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Federal Republic of Lily: Road to Erotic House Party [Part 3] (18+)


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Federal Republic of Lily: Road to Erotic House Party [Part 3] (18+)

I turned my head slightly to the side and saw two of the audience members stroking their dicks, the first man, l walked up and I opened my mouth, his dick was smaller but fitted my mouth.

I pushed down till I had all of him at the back of my throat, I pulled back my head pulling a string of saliva along. The moaning sounds he made, made me do it again holding on a little longer. For some reason I wanted to do my best to please Mr X, I sucked the rest of the men off just as hard, deep throating their dicks till saliva ran down the side of my mouth, I bopped my head slow and fast listening to their moans.

I fucked them all as hard as I could with my mouth. I felt Mr X hands rubbing my ass as I sucked off the last guy, when I stopped to turn around and look at him he spanked me hard. I got the message and continued sucking the man’s dick.

Mr X massaged the spot where he spanked me as I bopped my head fast up and down the man’s dick. Mr X sat on the chair still massaging my ass, I felt his hand slip into my excited pussy, he circled around avoiding my clit and slit. He lifted me up slightly and slid under me, the anticipation of his dick impaling me was driving me crazy so I focused on the dick in my mouth.

Slowly he lowered me down on his dick, I moaned as my inside clenched on his dick. He pushed deeper into me till he was fully lodged inside me, he reached out and grabbed my boobs squeezing lightly, his fingers in between my nipples he squeezed hard while the other guy pushed deeper into my throat.

He started to thrust into me, the two dicks pushing fast and hard into me on both ends was driving to the edge. I wanted to grab something, scratch something but my restrains dig painfully into my wrist as I pulled. I was so close it felt like I was going to combust, my pussy gripped his dick tightly.

As I was about to explode Mr X lifted me off him. My cries of frustration were muffled by the dick in my mouth. The man held my face and pumped hard and fast into my mouth before cumming hard into my mouth, I tried to swallow but some of his warm cum dripped out of the corner of my mouth.

“Lift yourself up” Mr X commanded

I lifted myself as far as my restraints would let me, Mr X slid under me, I looked into his eyes as I straddled him. I sat slowly on his dick but he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down his length making me cry out as his dick stretched me.

“Kiss me” he commanded

I leaned down and kissed him sensually, he claimed my lips kissing me hard. He started thrusting into me our lips locked in an intense battle. I felt hands on my back, boobs, and ass as Mr x thrust steadily into me. The air suddenly smelled like strawberries, I felt cold wet fingers on my asshole making me moan into Mr X’s mouth.

The finger circled the puckered hole exciting me further, I knew what would come next and wanted it. The finger slipped into my tight asshole with plop making me moan and kiss Mr X harder. The finger went in deeper making me want to moan out but Mr X held my head in place.

The finger got withdrawn and replaced with two very wet fingers as soon as the fingers were taken out they were replaced with the tip of a dick. I inhaled sharply as the man behind me pushed his cock slowly into my asshole, I relaxed allowing him access to my tight hole

“Oh fuck” I moaned as the man behind me slipped into my asshole

The feeling of having two dicks inside of me was overwhelming, he started to move making me moan louder. The pleasure and pain searing through me was driving me crazy, it was all I could feel like all the nerves on my body was focused on the dicks moving inside me.

A hand pulled my face to the side, I opened my mouth and he pushed his dick into my mouth,all my holes were filled and I loved it. He held my head as he pumped into my mouth hard making me gag, the other men slammed harder into my other holes, I could feel my entire body tingle as they moved inside me.

The man in my mouth grunted as he pushed in deeper and shot warm cum down my throat, the man behind me was mumbling incoherently as he pushed deeper into me, he grunted as he shot cum deep inside me. I cried out as I felt my orgasm threaten to explode, Mr X grabbed my throat and squeeze lightly as he pumped faster into me.

“Cum with me” Mr X said as he slammed hard into me.  My eyes rolled into my head as the pleasure ripped through me, I cried out as my body caught fire, I trembled hard my entire body quaking with my orgasm.

“You are a good girl” I heard Mr X say before I blacked out.

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