June 18, 2024

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E04] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E04] (18+)

A couple of days had passed after Grace’s romp with Nurse Tony, but she was still glowing from the orgasm on that hospital bed.

It’s been slow since that days, she’s only seen Mike but he was too busy to have time for her.

Grace thought back to how she met Tony, as her mind drifted to how well he serviced her pussy she felt it tingle. She leaned into the couch slowly running her hands down her blouse, the silky material rubbed nicely against her skin.

Her pussy started to quiver as she looked over to Chief that looked like he was sleeping soundly, she remembered how nice his dick used to feel inside her. Her pussy was quivering and getting wetter with every thought, slowly she pulled her skirt up and spread her legs wide open.

The cool air hit her pussy making her moan quietly, she has gotten so used to not wearing panties and she loved it. She slipped her hands under her blouse to rub her skin up to under her bra, everything felt sensual and she loved the feeling. She cupped her breast in the bra and squeezed, it felt so good how teasing the sensation felt.

Her other hand slipped up her thighs to her pussy that was sopping wet, she played around her folds barely touching her pussy. Her other hand rested on top of the bra sitting on the mould of her breasts, she squeezed ever so lightly enjoying her arousal. Her hands moved lightly on and around her folds, she began to rub her folds ever so slowly.

She began slowly rubbing up and down and folds, feeling her juices beginning to pool around her clit and opening. It felt so good having the room all to herself, the senator wasn’t expecting any visitors till the weekend when the family would come visiting.

Grace already memorized the nurses and cleaners schedules so no one was going to be interrupting her time to herself. She thought about how long it’s been since she pleasured herself while slipping a finger into her sopping opening and then swirling the wet finger around her clit, grace continued to swirl her wet finger in a circle around her clit occasionally going up and down her labia.

Her breathing got faster as her body relaxed into the couch. With a little difficulty, she reached around her back and expertly unhooked her bra before slipping her hand under her bra cups to cup her breast.

Her nipples were already hard and she moaned sweetly as she rolled the hard nipple between her fingers. She wished there was a mouth around her nipples and the thought was enough to send a shiver through her body.

Grace increased the pace of the circular motion on her clit, her hips pumping up, she rubbed her folds feeling how wet she had gotten. Grace rubbed up and down, back and forth slicking up her fingers before slipping two fingers inside her quivering hole. She let herself moan out loud as she started to pump her fingers in and out faster, her hips moved to match her movement making her palm rub against her clit as she squeezed her breast softly.

Grace curved her fingers inside her moving them till she grazed the spongy knob inside her, as her fingers hit her G-spot, it felt like the pleasure overtook her as her hips movement got more frantic.

She had planned to prolong her sweet self-love but her body had other plans. An intense swell of tension began to build as moved aggressively against her fingers, the pressure built with the friction on her clit.

The pleasure that was running through her body was almost unbelievable, it’s been so long since she brought herself so much pleasure that she forgot how good it felt touching herself.

The pressure built higher and higher till it suddenly exploded spreading sweet heat from inside her through every part of her body, her limbs felt like they were run through by electricity as they tingled sweetly.

Waves after waves of pleasure crashed through her body as she relaxed into the chair breathing with her mouth open, her pussy quivered uncontrollably and her juices flowed freely rolling down her ass cheeks.

She thought her eyes would roll back into her head as she struggled to catch her breath, she half laid there riding the high of her orgasm with her hands still resting on her mould and her breast.

She traced lazy circles around her clit enjoying the little spasms it made her feel and how her pussy walls would clench up and release like they were gripping an invisible finger.

She was in a sweet state of ecstasy that she didn’t hear the knock on the door or its opening and getting shut again.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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