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April 18, 2021

Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake IX (18+)
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Edymaniac: Christmas Shenanigans with Aunty Folake IX (18+)

With that, she pulled him in towards her, her warm breath firing his torched libido even more as she planted tender little kisses all over his face. He ran both of his hands up the front of her dress, filling his hands once more with her magnificent breasts. He hefted and squeezed them, amazed at the size and weight of them. Just touching those breasts after all the years of dreaming about them sent another pulse of steaming blood right to his already rock-hard cock.

At the same time, he felt the muscles inside her tight cunt working, sending a rippling massage down the length of his rigid prick as she gently rocked her hips, welcoming the hard thick invader into her simmering depths. She was working it so well that Jide was afraid he was going to cum right then and there.

Fortunately, she drew her face back from his and looked into his eyes as she said, “Now, sweetheart, nice and slow, but don’t stop.”

Jide felt his heart swell with excitement as he planted his feet firmly. He let go of her breasts and reached down, putting his hands beneath her knees and raising her legs high. He could see the naughty look of desire on her face as she let him do with her as he wished.

His hands slid further down her legs, his fingers circling her ankles. He lifted her feet up and apart, the draping panels of red silk falling away until she was spread open, her high heels pointing at the ceiling.

“Get ready, I’m gonna make you scream with this,” Jide said as he started to flex forward. Both of them looked down as he forced his cock deeper, the hot wet tissues inside her finally yielding, bathing his thrusting erection with their oily juices as they surrendered to the upcoming onslaught.

“OH…” his aunty gasped loudly as she watched those last four inches disappear, the tight flesh inside her reluctantly parting as he went deeper, and deeper still until the blunt head of his bone-hard erection bumped up against the gates of her womb, his waist pressed tight against her pussy.

That teasing touch of the tip of the crown against her cervix was like a finger pulling the trigger.

“OH FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK…” Jide’s aunty shrieked loudly as a mind-numbing climax shot through her. He continued to hold her legs wide apart as she came, her backside shifting frantically on the little table as she gyrated through her orgasm, her whole body shaking and quivering as she came, her eyes closed in bliss as she gasped for air.

As she squirts all over his groin, he rolled his hips, stirring her insides, making it even better for her as every long thick inch of his buried cock rubbed lustfully along her tight pussy walls. She reached down and grasped the edge of the table, her grip so hard that her knuckles became numb.

She came for a long time, and when the intense sensations started to ebb away, Jide slowly drew backwards, glancing down at the shiny coating of juices on his throbbing cock. Overwhelmed with excitement himself, he waited until he could see everything except the engorged crown, the gripping muscles inside her telling him she wasn’t letting go as she clamped down on him possessively. With a flex of his hips, he sent the thrusting rod deep once more, the hot tissues inside her steaming pussy paving the way to her cervix.

“OH…NOT AGAIN NNNN…” she called out as another shattering orgasm ripped through her. She was spasming and shaking like crazy as she came for the second time in a row, but Jide knew they were just getting started. Setting his feet firmly in place and with his hands holding her legs spread out wide, he started hammering it into her.

The table was rocking and the mirror on the wall behind her was shaking, but Jide didn’t care. The intense sensations he was feeling from having his cock inside his aunty after all these years of fantasizing about it had him losing control. He drove it balls-deep with each vigorous thrust, knowing she could take it.

“YES…YES…OH FUCK…YESSSSSS,” she screamed as another climax raced through her twitching body. She was covered with sweat, but he could see that she was blissfully happy, her eyes glowed with lust as she let the luxurious sensations of one orgasm after another roll through her. Just watching her like that was enough to trip Jide over the edge. He felt his balls draw up and he slammed the full length into her, bottoming out at the precise moment his cock started to shoot.

“OH MY GODDDDD…” she groaned low in her throat as she started to shake, climaxing again at the same time as her nephew. Jide was beside himself, his body wracked with luxurious sensations he had only dreamed of. He was totally pouring himself into her as he came, flooding her insides as he totally unloaded. As his cock continued to throb and spit, he could feel those wonderful muscles inside her hot mature cunt working their magic, pulling at his spewing cock to force out as much hot semen as he could give her.

