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FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 8) [18+]


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FATI SPINOFF: Iya Fati (Episode 8) [18+]

She turned her phone off immediately not wanting to know what her friend would think of the video she sent because as her mother had explained, people would turn against her when they found out her condition and since she had faced something like that earlier in her life with Kayode and Muinah especially keeping mute and not mustering any sort of support for her. 

She understood that her friend could also change after that video and although Afua had always expressed that she was looking for someone with her abilities she still did think there would be bad consequences for the video she had sent out. 

She went to the shop that day feeling dejected and not turning her phone on. In the night, she locked herself in the room and turned her phone on, ready to face everything that would come with the video she sent out earlier.

Surprisingly, Afua had sent her the sluttiest voice note ever. In it, she shamelessly professed her love for Seun’s big dick and explained how she would love to have it in her mouth sucking on it till Seun cums in her mouth then she would proceed to sit on the dick and ride it till Seun no longer had any sperm to release. 

The voice note made her smile, she was excited all around, and ever her dick shared from the excitement as it hardened from hearing the plans that were on the ground for them. The only thing out of place was that Afua was out of the country for some job and would not be around for the month. The friends spent their mornings having nude video calls with Afua using dildos and one time, a cucumber to show Seun how she would ride her dick. 

Life had suddenly gotten better for her and she just could not wait for her friend to return and fulfill all the sexual and financial promises she made her.

She did not have to think of Fati much anymore. She just let her be and was hoping for her future. The only problem she had was that Fati would catch on when Afua came back and her – Seun, had a change in her life. 

For the fact that she had always punished Fati over promiscuity, she did not feel it would be okay for Fati to see her going down that lane or even realizing that she has a dick. Regardless, when it was time to shine, it was time to shine. A few days after Afua’s return, Fati fell pregnant and it was a miracle for Seun who quickly saw it as an excuse to part ways with Fati and return her to her real sister. 

She did not punish her at all, she just tossed her to Muinah who was still barren.

Once Afua returned, Seun resumed work. She moved away from her old house and lived in a lush apartment that Afua secured for her. On their first night in the new place, they drank alcohol to loosen up and as promised, Afua sucked Seun’s dick till she came in her mouth and she swallowed it all before coming up to suck her nipples. 

Seun could not believe how much she had missed having her dick used. Afua was the proper slut she needed to get all those years of sexual inactivity out of the way. As Afua sucked on Seun’s nipples, she still had her hand on her dick and continued to jerk its hardness. She nearly worshipped the dick. Seun also started to feel her teen self return as she took control and bent Afua over on the bed and started to fuck her friend. 

She could not get over Afua’s moans. It had been long since she made anybody moan. She did not cum easily and she turned her friend over to fuck her missionary where they stared into each other’s faces with Afua begging with a teary tone that she wanted to be fucked harder. 

Seun took out pity and pushed her dick as deep as it could go in Afua’s pussy making her friend burst into tears and with those tears, she begged Seun not to stop. Her pleas were coming so rapidly that Seun understood that Afua was getting closer to a loud orgasm and so she went harder. 

All of a sudden, Afua’s pussy pushed Seun’s dick out and the lady squirted in the loudest orgasms Seun had ever seen.  

Afua spent the next minutes vibrating on the bed as Seun was busy wanking for her release. It took her quite some time for her to reach the point she wanted and as she started to cum, everything was dumped on Afua’s boobs. 

They lay in each other’s hands and drifted off to sleep. When they woke, they discussed their arrangements on how Afua would help Seun secure rich gigs for men and women who needed her services but Seun would always be available to her – Afua. They lived happily from then but Iya Fati missed her adopted daughter. 

She decided she would go and check on Fati and maybe bring her back and ease her into the new life she lived. She did not think Fati would oppose a life full of sex and money as Fati had been giving sex out for free and knowing they all had it in them – all the sisters, it should not be hard. 

She had a lot of hope for Fati and that was why she was pissed beyond limits when she realized that Fati was pregnant again and this time for her sister’s husband.

She would have taken Fati and aborted the pregnancy but fears over the Fertility issues made her leave that option and return to the City empty-handed and sorry for leaving Fati behind. She resumed her new life like she never left and started racking up body counts. 

She never appreciated her body better than she did at this stage in her life. She was getting paid to fuck women in their pussy and assholes. They were mostly lesbians and she was rare. She fucked men too in their assholes. 

Some would suck her nipples as she fucked their ass hole. The subs would kneel and do whatever she asked like lick her ass hole and suck her dick before she fucked them. She soon gained notoriety and was named the “Iron Woman” because she has loads of stamina and would always not cum without fucking her partners into many orgasms.

Seun would always pick girls that she would fuck when Afua wanted her to fuck one of her girls for her to watch them as entertainment and Afua would pay her friend for these shows. She wants her girls to enjoy and experience the Iron Woman. 

Many of them were waiting in line when Afua started to hype up Fati for Seun claiming the real is a real talent and the Iron Woman would enjoy having sex with her. Of course, Iya Fati felt it could be her Fati but she doubted it. When Fati was eventually brought in she was happy within herself that Fati had trodden the path she wanted and found her way to the top too. After the three of them had sex, she and Fati ended up in the bathroom and Fati asked the question about who was the better fuck between herself and Muinah.

That was a real head-scratcher as she had fucked Muinah just once but they had made out many times which were all mind-blowing. Also, knowing how hard Kayode fucks and Muinah being able to cope with his fucks easily shows that Muinah is that damn good. 

Fati on the other hand was caught fucking a remote, she confessed to fucking Tony, Mr. Kolade her teacher, and Theo. Also, she had fucked Fati just once too.

She stood there in the shower thinking about the situations regarding the sexual prowess of her sisters and tried to pick who was the bigger slut. Something wet coming up her shaft invaded her thoughts. Looking down, it was Fati, the slut already had her dick in her mouth and was already sucking it with her small hands rubbing the shaft and her testicles. 

She knew just one person who was like that. It was MUINAH! She sighed before breaking a smile and pushing her dick deep into Fati’s throat to see if she could deepthroat like their other sister. 

She smiled and pushed Fati down. She tried to get back up but she pushed her back and the girl did not resist already knowing her sister was ready to fuck her again. Seun pushed her long dick inside Fati’s slimy pussy and sighed in contention loving how her pussy grabbed her dick. 

She whispered in Fati’s ear that they needed to bring Muinah over to know who fucked better before she started fucking Fati’s pussy hard. 

The rest of the girls and Madam Afua were at the door listening and giggling to Fati’s moans coming out of the restroom.

The end

Written by Reezy Sama

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