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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E03) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E03) [18+]

School, the next school day showed Kunle what it meant to be a star player on the team. Everyone was nicer to him, even Tiffany was trying to get his attention.

From what he heard, the team won that match because Kunle stopped the other team from scoring and also released his teammates from their defensive duties. He was the one-man army. Coach Rob won’t stop praising him in class and on the court.

More people were looking up to Kunle now and he could not let them down anymore. His pores breathed sweat on the court during training and after everyone had left, he’d practice shooting alone so he won’t be laughed at when he missed.

His friend Mate would sit and cheer him on till he finished with his training. Every time he looked at Nate, it was a bit funny. Would Nate remain his best friend if he finds out that he slept with his mom? That was doubtful. Kunle felt no form of guilt, he didn’t rape her.

She came to him and asked for it. He had slept with his aunt and cousins, what other lines were there to cross? Nate’s mum had no man and wanted a nice time, he provided it and that was it. Even though Kunle did all his thinking to clarify that he didn’t do wrong, he felt he still owed Little Nate.

How best would he make it up to Nate than to make sure he gets an invite to the hottest girl in school’s birthday party? He wondered why they bullied him so much. They added “Little” to his name because he looked smaller than the rest of the class but aside from that, Nathaniel was an ok person, intelligent and cute in his way.

He was never picked for the basketball team because of his height and not being on the basketball team meant not being popular with the girls. Kunle finished his training session sweating and gestured to Nate. Nate picked up the ball, and Kunle took the rest of the kits as they walked side by side out of the Gym.

Tiffany was on her way out too, most likely just finished changing from her cheer costume. Kunle hollered at her and swaggered with his friend to where she stopped.

The way they walked looked so cool and Tiffany almost broke a smile but immediately after she saw Little Nate, the smile vanished. “I impressed on the court the other day and I’ve been waiting for you to fulfil your end of the bargain, you haven’t, so I’m here to collect”, Kunle said in the smoothest black American accent he could muster.

Tiffany finally broke into laughter but straightened up almost immediately.

“You don’t have to walk around with this baggage every time yunno, you have no idea the number of opportunities you have been missing because you walk around with a side piece”, Tiffany said, loud enough for Nate to hear.

Kunle took a quick look at his friend, the boy’s face had fallen, he instantly made it clear to Tiffany that he won’t let her or anyone disrespect his friend in his presence and if Nathaniel did not get an invite to go to her party, he wouldn’t be coming too.
A hush fell between the three of them then Tiffany turned to leave. Nate looked at his friend with a teary eye,” you didn’t have to do that for me”, he said but Kunle kept his eyes on Tiffany.

She went into a car parked in front of the school. Immediately she got in, the driver’s mirror wound down a little. A white woman with transparent glasses peeped at him and Nate. Tiffany came back out to her former position. She handed the invite to Nate whilst looking at Kunle.

Please, make sure you don’t walk with Kunle all through the party, be your own man sometimes. She said mockingly before walking away swinging her hips from side to side.

“Which of those boys is your boyfriend?” the woman in the car asked as Tiffany got back in. “Jesus! Mom!” Tiffany hollered as her mother laughed and put the car in the ignition.

Kunle and Nate laughed their way home. He was happy someone stood up for him and he had gotten an invite to an exclusive party. Kunle was such a nice friend. He did everything in his power to get his friend ready for the Quarter Finals coming up.

He’s there watching Kunle practice, showing Kunle how to shoot better. Other times, he gears up too and they play one-a-side. He always amazed Kunle with his speed and ball-handling skills, the only hope Kunle had against little Nate was stopping his shots before they ended up in the basket.

He wondered why Nate was not on the basketball team.

The boy was good enough to start mates for the team and he would play a key role. Maybe he should tell the coach. The Quarterfinal match was more packed than the last round. It seemed like more parents came out to watch this time.

He should feel jittery or nervous, but Kunle had gone through numerous scenarios that had toughened him up. He was a starter today, the coach won’t play the former centre ahead of dazzling Kunle. He wasn’t going to let Coach Rob down now.

He took the bull by the horn and over two halves, Kunle put in a man-of-the-match display.

Everybody was on their feet giving Kunle a standing ovation for his display. He didn’t score any points but restricted his opponents to scoring just 10 points the whole game. Coach Rob gave him a tight hug like he was the prodigal son, he was just happy that he had registered Kunle for the team. Kunle and Nate were treated to champagne again by Nate’s mum. It wasn’t enough this time.

Mrs James Handed her car key to Nate and asked that the boys go get more alcohol from the supermarket five blocks away. Nate had his license already and it was a quick ride. They made a quick purchase and headed back.

