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Ge tting Even : The Plot Thickens [Part 4] by Sixtie_9ine (18+)


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Ge tting Even : The Plot Thickens [Part 4] by Sixtie_9ine (18+)

“Good morning! ” Muna said when she greeted me Saturday morning with a quick kiss.

As we ran we talked about many different things as we usually did, but we didn’t touch the subject of ‘us’, and I felt a weird vibe.

After running a few miles. When we stopped for a quick drink as we had our water bottles with us. My shorts were drenched and clung tightly to the bulge between my legs. Muna must have noticed, as I observed her leggings hugging her camel toe.

After running around the estate, I asked her if she was up for another run around the estate. She said, ‘Let’s do it!’ So I picked up the pace and we took off together.

When we were done, I was overjoyed and told her how proud I was. Without thinking I wrapped my arm around her sweat-soaked waist and kissed her cheek, and we walked arm in arm till we got to my place. I had invited her for a swim at my place when I told her about my indoor swimming pool and she was eager to see it.

Muna went into the house to change. I entered the pool area, peeled off my shirt, shoes and socks and jumped into the pool wearing only my running shorts. I swam and paddled around a little, enjoying the feel of the cool water on my hot skin, easing my spent satisfaction after a hard run. 

I took off my shorts, wrung them out in my hands, and placed them on the floor at the tip of the pool, where I could easily retrieve them to put them back on. After a couple more laps I swam over to the pool steps and sat on the bottom step in the chest-high water and relaxed.

In a few minutes, she came out. She looked like a model in a sleek one-piece black, backless swimsuit that accentuated all of her curves. Without looking at me she dove into the deep end where I was.

She came up for air and looked at me for the first time. With a mischievous smile, she slid her hands over her shoulders, freeing them from the straps of her swimsuit. With her hands submerged and a twist and turn of her body she removed her bathing suit and threw it over by the towel rack. We were both now naked in my pool.

She swam over and we embraced and without hesitation, her mouth covered mine with her tongue leading the way. Her arms surrounded me and I manoeuvred her onto the step beside me. 

Facing each other, kissing deeply and with my hands exploring her, I wrapped my legs around her and pulled her as close as I could. I felt her breasts against my chest and the contour of her sweet ass in my hands. Her hand grabbed my dick, which was fast getting erect.

“I thought about this all week!” she murmured.

“I think about it all the time!” I replied.

“Move up here,” I said softly and lifted her up to sit on the top step, the surface of the water just below her waist.

With a mind of its own, my mouth explored Muna’s neck and shoulders, and she sighed loudly when I reached her breasts. 

Her nipples, already erect from the water, grew harder between my teeth and she moaned when I sucked them into my mouth.

I felt Muna’s grip around my hardening cock.

I lowered myself before her, kissing her breasts, her stomach, her navel. I put my hands on her ass and lifted, and with her, groomed pussy right at the water line, I buried my face into her.

“Oh, fuck Tobi!” she moaned.

My mouth explored her eager, waiting pussy and I sucked on her lips and split them with my tongue. I squeezed her ass cheeks and sucked her swollen clit into my mouth.

“Oh, fuck…”

Her hands clutched my head and she pushed her pussy into my face and her clit delved deeper into my mouth. She groaned as my lips massaged her.

I looked up at Muna and she had a serious, concentrated look on her face like she was deep in a trance. She rocked back and forth, to and fro, over and over, fucking my face. Then her body quaked, and she shook and shivered from head to toe and she let out a scream as her orgasm hit.

“Oh my days, fuck Tobi…”

Next, she pulled me up to her. She sucked my tongue deep into her mouth and wrapped her fingers around my erect dick. 

“I’ve never been sucked like that!” she said with a hiss. 

“I’ve never cum so hard!”

“Call me the cunnilingus master!” I said.

“I want you inside,” Connie said.

“What, inside the house?” I asked.

“No! Inside me jur!” she hissed, and pulled my erect dick into her waiting hole.

I penetrated her pussy and I was taken to another realm. Fucking her in the pool was magical. I pumped her, aiming for the back of her, but holding her ass carefully in my hands to elevate her above the surface of the steps, not wanting to hurt her. She wrapped my neck with her arms, buried her tongue in my mouth, and swung herself into me, absorbing my length with every thrust.

We were fucking like pornstars. She moaned when I slipped my middle finger into her ass for a better handle, and I felt the hot, firm pressure of her asshole. I wiggled my finger deeper inside her and she squeezed her ass in reply.

With the electric energy of a tornado my orgasm hit me, and with multiple expulsions came in Muna’s pussy.

“Let’s go into the house,” Muna said after a few minutes. “I have another job for my handyman.”

“You do?” I asked.

“Yes. In your bedroom.”

“I want to suck your dick,” Muna said.

It felt like a dream. We went into the house and headed for my bedroom. She pushed me onto the bed and immediately took most of my dick in her mouth and I massaged her scalp with my fingers, pulling her head close and easing as much dick into her mouth as I could. 

I arched my back and gently swayed my groin in an effort to feel as much of her mouth as I could face fucking her.

She used her mouth excellently, firmly wrapped around my swollen dick, blowing me like a saxophone. She said it had been a while, and she definitely enjoyed having cock in her mouth.

Soon her body was on mine and as she rammed her tongue into my mouth she took my wet dick into her wet pussy. Up and down on top of me, she moved, in and out, fucking me, and the room filled with the sounds of our groans, the creaking bed and the wet slapping of our organs. My new lover fucked like a goddess.

“God, I needed this!” Muna said when she took her mouth off mine, still fucking. “Throughout the whole run this morning, I was thinking about this!”

She let out a high-pitched ‘Oh God!’, and I felt her warm, wet rush flowing out of her, soaking my balls and thighs. I rolled on top of her as she shrieked and I pounded my dick into her, thrust after thrust until I felt my cum rise up and catapult into her, spasm after spasm. When we were down from the mountains of our climax, we lay together, kissing, and feeling our bodies.

“Hold me,” she said. “I want to feel your arms around me.”

I scooted close and she turned her back and I was behind her, arms wrapped around and spooning her. Soon my hands were wandering over her body and my mouth was kissing her ears and neck and shoulders. She cooed with my kisses and my dick grew hard again against the crack of her ass. 

I felt her arm move back around her body and her hand found my dick. Her weight shifted slightly and her legs spread just enough so that she could guide me into her warm, wet pussy. My right hand found her clit, and her fingers joined mine, directing, teaching me how she liked it. 

Her hand on top of mine, we massaged her love button together, as I fucked her from behind.

We fucked for a few minutes as I kissed her neck and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Then we both came once more, and by then we both realized that our bodies were spent, from running, from fucking, and from not having eaten anything.

We showered and then I got dressed and drove Muna home so she could freshen up then we went out to an eatery for lunch and see a movie afterwards. Now that we were lovers there was no tension and conversation flowed easily and was full of laughs and sexual innuendo and the things we were going to do to each other in bed. 

After lunch, she leaned over and said to me softly that she wanted to go home because she wanted to go down on me again and she wanted me to come in her mouth. Of course, we ditched our movie plans and headed straight home.

I spent the rest of the weekend with her and most of it was spent making love in various ways. Muna was truly a goddess and her pussy, captivating and addictive.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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