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Short Story: Cold Blooded by Sixtie 9ine [Part 5] (18+)


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Short Story: Cold Blooded by Sixtie 9ine [Part 5] (18+)

Mayowa Lawal’s Toyota Corolla pulled up at the car park of the hotel and she made her way to the reception. Seeing me waiting outside, she shook her head with a sense of anger.

“God, I hate you.” She said as she drew near.

“Nice to see you too” I replied with a smile, then added “Look Mayowa, I’m doing exactly what I said I would. It’s been two weeks since Tomiwa’s court judgment, and you know what that means.”

“But I gave you Odunola like you wanted, and we had a deal!” She shot back.

Taking her by the arm and guiding her in, I replied, “well, we indeed had a deal, but then I heard a few things. Come in, and let’s discuss it.”

At that Mayowa stiffened. Now she understood that I knew. “Mayowa, I have been reliably informed that you filed a petition regarding a certain lawyer’s conduct. Know anything about that?” As I said this, I took a seat in one of the chairs, and pointed to the other, where she sat, blushing.

“Well look Chinedu, what you did, it wasn’t – “

“Getting Your fiancé Tomiwa’s charges substantially reduced?” I said loudly speaking over her, “Or ensuring he didn’t get any jail time?” Standing up, I snatched her purse away, removed her phone, turned it off, and tossed it, along with the purse, in the bedside drawer at the end of the bed.

“You ungrateful bitch,” I said to her, my face giving away my anger, “So soon after your wedding, you go on and do something so stupid? Well you can kiss your travel plans goodbye. As I told you, I have connections at the American embassy and like I said last time you were here, I can make it happen, or ruin it. Right now I’m sure you know what I’m thinking.”

“Noo please!” she said.

“No what Mayowa, no what?” I replied her, then added, “don’t be surprised when you get a notification that your visas have been denied.”

“Oh Shit…” she replied, her mouth hanging open, tears welling in her eyes.

“That’s right,” I replied. So, unless you want all that to happen, I guess you know why you’re here.” I told her, as I tossed a box of tissues onto the bed beside where she was.

Mayowa turned her back for a moment, sniffling and wiping her tears. Back to me, she reluctantly pulled her top over her head, and placed it on the chair, then unhooked her bra, placing it on top. Turning back, she showed her beautiful nipples and said “Chinedu…Please…”

But I was having none of it. Snapping my fingers and pointing to the floor just in front of me, I stood. Mayowa knew what to do, and slid to her knees in front of me. It was going to be a fun weekend. If only Mayowa knew what she was in for, she would have been wiser to choose jail time.

I stepped just a bit closer to her and reached down to slide the zipper of my pants open. She reached into the slit of my pants and retrieved my cock, which was already half-hard and quickly growing to its full length.

“Well, this isn’t your first time so you better do a good job.”

There was a moment of hesitation where I thought she was going to walk out. Then she grabbed my cock, and skillfully brought it to her mouth. Her tongue came out and began licking the head, first the tip then both sides around the ridge. She pushed it up and let her tongue slide down to the base then back up again. She’s good, I’ll give her that.

“Look at me when you suck that cock, understand?” I said sternly.

Mayowa did as told, showing a pained look, but she kept it up, her mouth coming up to the tip again before she wrapped her lips around it and began to suck. She bobbed her head, taking more of my cock into her mouth with each down stroke, one inch at a time. There were still a few inches left when I felt the head hit the back of her throat. She stared up at me and I felt her mouth and throat squeezing and shifting around my dick. For a moment I thought she was going to gag then suddenly she slid the last few inches into her mouth, her throat squeezing my head and her face pressed into my groin.

She definitely has got skill, I realized what Tomiwa had been enjoying all this time. I felt like a manipulative bastard and knowing that she had no choice but to serve me and do so to my satisfaction sent a rush of power through me and it felt glorious.

I grabbed her head before she could pull off of my cock and I held her there. She didn’t gag, but simply stared up at me. Her hands reached into my pants and she found my balls, her fingers gently stroked them as she pulled them out.

The only sound in the room was my heavy breathing as I choked her with my cock. Interestingly, she didn’t try to push away and she didn’t choke. I couldn’t help but wonder how often she had Tomiwa’s dick buried in her throat.

My head fell back and I moaned. “Well at least you know what you’re good for.”

