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Kunle JJC: Shifts with Nurse Tracy (18+)


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Kunle JJC: Shifts with Nurse Tracy (18+)

Of all kinds of women, nurses remain the goddesses of sex. Aside from that they are always clean and know how every part of the human body works, there’s just something sexy about female nurses especially when they are clad in uniform.

They see a lot in their line of duty and if you get close to them, you will find out that most of them lead very naughty lifestyles behind those innocent faces that urge you to get better after prescribing you a new dose.

If you’re hot enough and know how to play your card, you might get a get-well-soon pussy with no charges.

Tracy is one of those nurses. A middle-aged dutiful busty nurse whose uniforms stretch more than required to accommodate her breasts. After a long, torrid night shift, the doctor called her in for a discussion before she was dismissed.

It was about a new young male nurse she was supposed to supervise. She paid the entire discussion and her mentee minimal attention due to fatigue but caught the doctor staring at her chest area and stylishly licking his lips as he rambled on.

Old pervert, he had made advances to her severally but she bluntly turned him down, he wasn’t her spec.

The next night shift, Tracy was taking data and checking on the patients under her care. She was too busy to notice she was followed everywhere she went. When she finally realized, she was a bit startled to see the hunk of a guy following her about.

He was a bit over seven feet tall making her look a bit dwarfed. He introduced himself to her as Frank, and her mentee. Tracy had mentored many nurses of both genders but none was as beautifully made as Frank.

His tight abs and hairy broad chest made her pussy whimper. It was just that little peek she took when he was dressing up the next morning after their shift that put her in a fix.

She developed the hots for him at that moment but not only was it hard for her to make a move, but it was also hard for her to accept if he made a move on her. They were so far apart in both age and rank but she kept an open mind for anything that could happen.

The day shifts were alright but the night shifts were what she looked forward to. Frank had begun to move into her. From slight brushing of his arms and palms over her ass and boobs to quick grabs of her organs. She didn’t complain and he graduated to quick spanks and grabs.

He drove her crazy doing these to her even when they attended to patients or were in the company of colleagues.

He was just too quick for anyone to catch them and she hid her expressions so well. Even though sometimes, she wanted a little bit more, she wanted to moan, she wanted to show him her wet pussy. On one of those night shifts, she felt all naughty and excused herself from attending to duties.
She returned without her bra. Ignorant Frank came for a quick grab and instead of a bra cup before her boobs his palm was blessed with softness from the most perfect boob he’d ever touched. He squeezed it so slowly enjoying the feeling and how her body moved back to rest on his broad chest.

His other palm joined in the action and grabbed a handful of her boobs, they felt so nice and she could not hold her moan this time. She blessed his eardrums with her soothing voice. Frank was soon grinding his dick on her ass kissing her neck all over, still refusing to let go of her boobs. He ground on her ass till he came in his panties.

That was when he left her alone. Tracy’s boobs felt sore all through the night but she had enjoyed the cameo. That dick she felt must be seven inches in length. Frank was just so perfect.

From that point, they graduated to dry humping during shifts. After running through their duty with patients, they find an empty ward where Tracy would let her boobs loose for Frank to suck and smooch to his heart’s content she puts him on the bed and bring his trousers below his waist level.

With her pussy hidden in her panty and his dick hidden in his briefs, she would ground her soggy pussy on his dick outline till they hit climax. It was always hot and the biggest turn-on was that they could get caught and be in trouble.

Tracy didn’t understand why she couldn’t just bring herself to have sex with Frank. He had suggested it many times but she had denied him with one excuse or the other. One time Frank was insisting they had sex after she had just finished dry humphing him. She dodged it by saying she wouldn’t do it without protection knowing Frank had no condoms on him.

She compensated him by jerking his dick and sucking it. He had his hand running through her hair and his waist running wild pushing his dick in her mouth till he came. He enjoyed fucking her mouth so much that he became more eager to have sex with her.

Frank kept telling Tracy all the things he could do to her only if she let them have sex but Tracy still limited him to dry humphs and smooches. He was dying to get into her pussy. He took matters into his own hands one night.

Tracy had finished grinding him and was sitting on the bed putting her clothing in order. He was supposed to do the same but instead, he pulled down his briefs and his eight inches hard dick sprang out. Tracy’s mouth fell apart before an excuse could escape her lips, Frank pulled out a condom and encased his dick in it.

She had lost this fight. Not only was she hungry for his dick, but she also had zero excuses to refuse him.

She sat there and watched him come between her thigh with both in each of his arms. His eyes were filled with lust and she could see it. She shifted her already-wet panties to the side and helped his sheathed dick inside her pussy. It sawed through her smoothly. Her eyes almost got lost in her head. Stroke after stroke saw her sucking and licking his nipples.

Her palms caressed his egg-sized abs and she moaned into his chest. It felt like he was ripping her pussy apart and he was bringing out the real hoe in her. Her legs entwined on his ass helping him to dig deeper into her pussy.

Nothing changed between them after the sex. He didn’t disrespect her or act out of character, they continued to dry hump and smooch but he stopped asking for sex. It worried Tracy. Did she do terribly or did he not enjoy sex with her? What happened to all that enthusiasm? While Frank’s interest cooled, Tracy was hungry for his dick and her hunger was terrible.

More frustrations because the doctor became constantly around during night shifts and they had many patients to take care of. She was getting frustrated by the entire theme and when she saw Frank smiling with another older nurse, she almost lost her head.

She wasn’t jealous but she hated to think that someone was cock blocking her. Tracy played all her cards and started to do touching more than Frank started it. She would walk past him and spank his ass, grab his dick, and if time permitted her, she would let his dick harden with her touch. She teased him endlessly and soon he started to try having sex with her again.

She was ready anytime but work was denying them chances. A silver lining appeared from Tracy even though it was a risky one, she jumped at it.

That fateful night, they had just finished surgery in the theatre and needed to move the patient to another ward.

Tracy asked other personnel to leave the cleaning of the theatre to her and Frank while they took a break from work. Everyone happily agreed. The moment the last person stepped out and the door slammed shut, Tracy rushed Frank and kissed him on the lips.

He didn’t waste time peeling her clothes off her shoulders and having one of her nipples sucked into his mouth. His other hand squeezed her other boob. She enjoyed him touching her but she wanted something else and she wanted it fast.

She turned and presented her pussy to him, holding onto the bed. He told her he had no condom.

She couldn’t care less, she asked him to hit it raw. He didn’t ask her twice before sinking his eight inches into her pussy. She buried her screams in the mattress as Frank stroked her harder than the first time they had sex. His eight inches were reaching depths she had no idea could be touched and he still would not let her boobs out of his hands.

He squeezed them with no mercy. Someone was knocking on the door but Frank’s dick was knocking her pussy harder, she turned her face back in a silent plea for him to cum soon. He continued to hammer her pussy deeper making her ass go pum pum pum.

After jets of cum sprayed her pussy walls they both crashed into the mattress. The doctor was waiting at the door with an angry face and folded arms as they got up. They quickly put their clothes in order and followed him to his office.

Frank was given a two weeks suspension from the spot and after making a series of complaints that Tracy Left the big fishes that could have secured her easier life and promotions for a small boy, he asked her for the last time if she was willing to let him have sex with her.

She thought of it for a while and said no. The man looked away and asked Tracy to pick up a letter from the secretary.

She didn’t bother, she just left the building she knew she’d been fired.

Written by Reezy Sama

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