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Kb W: ANALysis


LeeMar has become a regular obsession for Daniel, and now she has gone to visit him in LASU. More sex adventure from our favorite fictional couple!

Written by Kb W

It’s the new year already, and now back at school, LASU.

I and LeeMar started dating after the Christmas shenanigan, everything’s going really fine, we talk almost every day and chat every time. That weekend LeeMar promised to visit, Femi my roommate hasn’t resumed yet, he said something’s about Hustling.


When in reality Femo is giving all the area girls back to back. So I went to my barber’s shop got a fresh trim and shaved all the right places, with my beard looking full, dark and well kept. In truth I think that’s why LeeMar loves me.

“Hello Babe, I’m close now just passed Igando” LeeMar said with her beautiful voice 
“Oh A’ight babe, you’d see me at Obadore bus top”  I said 
“Can’t wait to see you Daniel” LeeMar said 
“Well, tell the Uber driver to speed up, I can’t wait too”
That morning I bought 20 liters of petrol, cleaned my room, washed the bathroom and bought foodstuffs.

After hanging up, I  strutted into my apartment, sat on a chair, since the whole parlor is sparsely furnished only a white plastic chair can be seen in the living room and there is just a sound system and a center table, I think that’s all. 

All of the other neighbors are yet to resume including Kemi, which is a good thing, because ever since we had that sex, she has been all up on me, and its almost like we dating or something, yeesh.

After a very quick shower, I changed into a  jogger and a white round neck, went to the bus stop, LeeMar was ecstatic to see me, but no jokes she really is the prettiest I’ve seen, I paid the Uber and we walked back to our hostel, hand in hand.

If I’m being completely honest I’m madly in love with LeeMar like she’s the prettiest, funniest and she has very a nice buttocks, she was wearing a tight jean that showed all her curves and a crop top, LeeMar and crops and she dons it well. when we got to my hostel.

I turned on the generator, made Spaghetti, fried plantain with chicken, she acknowledged I’m a better cook than her tho.

After the meal, we talked about school, friends, awkward moments even love life, at this time she was wearing one of my long shirts , with only her panties underneath, damn, LeeMar knows how to turn on the Hots.

We were watching a movie, occasionally kissing each other, till we couldn’t stop, we moved to be in each others arm and we started kissing real slow, and everything was in perfect sync, no doubt LeeMar is a very good kisser, the way she handled my upper lips with skills and style is beyond your imagination.

As we were kissing, I slipped my hands into her shirt and I fondled her boobs as we kissed, still kissing I started to unbutton her shirt,  now she’s just on her red G string pants and bra. I told her to lie down, started kissing her from the feet, she was giggling still the prettiest laughter I’ve ever heard.

I worked my way up to her knees, kissed her knees from front to back, I raised her legs up and started kissing her from the back, kissing up to her thighs.

I took off her panties using my teeth not after I salivated her pussy with my tongue I sucked on her coochie with the pants still on, at this time she was moaning of excitement already, but I wasn’t in the mood to rush things, after enough nibbles.

I finally got hold of the pants and I slowly took it off, no pants down below, I went back to kissing her lip, after stripping my self naked,  as we kissed , I moved my hands very very faintly over her things, up and down sometimes getting close to her already wet and warm vagina only to move away from it faintly again.

As we kissed she found a way to my already hard, protruding dick, and started wanking me off as we kissed, she’d stop wanking occasionally and just play with my glans(dick cap)

“I want you in my mouth, Daniel” LeeMar said Without wasting much time I laid on my back and she went down to my dick, spat on it, and started jerking me off slowly with her eyes looking directly into, she would kiss my glans, suck it a little, teasing me and making me wait, one hand on my dick, while the other cupped my balls, and then she started sucking me off, slowly at first.

Increasing the pace gradually till she was full throttle on me, making the evergreen Bubbly blowjob sound, after sucking and wanking me off a bit her whole face is covered in spit, cleaned the mess on her face with my white top, and we started kissing again lips on lips.