Then my hands wrapped tightly in her lovely hair and I pulled her back and off of my cock. She gasped and I let her take a few breaths before I pushed myself in her mouth again and began to fuck her throat. Using her hair as a handhold, I shoved in and pull out, moving my hips and her head at the same time. The tight feeling as her throat being forced open around my dick felt fantastic.

When I looked down, I could see tears running down her face as she choked on my cock. It was impossible for her to catch a breather with how fast I fucked her face and the effort of taking my cock again and again forced more tears down her cheeks and her mascara began to run down her cheeks in dark lines.

I finally let her go and she fell back, coughing and gasping for air. Saliva and pre-cum had built up in her mouth and were running over her lips and chin in a sticky mess and it dripped down onto her chest as she sits there with eyes closed, trying to catch her breath.

I gave her a moment to recover. Then I grinned.

“Take your jeans off, woman. And hurry, I don’t have all night. Oh….on second thought, I do!” I grinned, reminding her.

She looked at me, her chest heaving, and she didn’t hesitate as she stood and began to strip. She took off her jeans and red laced panties, the crotch sticking between her legs for a moment. She bent over completely to pull them all the way down to her ankles before stepping out of them, giving me a view of her ass and making me want to take a bite out of it. Her pussy was extremely wet, peeking out at me for a moment before she straightened back up.

“Well judging by your wet cunt, I’d say you like being treated like a little slut. Tell me, does Tomiwa fuck you like a slut?” I asked, making her blush.

“Where do you want me?” She asked quietly.

I moved to stand in front of her, my clothed body just brushing her nude skin. I reached down and let my fingers slide between her legs, touching the folds of her pussy and feeling how wet she is.

“Admit it, that cunt is wet, right?” I replied.

She barely nodded.

“Say it.” I demanded.

“Mah…my…pussy is w-wet.” She whispered.

“Do you still hate me?”

Her eyes hardened a little and she nods again.

“Say it.”

She screamed at me. “I fucking hate you.”

“You’re my fucking whore, say it”.

“I’m…your…sniffs…fucking whore.” She said in a very low voice.

I pushed her on to the bed, having her sit on the edge and pushing myself between her knees, stepping out of my pants and boxers. She started to unbutton my shirt but I stopped her.

“No.” I said. “Fuck me.”

Mayowa sighed and looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Put my cock into your pussy, or I’ll ram it in your ass” I told her.

She grabbed my shaft and pulled me closer to her until she slipped the head inside. I didn’t take my time, I simply thrusted into her a few times until I was buried inside. For being a total cunt, Mayowa was surprisingly tight and very wet, or maybe I was just horny. As I slammed myself into her, she grunted and moaned, sitting back on her elbows. Seeing her tits bounce to my thrusting made me feel in control, & I stared at her emotionless as I continued to fuck her. Hard.

Just to let her know where she stood, and degrade her more, I started talking dirty to her.

“Look at you, taking this dick. Face it Mayowa, you love it. You wanted to get back here & fuck me, you dirty cunt.”

Mayowa looked down, and she sniffed, trying not to cry. If I didn’t feel the need to break the bitch, I might have felt sorry for her, but not after the way she treated me growing up, I didn’t.

“Maybe later I’ll fuck your ass, I bet you’d love that. On thing I know, you are going to make me come inside you, and I don’t give a fuck if I get you pregnant. Actually, I hope I do.”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. If Mayowa Lawal had not been such a total bitch to me growing up, I’d have left her alone, and let it go. I’d have walked away and let it all be if she hadn’t started being a bitch all over again, so this was about more than just having fun, this was about bending her to my will.

I felt ready to unload. So, I roughly pulled her down to her knees. She simply closed her eyes and pulled my cock into her mouth, sucking it all the way down and working her lips over the shaft quickly.

A few strokes later and I grabbed her hair to hold her still as my eyes rolled back in my head and I came. She sucked it out of me, only the head of my dick was between her lips as the first load covered her tongue and filled her mouth. The next blast hit her lips & the bottom of her nose, the remainder on her chin. I caressed her hair for a few moments while she swallowed me and used her tongue to clean up my cock, squeezing it gently for those last few drops.

Mayowa silently stood up when we were done, wiping her lips before stepping over to the bathroom. There, she washed her mouth out as she cried.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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