They came together for what seemed like a minute before the intensity started to dwindle, leaving both of them gasping and breathless.

“Oh Jide, that was incredible,” his aunty said lovingly as he lowered her legs down towards the floor. She finally let go of the edge of the table and reached forward for him, her hands circling his neck as she pulled him in for a kiss. This kiss was different, it wasn’t the torrid savage kiss they had a few minutes ago in the heat of passion. This kiss was tender, caring, loving, the kiss of lovers, which both of them knew they had just become.

In that blissful instant when they came together, they had passed that taboo barrier, going from aunty and nephew to lovers. And the tenderness of that kiss, the pure heart-swelling love that he felt for her, and that he could tell she felt too, told him that they both wanted more, a lot more. They held and caressed each other as they kissed, exploring each other’s bodies as he kept his prick buried inside her.

“Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to do that?” she whispered as she nipped at his earlobe.

“Not as long as I have,” he replied, running his hand up the front of her chest and cupping one gigantic breast.

“It looks like we both wanted something we thought we could never have,” she continued. “But now that we’ve started, I don’t want to ever stop.”

“Neither do I.”

“Here, baby, there’s something I’ve wanted to do forever,” she said as she pushed him back slightly. Jide got it and gently flexed backwards, his cock coming out of her in a noisy slippery rush. They both looked down as a thick strand of cloudy white semen spewed from her pussy, the creamy ribbon of sperm gathering and pooling on the table beneath her.

“Oh my god, look at all that cum. I love it,” she said as she looked down between her widely-spread thighs.

His aunty couldn’t seem to control herself, dropping to her knees right in front of him. His semi-hard cock stood out from between the tails of his shirt perpendicular to his body, the long thick shaft shining with their combined juices.

His aunty swooped in and gobbled it up, taking the glistening knob into her mouth and starting to suck. She sucked for a few seconds before pulling her mouth off and taking a long swipe up the lengthy shaft, licking up a silvery ribbon of sperm that grew into a puddle on her tongue. At the same time, she slid her hands up the front of his powerful thighs, her red-tipped fingernails scratching lightly around the shaven base of his cock.

“Oh yeah. Eat it, eat all of that cum. That’s just the start. You’re gonna get so much more of that medicine before we’re done.” He was thrilled to hear the needy little whimper that came from her throat as she continued sucking and licking, lapping up every creamy drop of their combined juices.

He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair. With his fingers holding her head, he moved her eagerly working mouth up and down and all along his glistening cock as she licked him clean, drawing clumps of sperm and her own creamy nectar deep into her belly. Jide loved what she was doing, but he wanted to continue it upstairs, in her bed, her marital bed, the bed he dreamed about fucking her in forever. He reluctantly pulled her sucking mouth off his cock, her pursed lips coming off his prick with an audible “Pop!”

“C’mon, it’s time to go upstairs, where we can do this properly.”

“Just a second, I don’t want to let this go to waste.” He watched as his aunty turned on her knees and started licking up the puddle of cum that had splashed out of her onto the table. He smiled as he watched her press the flat paddle of her broad tongue into the murky pool of spunk and drag it across the surface, sucking it up noisily at the same time. She made nasty wet sucking sounds as she drew the wads of semen into her mouth. It took a few swipes, but she wouldn’t get up until she had it all.

“I love the taste of your cum,” she said as she looked up at him and swallowed, her eyes gleaming with arousal. “While we’ve got this time together, I want to swallow as much of it as I can.”

Jide smiled and gave a little bow. “As I said, Milady, I’m here to serve in any way I can. I’ll give you as many doses of medicine as you can take.”

Helping her to her feet, he slid his hand around her slim waist as they made their way up the stairs. Once they were in the large master bedroom, he pulled off his tie and all but tore off his shirt, anxious to get at his aunty once more.

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