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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 8) [18+] by Sixtie9ine


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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 8) [18+] by Sixtie9ine

Eniola said she needed a shower, and she began to take off her clothes. I undressed too, and my penis began to get erect as I looked at her. She put her hand on my arm and said, “Not this time, Kunle. I need to be alone.” Her face was still flushed and her nipples were jutting out.

I could smell that she was aroused. My erection collapsed with the realization she had been aroused by Kitan, and that she didn’t want to make love to me. What was going to happen next?

I heard the shower running and started gathering our clothes from the floor. I noticed Eniola’s panties were damp and carried her scent. This aroused me once more. Despite knowing it might not be the wisest choice, I felt determined to show my connection to her as her husband. My initial worries faded as I became more aroused and decided to join her in the shower to reaffirm our bond.

I entered the bathroom and saw Eniola behind the shower curtain. She had her eyes closed tightly and was pleasuring herself. Her right hand was between her legs while her left hand was on her breast. She was using multiple fingers to stimulate herself and I heard her moan in pleasure.

Her climax started while I watched. She groaned loudly, then sat down swiftly in the tub. Her legs moved vigorously as she increased her pace. She was touching herself faster and faster, also playing with her nipples. I heard the noise as her knees hit the tub’s sides. She continued groaning for a while until gradually calming down as the shower water kept covering her.

I stepped back from the bathroom and closed the door gently. Seeing Eniola masturbate was a new experience for me, and although it was arousing, I realized she hadn’t been fantasizing about me during that moment. I felt a mix of anger and self-pity. One moment, I wanted to lash out.

It took me a while to regain some control over my emotions. By the time Eniola turned off the shower, I had managed to calm down slightly, though not by much. There was a dark impulse within me, but I pushed away thoughts of doing anything stupid. I was deeply disturbed, and I knew Eniola was struggling too.

After a few minutes, Eniola emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel wrapped around her head. Her skin was flushed and glowing. In that moment, unsettling thoughts flooded my mind. Was she intentionally provoking me?

Eniola was drying her hair naked on the bed. I could see parts of her body, but she didn’t seem to care or try to make me interested. I felt real pain inside – my stomach hurt, and my mouth tasted bad. I got into the shower and turned on the water. I shaved and showered, but I was still torn between wanting to either break something or lash out.

Eniola finished drying her hair just as I stepped out of the bathroom. While I dried my hair with a towel, she picked up the phone and requested to be connected to someone’s room. I had no clue about her intentions. Despite both of us being naked adults, married and with children, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that we were total strangers. Maybe, in a way, we were.

“Dara? It’s Eniola.” I heard her say. “What’s the seating arrangement for tonight?” She listened. “Where’d you put Kitan and Efe?” She asked sweetly, then listened again. “I want you to put me with them in a corner at a small table with nobody else,” I noted that she hadn’t mentioned me and I felt another sharp pain of jealousy in my stomach.

Ten seconds later, she angrily said, “I don’t care about your precious little plans, Dara. Get this straight! You do it or I’ll tell Jimmy about Ghana.” She listened and her face turned into a nasty sneer.

“So what if I promised never to tell? You knew the truth about Kitan and Efe, and you didn’t tell me. Doing me this little favour doesn’t begin to make us even! But do it or I’ll fuck up your marriage big time!” She slammed the phone down. It was only the second time I’d seen her angry.

Eniola was still sitting naked on the bed. I’d been making love to her for more than a decade, but I couldn’t recognize this person in front of me. I had never seen her so angry. I also remembered that shortly after we were married, Eniola and Dara had gone to Ghana together for a work trip. I stared at her and waited. She finally calmed down. She looked over at me. “What happened in Philly?” I asked.

Eniola blinked a few times before she realized what I had asked. “Dara met someone at the conference. They practically had sex throughout the week of the conference.”

“And you promised to keep quiet about it?”

“She said Dotun just didn’t satisfy her. And that every now and then she had to get good dick outside or she’d go crazy. I said I wouldn’t tell. And I didn’t.”

There were suddenly lots of things I didn’t want to know. I turned on the TV and watched a match for a while. Eniola just stared into space. Neither of us got dressed. I thought about how I’d seen her masturbating and I got hard. She didn’t appear to notice. I finally got soft again. I was still struggling between being angry, being aroused, and being completely terrified.

The anger and terror I understood, but I really couldn’t understand why I was getting aroused. I wondered if Kitan’s dick was bigger than mine. Maybe I was going insane. At least that would be a reasonable excuse for my thoughts and feelings.


Then it was finally time. “Much as I like seeing you like that, I think we need to dress for dinner.” I said. Eniola gave me a quick, but somehow frightening, smile.

When we had packed for this trip, she had chosen two possible outfits for the dinner that evening. I had jokingly asked her to pack a third dress, one she had never worn in public. It was her special, let’s-eat-and-then-fuck dress that she would tease me with whenever the kids were away on holidays and we were home alone for the evening. I had jokingly said to her,

“Wear this and make everyone forget about Efe!” And she had laughed.

“We’ll need Femi and Chioma’s signals for sure if you show up wearing this!” I added.

Now my words came back to haunt me, and I wished she hadn’t brought it along. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach when I saw her lay it out to put on. The determined look on her face as she ran her fingers over it made clear her intention to have sex with someone other than me tonight. I had no doubt who that someone would be.

My dick bolted upright as I thought about the sexual incident less than a day before with Marcie. Would I be fucking Efe while Kitan fucked Eniola next to me? I was incredibly aroused, but angry and confused at the same time. I was an emotional mess as I stared at my wife while she carefully put on the sexy dress and prepared to seduce another man.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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