I was on my back, she laid beside me, told her to come ride me and she obliged, got on me and slowly guided my dick into her wet and warm pussy, letting out a silent moan as I filled up her pussy, my dick was almost the perfect match for her coochie as it fitted into it very well, and she started riding me, moving her hips very slowly and staring straight into my eyes while biting her lower lips.

I started pinching her nipples as she was riding me , now bouncing up and down I was moving my hips too, trying to hit her as she bounces down, she leaned forward to kiss me and I gladly met her lips as I started smashing her from behind going fast really fast. She was running her hands through my hair and the next thing she knew I flipped her into a missionary style position and I started pumping in on LeeMar, trying not to think of the wetness and warmth.

Her nails were in my back now as I smashed slowly into a goodie coochie, she dug her nails into me the pain making me go harder than I had already planned. She was moaning softly into my ear, all this factor the warmth, the wetness and the sound of her moan all contributed as I felt my leg stiffen and the cum build up inside of me as came on in her pussy.

She didn’t push me back or anything instead she pulled me closer, dick still in her warm pussy, I could feel my dick shrink after Cumming in that position we stayed for about 5 mins, just there, me and her and it felt like nothing else in this world mattered, just me my dick, she and her pussy.

Arms in arms, she was running her hands through my hair, holding me closer, at that point I was so weak and she felt like she could protect me, after another 3 minutes I got my strength back pulled out my already shrunk to normal size cock, spread her legs like rumor, proceeded to eat her out.   

I suckled on her clitoris, tongue fucking her occasionally she held my head 

“Ohh yeah like thhhhaaaaat Danieellll, don’t stoooopp” I inserted my finger in,with my lips still sucking her Clitoris, I felt a knobble in her and started twisting and turning, my God was she mad as she started screaming, I could tell she was cumming

“Ooohhhhh my gawwwwddddddd” she screamed as I tasted her pussy juice, not tasting alone made sure I swallowed it too, felt really good. 

At that point, my dick was already coming back to life and I told her to go doggy, and she did, what I did next surprise her as I held her ass crack and proceeded to eating her ass, like I was possessed.

LeeMar is one of the I can’t do anal kinda girl, she had never had anything up there, having felt my wet tongue and lips on her ass, she couldn’t tell me to stop, 

“What are you (ohh aww) doing Daniel” not willing to resist or pull away as I nibbled and ate her asshole, inserting my tongue into her tiny tight asshole 

“Oh my Gaaaawdddd Daniel it feels so gooooodddd” After tongue fucking her asshole, I inserted a finger into her  ass 

“Daniel don’t stooop,  its painful but don’t stoopppp” as I started pumping into her asshole, knowing fully well she’s into it, I salivated my dick” Daniel what are you doing “
“Don’t worry LeeMar just relax yourself babe
“Okay Daniel, I’ve never done this” 

Slowly I guided my dick into her ass, it is very tight as  the walls tightened around my dick, just the tip of my dick first, LeeMar was moaning really loud

“Daniel stop its painful, please stop” she said almost in tears. 

As I tried to pull it out 

“Don’t you dare Daniel, it feels so good” I’m as confused as you are, so I went in gently again, starting with the tip and I slowly fucking the ass, inserting my full dick into her slowly wasn’t long as her ass readjusted to the width of my dick, I could tell now the pain is over.

It’s all pleasure as I started going in slowly, increasing the pace slowly, LeeMar was all shades of crazy now as she was moaning real loud, I inserted a finger into her pussy and I started finger fucking her while my dick was in her ass.

It’s safe to say I’m fucking her in all holes, due to grip of the ass on my dick didn’t take long before I blew my cum to her tight asshole, after the whole rendezvous I just laid next to her, tired and exhausted, Could say the same for her as she cuddled up to me.

LeeMar is a girl I love for real, as she cuddled up on me this time I knew I should protect this girl and I will, I thought as we continued watching the movie we stopped watching earlier…

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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