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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover VIII (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover VIII (18+)

“I’m not,” she purred with a teasing smile, gyrating and rolling her hips to move herself on me, her perfectly pussy moving round my cock as her incredible ass worked on the top of my legs. She was absolutely driving me wild, refusing to meet my thrusts, just sitting on me firmly working her hips as I tried to drive up into her.

She just gave a smirk as she leaned back, producing the key for the handcuffs and working to unlock my feet from the bed, making me sigh with relief at the removal of the biting metal and being able to properly move my legs. After a few stretches, Yemi gave a grunt as I put my legs to use by pushing up firmly from the bed to properly drive my cock into her, her eyes almost closing as she fought the pleasure.

Leaning over me, she unlocked my wrists, not paying much attention as the first one she released immediately went to her firm, perky breasts, displayed completely in her tight brown leather corset. As soon as she set my other arm free I seized her in my strong grasp, making her squeal as I lifted her up slightly and suddenly unleashed a furious, frenzied fucking on her, pounding my rock-hard member into her like she’d never had before.

“Oh my fucking god!” she screamed, grabbing my chest and digging her nails in for the few seconds I pounded on her. But I didn’t linger, throwing her off me, face down on the cheap motel bed as I sprung up, fairly pouncing on her, completely intent on giving it to her properly.

She was already pulling back to all fours as I grabbed her, pulling her into place, my spare hand sliding to her pussy, rubbing at her delicate clit as I leaned down to once more tongue her ass. Yemi groaned loudly, bucking and pushing back towards me as my fingers slipped easily into her soaking pussy, curling them down to find her G-spot as I licked her tight asshole, probing into it a little as I rimmed her, intent on getting her good and wet to go with the lubrication she’d given my cock, not wanting to be struggling to get into her tight ass.

“Oh god, just fuck it, fuck my ass!” she gasped, dropping her head as she arched and pushed back at me in pleasure. I had no problems fulfilling that request, pulling up from her gorgeous ass, before pulling both hands back and delivering a good, hard spank to both sides, one cheek after the other, making her squeal as I grabbed her hips, pressing my slippery, pussy-lubed cock to her tight, waiting anus.

Yemi pushed back firmly as I pushed into her, wanting my cock in her ass as much as I did, giving a grunt as it easily popped into her, making me groan at how tight it was round my cock, which had been dying for some proper sex for ages now as she’d teased me. I reached out and grabbed her hair, twisting a fistful of it as I grabbed her waist, pulling her back hard as I wasted no time and drove myself deep into her, grinding myself in balls deep straight away as she cried out in a mixture of sensations.

After making it clear her ass was totally mine for the taking now, I pulled back and started to fuck her, not building up, just going straight for the hardest possible fuck I could give her, my cock demanding it as I pulled back on her long hair, making her squeal as I pumped myself into her full depth, slapping my hips into her incredible booty, feeling the smooth leather of her thigh-high boots on my legs.

“You like me fucking your ass huh?” I growled as I pounded on her, loving how hot and tight she was, her powerful sphincter clenching down round me in strong, tingling twitches, only making me fuck her harder. Yemi didn’t answer, she couldn’t, crying out and shuddering as I slammed myself into her tight backdoor, not that it was so tight anymore as I plundered her treasures.

With all she’d done, I wasn’t too far from an orgasm, and as I felt the familiar sensation of it approaching, I yanked her hair harder and picked up the pace so I was fucking her as hard as I possibly could, pushing up from my knees so I was using almost my whole body weight to drive down into her sweet ass, absolutely balls deep, fucking her so hard and fast she just trembled and screamed.

Being so close and Yemi screaming so loudly was more than enough for any mortal, and after a few more seconds of intense, inspired pumping into her rear I gave a deep, growling groan and unleashed my load into her ass, exploding deep inside her as I gave a few jolting final thrusts with deep gasping breaths as I climaxed, burying myself completely in her as I filled her up, Yemi groaning deeply at the sensation.

Rocking to a stop, I couldn’t even speak as she squeezed her ass round me a good few times, clamping hard to squeeze all the come from my drained balls, finally releasing me, my semi-hard cock slipping from her aching ass, both of us groaning as I did. Yemi’s ass gaped open in the wake of my cock, her tight hole now loose and used, squeezing tightly shut as the gave a clench of her fine booty before sliding down onto her front on the bed as I rolled onto my back beside her, both of us breathing hard.

“I’m never going without anal again,” Yemi breathed, looking over at me with a slight smile.

“Oh really, what about your boyfriend though, he won’t do it,” I murmured, immediately wondering why I’d been stupid enough to mention her boyfriend. Luckily it didn’t bother her, and she just smirked slyly.

“Then I guess you’ll just have to do it for me,” she purred, breaking into a grin as she reached down to release the straps on her shoes, leaning up to pull them down, then pulling the shoesoff and onto the floor, deciding she needed to free her dainty little feet.

“I think I’ll be able to manage that,” I said, relaxing more onto the bed as I rested.

“Good, and I hope you’re gonna manage something else, as you’re not done with me yet,” she said, reaching over for my softened cock.

“Too right I’m not done with you,” I said, feeling her grip my cock in response.

“Oh really? And what have you got in store for me?” she cooed innocently, almost mockingly, just urging me to do whatever I had planned for her. I decided to give her exactly what she wanted, pulling up from the bed and grabbing hold of her fine body, Yemi squealing playfully as I pulled her up to her knees. She gave a more defined squeal of pain however as I grabbed hold of her hair, pulling her backwards, forcing her to twist round on the bed, where I pressed her head down to my crotch, onto my recovering cock.

She didn’t question it, just going with the dominating air of things and slipping my cock into her mouth, tasting her ass on it as I pressed her down into my lap, feeling her begin sucking and working her tongue at me to bring my cock back to life for her.

As I held her down with one hand in her hair, with my other hand I reached back to her fantastic ass, stroking and grabbing firmly at it, making her mumble as she worked at my cock, which was now a pretty decent erection in her hot mouth, working up and down it as I guided her with her hair. I pulled away a bit and laid a firm spank on her, which turned to grabbing a good handful of her ass, making her groan, and then moan as I slid my hand across to run my fingertips over the back of her pussy, which was already wet.

Teasing my fingertips up and down the back of her juicy slit, she fidgeted and wiggled under me as I did, giving a gasp around my cock as I brushed her clit. I pressed her head down to make her deepthroat me, feeling her throat work around me as she focussed intently on sucking me to full erection again as I drew back and delivered a good hard spank on her ass. I dealt her several more of those, only making her hornier as she started to suck me harder, deeper and faster, barely needing my hand to make her work it fully, though I kept it there.

She grunted with every hard spank on her hot ass, her legs spread wide and back arched, making her totally accessible to me as I suddenly inserted a finger deep inside her, Yemi struggled a gasp as she shivered.

“Like that huh, that dripping wet pussy, maybe I’d better fuck it,” I said, feeling her suddenly increase her sucking at that, evidently enjoying the idea.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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