It was not a nice ride home, a police car tailed them immediately after they left the supermarket, and not long after, it overtook them and made them pull over. Both of them were asked to step out of the car and were tested. It was surprising that Kunle was the only one to fail the alcohol test and Nate was asked to go home.

Kunle was horrified, he had heard a lot about police brutality against blacks, especially males, was he about to be a victim? The police officers, a male, and a female with glasses. The male persuaded Nate to go home and come back with a lawyer or an adult while the female officer asked Kunle to put his hands behind his back as she cuffed him.

Kunle shivered as he was led away to the back seat of a police car. His uncle was not around, he didn’t have a phone, and his parents were not around. The only hope he had now was Nate and his mother. He was sure Nate would do his all and his mom would do everything in her power too but still, his mind was not at peace as his family wasn’t there, something seemed off.

He kept looking back hoping to see Mrs James’ car in tandem, but nothing. It was a hellish ride for Kunle, the officers weren’t saying anything aside from calling codes into their walkie-talkies and saying “OVER!”

The two officers walked with Kunle in their middle into the police station. It was his first time there, he had never been to a police station before. His fears increased as they put him in an empty, well-lit cell. After staying in the cell for about an hour, Mrs James and Nate still were yet to arrive but he had calmed down.

He drank alcohol but he wasn’t driving, and he has his friend as a witness, everything will be alright in the morning. The male police officer came for him and led him to the interrogation room where the female police officer was waiting. She looked vaguely familiar.

Kunle Sat as calmly as he could, trying to remember where he had met this woman with glasses. “I will be asking you simple questions and I would be needing simple answers, your answers would determine how soon you would be going home”, the police officer said, halting Kunle’s train of thoughts.

They were alone now, the male officer had left. I have information from a credible source that you have a Big dick and you are an expert at using it, is that true or false? Kunle was taken off guard, how did getting drunk for drinking alcohol lead to interrogation about his dick and sexual prowess.

“Y-Yes ma”, he answered nevertheless. Let me see it, she said, getting off her seat and walking towards Kunle. He wondered who could have told this woman about him and his dick. Slowly, his belt came off, he undid his zipper and slid his boxers down. His dick stood between himself and the policewoman, half erect.

She grabbed his dick lightly and walked back to her seat pulling Kunle behind her. Kunle just followed watching her. She sat, using the tips of her nails to lift Kunle’s dick, checking it out. The way her nails gently grazed Kunle’s dick excited his body and he started getting harder.

When she looked at Kunle, he could see the awe on her face. Kunke had just reached full erection because his dick was grazed by her nails. He knew that look on her face, he was in control now. Without fear in his heart, he asked her to suck his dick.

She quickly jumped at it like she was a servant. It was his first time having his dick sucked by a law enforcement officer, in uniform, in her office. He watched as she swallowed his dick. She looked him in the eyes and continued sucking on his dick. Kunle starts to undo the buttons on her uniform, he dips his hand inside her shirt and pulls out one of her boobs.

She gasped as he fondled her breast in his palm. Kunle loved how smooth her breast felt in his palm. She took her pants off on Kunle’s order, he raised her legs so her feet were on her seat. She still sucked on his dick when she began to feel Kunle’s fingers running over her panties.

She thought he would come in from the top but her panties were swatted to the sides and he started to massage her wet pussy.

The way he ran his fingers over her pussy made her eyes roll, Kunle massaged her hair and planted kisses on her forehead before finally pushing two fingers in her pussy.

Kunle felt her body stiff and her pussy walls closing on his fingers, but she was wet enough for him to slide back out and in. She soon had trouble sucking Kunle’s dick because of the pleasure coming from him fingering her.

He saw that and went on his knees, parted her legs a bit more, and went with his tongue. He did a nice job cleaning all the cum from her pussy with his tongue. She moaned and wailed all through scratching Kunle’s back with her nails.

The moment he got back on his feet, Kunle held the back of her knees on his forearms and pressed his body into her. She grabbed his dick and guided it into her pussy.

It felt like his dick couldn’t go farther, Kunle watched her eyes rolling. He kept it slow. His dick was covered in her cum. Every time she opened more, he pushed in a bit deeper. Without a signal, he started giving her firmer thrusts making her boobs bounce out of her uniform.

She scratched Kunle as she came very hard but he kept at it for another 5 minutes before cumming all over the place.

They slept in the interrogation room till the next day. He was cleaned up and given his things, when he got to the lobby, Nate was waiting there with Mrs James and Uncle Tade.

Written by Reezy Sama

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