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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 7) [18+] by Sixtie9ine


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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 7) [18+] by Sixtie9ine

Eniola effectively shut down everyone at our table when she said, in a clear, firm voice, “Fejiro, you lying, hypocritical, sanctimonious bitch! You meant to hurt me and you did! More than you’ll ever know! So go fuck yourself!”

Fejiro was shocked and turned pale, unable to move as Eniola continued to verbally attack her. Eniola mocked Fejiro for bragging about sleeping with every guy on the basketball team, even the coach. Fejiro was unable to interrupt Eniola as she spoke too quickly.

I was taken aback along with everyone else. At the same time, I noticed three things: the near silence surrounding us, one of the women at our table giving her overweight husband an angry look. I put my arm around Eniola’s shoulders and drew her close to me. She was tense and unyielding, refusing to look at me. Instead, she glared at Fejiro until she, with the assistance of her friend, walked away unsteadily.

Eniola leaned forward and exhaled the breath she had been holding. I felt her body start to relax as she took quick, shallow breaths. I was proud of her for standing up to that woman, but I was also worried about her. I had never seen such intense hostility come from her. Her skin felt hot, and I could both smell and feel her fresh sweat. I hugged her and she wrapped her arms around me and began to whimper against my neck.

As I held Eniola, I looked around and saw many people rushing to leave. We were alone at our table with the overweight man and his wife. She was glaring at him. “Jeez, honey!” He said. “Fejiro climbed into the shower with us and begged us to have sex with her!”

“I’m sure you were first in line, weren’t you?” His angry wife hissed at him.

Oh no! I was probably sixth or seventh. Near the end and . . . His eyes opened wide as he suddenly realized what he’d just admitted. What was I supposed to do? I was only eighteen for heaven’s sake! It was free pussy!

His wife, filled with anger, tipped her plate of food onto his lap. “You were cheating on me, you disgusting pig! I asked you and you lied about it! You lying, awful bastard!” She got up and threw his plate of food at his chest. As the food dripped down his shirt, she knocked over his drink, adding to the mess in his lap. She cursed at him again and angrily stormed away.

He looked at me and said, “Bro, you understand, right? It’s not like it was rape or anything! She even hooked up with a few of the guys more than once! It’s normal, Right?”

I didn’t listen to him and helped Eniola stand up. She still had adrenaline in her system and was starting to shake. She looked unwell. “Come on, darling! Let’s take a walk and get away from here for a few minutes!” I said.

I walked her to a shaded bench and we sat down. We hugged each other until she was again calm.
Eniola expressed her deep hatred and regret for returning to her high school reunion, where she was reminded of the treachery that existed beneath the surface. She also mentioned feeling sorry, but it was unclear who or what she was apologizing for.

Eniola regained consciousness after a few minutes. We then walked around the park together, each lost in our own thoughts. She held onto my hand tightly.

Eniola and I saw Efe and Kitan at the same time, and we stopped suddenly. They were sitting on a bench and talking. They didn’t see us. We stood still and watched them for a minute or so.

Finally, Eniola said, “Babe, wait here. Please! I need to talk to Kitan. Alone. I need to! I was looking for him at the picnic, but he wasn’t there.”

I had no choice but to nod. Eniola walked hesitantly towards her old boyfriend and his wife. When they finally noticed her, Kitan jumped to his feet. I couldn’t hear their conversation, but Efe looked back and forth between them, and then she also stood up. She looked at the two of them, then turned and walked slowly towards me. She hesitated, looked back once, and then continued walking towards me.

I saw Efe approaching. Even though she wasn’t smiling, she still exuded sex with every step. I remembered how my penis had felt between the cheeks of her ass, and I began to get hard. When she had almost reached me, she noticed my erection and finally smiled. She was almost against me when she stopped walking.

She was so close I could have expanded my chest and brushed against her breasts. We heard about that scene with Fejiro last night. Kitan wants to talk to Eniola and she wants to talk to him. I think both our marriages just got completely messed up.
What do you think?

Tears started flowing down Efe’s face as we instinctively embraced each other. We held onto each other and observed in silence as our partners started to resolve their fifteen-year-old misunderstanding.

At first, they were sitting separately, looking down at their feet. Eventually, they looked at each other simultaneously, and Kitan stood up and moved closer to Eniola. They held hands and both cried as they talked. Then Kitan lifted Eniola onto his lap and they started kissing.

From a distance, I could feel the intense love and passion they had for each other. Efe read my thoughts, saying, “If we weren’t married to them, I’d be so happy for them. But I’m just scared. Really scared. I wish I’d known you were married to Eniola last night. I would never have…” She turned, buried her head in my shoulder, and started to cry. I noticed tears building up in my eyes as well but fought them back.

Efe and I watched them kiss for about ten minutes, but we couldn’t stand it any longer. We walked up to them and physically separated them. Eniola and I walked away, leaving Kitan and Efe sitting and talking on the bench.

Eniola’s eyes sparkled. I knew she was sexually aroused, but she made no effort to touch me. When I offered her my hand, she didn’t take it. She treated me like I was a stranger. I couldn’t help remembering how firmly she had held onto me a few minutes earlier.

After we arrived in our room, Eniola finally hugged me and said, “I’m sorry, Kunle! There’s so much going on, and I’m trying to figure it all out.” She kissed me, but it didn’t feel romantic or sexy. It was more like kissing my mother.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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