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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Scandalous Doc IX (18+)


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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Scandalous Doc IX (18+)

Ade was still pounding into Akemi from behind taking to all of her instructions which were just once same line, that is, for Ade to fuck her harder. He was doing quite well till an image caught the corner of his eye. It was Ndoko peeping from the door at him fucking her sister.

He could see her bare boob and hardened nipple, her face was filled with lust, and at the same time, he could see the pain on her face. He immediately felt like a traitor and when they locked eyes, Ndoko’s stare pierced his heart like a sword.

He immediately pulled out of Akemi and went after Ndoko who did not go far but remained just outside the bathroom. Akemi, realizing her sister was awake remained in the bathroom and hoped things would not turn out worse than she imagine.

Ade stood face to face with Ndoko and moved closer to her but she landed a slap across his face.

He was taken aback but he did not stop still. He continued to edge closer towards her taking slaps to the face and punches across his arms till he had enough and raised his arms at her.

Ndoko was shocked to see Ade raise his hands at her and when they came down on her, both of his hands grabbed her arms and pinned them to her body then gently, he brought his lips towards hers for a kiss but she did not want to be kissed by him so she continued to move her lips out of the way.

Ade seeing her stubbornness opted for her neck since she would not give her lips up to him. As he began to kiss her neck, her body started to react to him and her nipples were rubbing on his bare chest. When he broke off the kiss, she was looking flushed but there was still anger in her face.

He still held her hand in place and went down on her once more but this time, he went for her boobs, and that worked like magic. His tongue rolling up on her nipple forced her to moan and her body finally relaxed. Ade could feel that her arms were no longer trying to resist so he left them go and immediately he did both arms flung over his head.

They circled and locked behind his head holding his head in place to better suck on her boobs. He sucked both boobs hard and Ndoko placed one of her legs around his ass. Akemi was at the door watching both of them get feisty.

Ade could not see Akemi come in but Akemi and Ndoko maintained stares as Akemi walked around and removed Ndokos leg from where it hung on Ade’s ass she placed it on the floor but she made sure she placed it far from Ndoko’s other leg which made her legs spread. Ndoko looked on at her sister who was just smiling.
Akemi took Ade’s hard dick and put it in her mouth as she dropped to her knees to suck him off. Tasting her cum on his dick made it sweeter and sexier for her. She sucked him till he became harder then she guided his dick to Ndoko’s pussy.

She pushed it in one inch after the other enjoying how her tormented sister was moaning into Ade’s neck. Ndoko felt full taking Ade’s full length and Akemi was not helping the situation as she was behind Ade pushing his ass so he could thrust harder into Ndoko.

When Ndoko raised her face from Ade’s shoulder, her eyes were gone and her mouth was open as she gasped for air. Ade kissed her immediately and Ndoko realized that Ade’s mouth tasted just the way her mouth tasted when she woke earlier and realized she had been fucked, she deduced it was Akemi’s pussy juice since Ade had tasted Ade’s cum before.

She had no space to complain as Ade continued to fuck her hard and her legs began to shake. Unable to take it anymore, she called for a timeout and asked that Ade fucked her in the bed. Getting into the bed, she presented her backside to Ade who wasted no time slotting his dick into her pussy from behind and started to deliver deep backshots into Ndoko’s pussy.

Ndoko was far gone in the sex that she did not realize when her braids were being arranged into a single unit but the next she knew was a wet delicious pussy staring her in the face. No matter how deranged or naughty she was, she would be eating her sister’s pussy. She just stared at the pussy and did nothing

Until both her hands were pulled behind her and held on her ass by Ade who also pulled her hair back and it left her exposed to Akemi who simply raised her waist a little higher and held on to Ndoko’s head before she slowly guided it to her pussy.

She might just as well do it since the house wanted it and that was how her tongue landed on Akemi’s pussy. Akemi moaned as loud as she could and gave Ndoko’s head gentle caressing. Ade continued to slam into Ndoko hard from behind making her go deeper into Akemi’s pussy.

Ndoko started to shout as her orgasm was ramping up and she shrieked with her orgasm bursting through her body. Ade let go of her hands and she crashed into the bed with her whole body visibly shaking and her pussy squirting violently.

Ade remained on his knees staring at Ndoko’s soft ass still hungry for more as his dick was still hard. He did not have to wait too long as Akemi climbed on her sister’s back. Ndoko could not complain or resist Akemi as she was tired from that orgasm and Akemi would not let Ndoko’s boobs rest.

She snuck her hands around Ndoko to grab them and squeezed them t her heart’s content while she listened to Ndoko’s moan.

Her ass was right on top of Ndoko’s ass and her pussy was well-presented to Ade. He quietly entered her pussy with his hard dick loving how she calmly took it. She pushed her ass back gently to take Ade’s thrusts but Ade needed to cum so much that her movement was delaying him.

He held her by the waist and started to pipe hard in her pussy as he was dripping sweat even though the room was air-conditioned. Frustrated that he was unable to cum, he rolled Akemi over and held her legs apart before he penetrated her again and started to fuck her missionary beside Ndoko who just watched in silence as her sister’s legs were raised in the air, she was moaning and her boobs were bouncing furiously.

Ndoko was a bit startled when Ade started to groan, he was loud and the look in his eyes was not like she had seen before. His thrusts became harder and they had more impact on slutty Akemi whom Ndoko felt Ade would injure with the way he was slamming at her but Akemi wrapped her legs around Ade’s waist and with one last push, he pushed all of his cum into Akemi’s pussy.

Ndoko watched both Akemi and Ade, the promiscuous couple looked so good together and with one over the other, they began to drift into sleep. Ndoko started to feel some pain in her heart. She felt Ade had betrayed her by sleeping with Akemi when she was unconscious and he did it again right beside her.

She remembered how horny she had always been with every encounter she had with his dad but she never crossed the line and always kept herself for Ade. She felt no anger towards Akemi as she regarded Akemi as a slut just like Ade’s father and since she was able to scale through the temptations of Ade’s father, Ade should also be able to bypass Akemi’s temptations and not fall for a woman the first day he meets her.

Her thought was interrupted by her alter ego who told Ndoko that Ade had no obligations towards her, Ade is not in a love relationship with her, Ade is a young boy therefore he was more likely to fall into temptation, her sister Akemi is a well pronounce hoe and any man would most likely fall for her therefore, there was no reason to blame Ade.

Ndoko accepted her fate and thought maybe she was doing too much. She joined the sleeping couple in their nap and woke moments later while they still slept. She went to the kitchen to make coffee for them and came to wake them.

The three went to the sitting room to have a cup of coffee but while Ndoko had a towel tied around her waist, Akemi and Ade remained naked as they drank their coffee and whispered in hushed tones and giggled leaving Ndoko out of their conversation. She was getting annoyed by it already but they increased her anger when Akemi collected Ade’s coffee cup and made a little run to the centre table to drop both hers and his cup of coffee. Immediately she returned to where Ade Sat, she climbed on him with her back to Ndoko and face to Adé.

She started giving him a lap dance, making Ade’s dick hard again. Before Ndoko could say jack, Akemi had slotted Ade’s dick into her pussy again and she was riding on it like a horse. Ndoko calmly drank her coffee with wickedness in her eyes and cursed her conscience under her breath. Adé would be taught a lesson he would not forget.

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