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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 6) [18+] by Sixtie9ine


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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 6) [18+] by Sixtie9ine

Eniola suddenly stopped, causing me to almost knock her down. She became sober instantly. She moved away from me and made her way into the room we had just passed. She grabbed a woman’s arm and angrily turned her around.

“What did you just say, Fejiro? Who didn’t find out? Me?”

Fejiro was standing there in shock, her mouth opening and closing like a fish caught in a net. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the Fejiro of locker-room sex. Neither her face nor figure turned me On.

After about three seconds another woman giggled, and said in a drunken voice, “Kitan, obviously! Efe wasn’t going to have sex with him! It was all a big joke!”

Eniola began to tremble. “B-b-but I saw her kissing and groping him! And she had her blouse off!”

Eniola, you are so dumb!” Another intoxicated woman said, laughing. “You knew that Efe always had a crush on Kitan! We told her that you had broken up with him. We convinced her to try to cheer him up! She unbuttoned her blouse, sat on his lap, and kissed him. He was trying to push her away when you walked in! Oh my God! It was so funny! I will never forget the look on your face!”

Several of the women laughed. I had an overwhelming urge to harm every one of these spiteful women for their cruelty to Eniola.
Eniola looked at me with wide eyes and a swollen face. She trembled and started to collapse, so I stepped forward and caught her. I held her against me and guided her into the next room. Behind me, I heard several people laughing and making mean comments about Eniola and Kitan.

I could tell from the way she moved her head that she had heard everything they said. She started to shake and almost went limp in my arms. Strange high-pitched whines came from her mouth. I half-carried, half-dragged her out and got to the elevators. It only took a couple of minutes to get her back to our room, but it felt like forever. Her face was still very pale. Her eyes were wide open and very dark. She was staring into space, almost in shock.

Eniola groaned in pain, then bent over and clutched her stomach. She moved away from me, staggered into the bathroom, and forcefully vomited into the toilet. After coming out, she discarded her clothes on the floor and got into bed naked. Then she started to cry. “He didn’t cheat on me! He said so and I didn’t believe him! Oh God! I didn’t believe him!”

I hugged her until she fell asleep, thinking about how much Eniola’s life had been ruined by a cruel joke. For fifteen years, she had tried to forget the boy she loved because she thought he had betrayed her. Now she knew it was all a stupid, jealous prank. If there was any betrayal, it was Eniola’s lack of trust in Kitan. I couldn’t think of anything good that was likely to happen now.

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then took off my clothes and got back into bed with Eniola. She was asleep, but she was moving around a lot. I kissed her good night without waking her. I lay in bed with my arms around her and worried about how tonight’s revelation would impact our lives. It took a long time but I finally fell into a restless sleep.

Eniola woke me up a couple of hours later. She was kissing me and crying. “Make love to me, Kunle! Make love to me!” She was rubbing my penis already. She really wanted to have sex! As soon as I was erect she climbed on top of me and rode me. She rode herself to an orgasm. In the dim light I could see that she was crying as she frantically twisted and jerked on me. I could hear her mumbling, “Sorry . . . Sorry . . . Sorry . . .”

Eniola was focused on Kitan, not me, and whatever she was doing, it wasn’t making love. I lost my erection and she quickly moved off of me. She cried and apologized while I held her, but I wasn’t sure who she was really thinking about.

I also felt regret. I had never brought Eniola so close to orgasm and then left her without finishing. I lay on my back, with my soft, sticky penis between us, and listened to her cry. I knew we were in serious trouble. She eventually moved away from me and fell asleep. It was almost dawn before I fell into a restless sleep again.


I was awakened just before 8:30 by the sound of Eniola splashing in the shower. I joined her, but for the first time that I could remember, she didn’t want me to be playful while she bathed. I quickly finished up and left the bathroom. When she came out, I ordered breakfast from room service because I didn’t want to see anyone else, and she looked terrible with her red and swollen eyes.

After breakfast, she wrapped herself in a bathrobe, sat in a chair, and stared into space. I couldn’t get her to say more than a few words at a time. I was relieved that she had stopped crying, but the angry look on her face was unsettling. Just after 11:00, she started getting ready for the planned picnic that afternoon. It took her a long time to apply makeup. We arrived a little late, but she looked a lot better, and she no longer had a distant look in her eyes. She was quiet, but no longer seemed unresponsive. I started to feel hopeful, but I should have known better.

We picked up some snacks and drinks and found seats at the end of a long picnic table. Eniola introduced me to two of her male classmates. I had already met their wives the evening before. Everyone except Eniola was engaged in lively conversation. She kept looking around, observing everything that was going on and carefully watching everybody come and go. I knew she was looking for Kitan, and I felt so jealous that I had trouble eating.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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