied. 

“Sorry, I didn’t know. But my name na Nkechi.” She continued. “I get nunu milk, you want drink am?” 

“Nunu? Which one be nunu milk again?” he asked confused. 

“Come inside, come collect am. Hahaha. I get am plenty.” She said, amidst laughter as sounds of pots closing came afterwards. 

“Alright.” He said as he headed inside the kitchen. It was poorly lit, except for the light that came through a skylight above the gas cooker that had the pots sitting on them. The place was neat and what looked like a store was at the left, as a door was seen left open. Sensing she was inside, he moved in… 

“Nkechi, I’m not sure if I suppose de here.” He asks as he nears the door. 

“Come in joor, before the milk go hot.” She said from the store. 

Inside, were bags of garri, rice and beans, plus other food items and utensils that were neatly arranged in a corner. And a big foam that nestled by the wall, which would be where she slept when she was tired… Nkechi stood by a bag of garri, backing him as he closed in, standing behind her. 

“Where is the…” Emeka said, but got interrupted as Nkechi spun around quickly and kissed him. Emeka, even though surprised, couldn’t help stop himself as he dipped his tongue into her mouth, which she sucked on eagerly. 

Before his hands slowly found their way to her ass and squeezed them. Nkechi moaned in his mouth as his hands grabbed her soft ass and squeezed like he owned them.. It’s been a long time since she’s been touched by a man and this one was giving her the tingles as she sucked on his tongue. It wasn’t until they disengaged that he discovered her shirt was pulled up above her boobs, which were… bigger than he imagined. 

“Wow!!” was all he could say as he took it all in, causing her to blush. 

“You like am? You wan look or you wan suck? I no want make the nunu milk cold.” She said sensually, watching his eyes stare at them lustfully. 

Emeka didn’t need any further coercion as he threw away every sense of morality to feast on the delicious “nunu” milk before him… suckling like an infant hungrily, as he tasted each nipple, teasing the other as he did, flicking them with his tongue, kneading them with his fingers and pushing them both into his mouth. 

Nkechi couldn’t stop moaning as the sucking aroused her further… she on her own had already passed the point of no return, but she was cautious as not to get caught. She shouldn’t be doing this, but the thought of having a big cock inside her overwhelmed her senses and ever since she saw Emeka, her libido shot up to uncontrollable heights. And today, seemed like a blessing for her as no one was around, but… 

“Crack!!! BOOM!!!” a thunderous sound erupted as a heavy downpour began to pelt the roofing of the shop; talk about a wanted convenience… 

Emeka was taken aback by the sound but smiled as he continued to feast on her boobs, now he was sure no one would bother them. 

The sucking went on, as Nkechi’s hands went for his pants, unzipping and pulling down his pants to see a big swelling poking from underneath his boxers, causing her to smile… before unwrapping her “gift”.

“Oh, boy… you carry better gbola.” She exclaimed, holding the fat dick that weighed heavily on her hand, that caused him to smile. “So, you de carry this pipe de waka (walk) and you no know say, person like me de hungry for am. Chai..!!! You de wicked. But anyway sha… I happy say I don find am and I go suck am well, well.” She continued, going on her knees and slowly licking it up to the head that caused Emeka to shudder. 

Emeka’s dick was big with a wide girth, and just right to plow her silly… Nkechi kept surprising him as she didn’t seem like the type to be this nasty and before he could do anything, she had deep-throated him immediately after licking him once. 

Her throat accommodated the entire shaft as her mouth buried it all… before letting it out moments later covered in spit. 

“My god, wetin de your mouth sef?” Emeka asked as he saw the sight, before his dick got buried again in her mouth. The sensation was so good, that he moaned and before he knew it, he had his hands on her head, face-fucking her. 

Nkechi was pro on giving head and as the shaft kept going in and out in her throat, she didn’t gag nor cough as it all went smoothly… she had missed this feeling and she wasn’t going to let it pass her by as she milked him with her mouth. 

Nothing mattered except extracting his juice and tasting it, and she sure as hell was going to taste it, but then, she also craved more as she stopped and pushed him towards the bed. 

