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#DearOniranu This Final Year Student Made it Rain (18+)


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#DearOniranu This Final Year Student Made it Rain (18+)

So I was a victim of rape back in secondary school, which made sex a no no for me, I detested guys or let me say men, Years past all my toasters got fed up thinking I was a lesbian it was fun to me though because it made me chase men a lot, coming from someone who had her first sex experience through rape.

So I gained admission into school, UNIBEN. Everywhere fine-fine guys but it didn’t change anything, my friends were fed up introducing me to guys and me turning them down

Till I ran into this guy in my 300 level, before then I know you would be wondering how I have been coping well I masturbate like nothing wey dey inside masturbating kit wey I no get that was how bad it got.

I hated guys so bad and I get scared of having intimacy, so this guy was tall dark and handsome.
Haaaa then I believe love at first sight Cus I melted like I really did, our eyes met each other we both smiled from a distance

Business administration students started flocking around the Art department like I had lost something, started asking a few friends in his department about him because I didn’t even know him but I was describing him so a friend said she knew him.

My stupid friend was kinda happy I was at least talking about a guy so she really helped fetch his number but I was shy of calling or chatting I kept the number, we bumped into each other like 3 times we still kept staring at each other like fools. Then one evening, he came to me and said hi, I was shocked I replied stuttering that’s how we became friends but you know that kinda friend you wanna be FWB with.

So, one Saturday evening he called me to ask if I was free to watch movies with him, I didn’t even think it through I just said yes, He came to pick me, and we went to see a movie while watching the movie I hit emotional and laid on my head on his shoulder I was so comfortable around him imbue finished we moved to the mall then he started picking few things I felt maybe for his home tho.

He pick pick so tey he pick honey, ice cubes and ice cream I told him I loved Bullet and it makes my libido high when I want to masturbate during our conversations because we’ve had dirty conversations already.

So we got to his place I bathed I didn’t pick any change of clothes because I never planned to sleep out he gave me his shirt I loved it, we got talking and one thing led to another we kissed then he tried touching me I moved back because I was still getting flashbacks then he told me to stay calm that he’s going to be gentle

I was really trying to be calm, he moved to ears licked my ears moved down to my neck one hand on my boobs then I told him, no I can’t.

I stood up, from nowhere, this dude carried me straight to his bed and laid me on the bed started kissing and touching unbuttoned my shirt, sucked my boobs, it felt so good I felt his hands in me at that point I was moaning then I noticed he stood up but I was restless on the bed couldn’t even stand to see what he was doing, until I felt something cold in between my thighs.

Gosh, at that point, I said to myself it’s over not knowing it was the honey he bought he poured on my cat and licked followed by the ice cream

It was my first head, I screamed and moaned, he gave me the best head have ever had to date.
I was just c*mming anyhow, he said you’re so creamy… my kinda woman!

Like he took his time to eat me up it felt so fucking good then I felt something dissolving in me this guy practically inserted the ice cubes and then penetrated, I tried screaming he covered my mouth I felt his dick thick and long because I felt it, I was screaming his name, we had doggy!

Omo! I couldn’t count how many times I squirted because his dick was hitting the right place my legs were shaking I was crying and screaming begging him to stop Cus it was like he used something he wasn’t tired.

Then he said, ride me, I was like hun,

He said “Babes, you can do it”

so I tried I rode him like a pro, me wey get big ass because I enjoyed every bit of it.

We both enjoyed it and slept off afterwards I left for my hostel the next day.
2 days later, I got to know he was part of the students that signed out because he was in his final year while I was in my 3rd year.

We spoke afterwards and we planned on meeting again before we lost contact since then I searched Facebook and Instagram been trying to see him again but no luck, even my friend sef couldn’t reach him.

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