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You’re ?

Obafunto Enoch AyinOluwa

The Social Network?

Twitter! I Love the idea behind it, everyone gets to share their thoughts on there. You meet different personalities and it makes this already small world yet smaller. I met loads of awesome people on twitter. You know yourselves. 😉

[‘Deolu: I have been waiting for someone to say something different like Facebook, Pinterest or even Friendster for ages….one day my friends one day]

Things that catch your fancy, more like hobbies?

I’m interested in reading, especially books written by Ted Dekker, Meeting new people, Writing

Any known addictions?

Tweet *covers face* and of course, help people that aren’t privileged enough to help themselves.

What keeps you busy?

Apart from being a student, I blog and I’m a member of a group of beautiful people that make other people beautiful. We call ourselves Smile Care, we are into putting smiles on people’s faces.

[‘Deolu: *Sigh* I seriously need to copyright the name ‘Beautiful People’ or create an hashtag for people to use anytime they use the words :D]

Your kinda girl?

Why did you have to ask this? I honestly don’t know what to say, if I like you, I like you that’s ideal enough. Oh, well, an ideal partner would know how to bake a good cake.

[‘Deolu: Ermmm…the ‘you’ he used to describe who he likes should be replaced by ‘the girl’. Just have in mind for clarity sake]

Things you wanna do before you die?

Go sky diving, climb a mountain, write best sellers and someday, I’ll fly like superman… Believe that.

[‘Deolu: Amma write the superman bit down in my diary…wait first as an actor or actual human bird?]

Food Obsession?

There’s no thinking about this, my answer, unequivocally is CAKE. A while back I was craving Red velvet but right now, I’ll kill for Ice-cream Cake.

[‘Deolu : I just hope you know how handle all that sugar sha]

Role Models?

Mother Teresa! Her heart is like no other. She stood and spoke before great people, the difference she has made and even in her death still making is unquantifiable.

What was growing up like?

Both parents are pastors *adjusts halo* growing up as “omo pastor” isn’t easy and No!  Not all of us are bad.  I must say though, growing up as “omo pastor” has had its low points and high points.

 [‘Deolu: And Yes! All of you pastor ‘shudren’ are bad]

Your fears?

If at the end of this all (Life), I achieve nothing.  That will kill me.

Any Superpowers?

I can tell when someone is lying, it’s a superpower I have.  Call me the Human Lie Detector.

Top 5 movies of all time?

American Gangster

Training day

Pretty Woman

A walk to remember … I cried *covers face*

Ides of March

 [‘Deolu: No need to cover your face, there is absolutely nothing embarrassing about a grown ass man crying during a movie *bbm not interested look*]

Top 5 music of all time?

Love Me JejeLove Me Tender – Seyi Sodimu

Good Life – One Republic

Fix you – Cold Play

One Love – Bob Marley

Ordinary People – John Legend

 [‘Deolu: Finally, some childhood music is paying off, Seyi Sodimu’s song was a hit back then, do you remember Inferno’s wishes for all…Ermmm….It was one black guy playing with white girls in the snow….Childhood….*smiles to self*]

5 people you would like to meet before you die?

Queen Elizabeth (I’ll like to ask her if she’ll ever handover the crown to Prince Charles?)

[‘Deolu: Let me help you, she’ll give you No in the ‘concest’ british accent ever, followed by ‘I would die before that piece of *beep* gets close to the throne’]

Nelson Mandela

Barrack Obama

Lionel Messi … So I can ask him.. Why don’t you ever show mercy? x_x

Didier Drogba .. so that he can introduce me to the baba he uses to kill the shine of other strikers

[‘Deolu: And yet you say not all Pastor’s children are bad….i reserve my comment]

Joseph Kony .. So that I can kill him myself

 [‘Deolu: Have you heard his side of the story? N.B-This in no way supports Kony]

And yes, those are the 5 people I’ll like to meet :p


Biggest risk?

Biggest risk I have ever taken would have to be in secondary school when I had to get home before 9pm and I was still on the island by 8:30. I flew a bike B-) straight from the island on the 3rd mainland bridge to the mainland. All through, I think I was speaking in tongues… but it was worth it. I dint get whooped that night.

[‘Deolu: Traces of your ‘badness’ keeps sipping out with every question you answer]

Your most memorable experience?  

Most memorable would have to be when I met Pastor E.A. Adeboye early this year.


What experience would you rather delete from history if you could?

There’s definitely one experience I’ll like to delete from history, but sorry Deolu, I just can’t disclose that now.

If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you *James Bond voice*

 [‘Deolu: Just  tell it already.  A child cannot… cannot….. Shit i forgot the african proverb *In Pete Edochie’s voice*]

Alternate Career?

Study any other course apart from Banking and Finance. The calculations kill me.

[‘Deolu: Am sure the folks at Rocket Science will be lucky to receive your application]

5 years time?

In the next five years, I should have published a book, become a better writer.

[‘Deolu: Thats it? *looks left and right* You dont wanna be ridiculously rich, hosting Hollywood A-list parties?]

3 Awesome people in your life?

1. Ruth Atinuke,

2. Kasope Akinkuowo,

3. Gbolahan Laleye

 [‘Deolu: Am thinking the first person you mentioned is your girlfriend?]

Most amazing moment yet?

Well, highest point for me will be response from my blog. The comments I get are uber-awesome and encouraging. I have the best twitter and blog followers. People say they get inspired after reading a post I write. For me, that’s a start to higher points.

Collaborators in Evil?

All my Banking and Finance boys especially Kola Ijogun aka Dr. Lewin,

Kasope Akinkuowo,

Efe Ughojor

Seun Thomas

Ope Wilson

All Smile Care CU executives and members (My partners in ridding off sad faces)

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