“I wan make you lick plate… make we do 69.” She said as she pulled down her pants with her panties at once. Emeka now seeing her in her full glory, licked his lips as he gazed at her sexy body; she was thiccc… and she could see he was loving the sights as she showed off for him a bit. 

Watching him as she squeezed her big boobs and jiggled her ass for him. Emeka’s dick was not having it as it stretched out further, showing veins around it as it dangled up and down at her, staring at her ass, he could also see she was wet as a trail of wetness went down her legs, from her pussy. Nkechi was turning him so on that he didn’t realize when he moved and buried his cock inside her pussy, which gripped it with its tightness… 

“I’m sorry, I no fit wait…” was all he could say as he began to plough Nkechi from behind, who didn’t seem to protest to it. It surprised her, but at the same time, turned her on as the big cock went in smoothly and filled her up. 

She hasn’t had sex in years and she knew she was going to be super tight as she gripped his dick with her pussy walls in response to his sudden intrusion. 

“You be bad guy…” She said as he fucked her in standing doggie, her ass jiggling in response as his dick invaded her pussy. 

“But… I… must… drink… your milk.” She continued as the slapping sounds from their bodies were drowned by the falling rain. 

Emeka was in ecstasy, she was tight, she was sweet and he was enjoying it… and the view as he watched her ass wobble at each thrust. The backshot view was incredible as he couldn’t help himself smacking the cheeks, which caused Nkechi to moan in response. 

“Fuck me, harder.. Harder.. Hard… er.” She said, her hands reaching out behind her and pulling him closer to increase his tempo, as she was getting close.  “Harder…” she continued, urging him on until she moaned loudly, shaking. 

Emeka, on the other hand, had to quickly stop, but not before turning to his dick, which she gladly accepted into her mouth to receive the “milk” he pumped into it. The load was thick, creamy and much, but she swallowed it all the same, with a smile on her face. 

“My god, you’re sweet… no be lie…” She said as she lay on the still shaking from the ordeal. “You sabi fuck, no be lie…  Chai… I don see prick wey go de fuck my toto(pussy).” She continued as she gasped for air, but had to laugh as Emeka was on her again, but this time, licking her pussy. 

“Ah.. Ooh. Ah… I… talk… am.. You be… bad boy… see as you de lick my toto like expert.” She began as Emeka feasted on her creamy, wet pussy hungrily. Nkechi was lost as she held his head down, never letting go as he licked, sucked and slightly bit her clitoris; she was on cloud nine and was not coming down any moment from now. 

Nkechi was getting close, smiling and moaning as she was pleasured beyond measure with his tongue… Her hands, now grabbing and pulling his hair tightly caressed his head as her body shuddered in ecstasy. 

This was the second orgasm she was having and it was a glorious feeling for her as she moaned loudly in response. Nkechi knew she had hit the jackpot and she was loving it, until she screamed… but not from pain, but pleasure as Emeka’s dick was plunged into her pussy without warning. 

“You wan… Ooh, aaah…” Was all she could say as he pounded her missionary style. Emeka’s hips gyrated fast as he fucked her silly, not even slowing down as he bent to suck on her boobs that wobbled as she fucked back. 

The thrusts were deep and fast, leaving her no room to think straight, even now, all her mind focused on, was Emeka filling her up with cum, and to make sure he does, she grips his dick tightly with her pussy walls and locks her legs around his waist, trapping him. 

Emeka, now too far gone to care, kept on pounding with more speed until he came… blasting into her quivering pussy, another load of cum. They both held each other as they came simultaneously. 

“Aah, Nkechi… you sweet, die…” Emeka said as he lay beside her, playing with her boobs. 

“You nko… you sabi fuck weller. You be Superman… and as e de now… na me get this prick.” She replied, stroking his dick in return. 

“Hahaha… I no get girlfriend, but if na like that… that means na me get this toto.” He retorted, fingering her in return. 

The heavy downpour, now reduced to a drizzle, brought them back to their senses as they both dressed up to go outside, but not before exchanging contacts and having a quickie, doggie style.  

Written by Offworld Tales

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