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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 10] (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: The Personal Training of Maid Jummy [Episode 10] (18+)

As she turned back to the kitchen, I could see that Jumoke was walking a little bow-legged, although she tried to hide it. I smirked smugly. I bet her body was still full of my cum.

“Jumoke, are you alright?” My mother’s icy voice asked inquisitively.

Our maid stiffened. “Ah, yes, okay, I fine, Madaam, just slip, fall down last night but I work, I go work to-day, no worry.”

“Hm. That’s good,” my mother acquiesced heartlessly as she took a sip of tea. “Don’t forget to clean the rugs after this and try to get the entire house mopped. You’ve put that off for far too long.”

“I – yes, Madaam,” Jumoke said meekly, helplessly. I knew she mopped the house last week. As I got up to leave and get to the bus, my woman gave me one last sultry, loving look before she disappeared into the kitchen.


For the next couple of weeks, our illicit mating continued unabated. We fucked every day like animals in heat right under my parents’ noses. Some days, it would be right after I got back home from school – I would find Jumoke, and she would take my hand, and we would go up to my bedroom or hers and tear off each others’ clothes. On other days, we would wait until night, and I would creep down to the maid room where Jumoke was always ready for me.

We never used protection, and my maid didn’t talk about her pregnancy fears again. I flooded her womb with my potent seed every single time, and sometimes two, even three times a fuck session.

She gave almost as good as she got and was nearly as insatiable as me. Each time I saw her, I fell more deeply in lust with her and saw her as even sexier and hotter than before. Rich girls like Funmi lost some of their appeal in the face of my slutty maid.

If it wasn’t fucking, Jumoke would suck me off and drink my cum, or love me for eating her out. Sometimes, we would 69. We had some close calls when one of my parents came home early, but mostly, we put ourselves in danger because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other even when they were around.

My bitch would wear sexier clothes for me during the day – tight tanks, short shorts, clothes that showed off her body, but only just enough that my parents wouldn’t take too much notice. My mother gave a few disapproving stares, but this was Port Harcourt, and, according to her, Jumoke ‘was a loose girl’. Whatever the fuck that meant.

There were stolen kisses when Jumoke and I had a moment alone. My hands on her breasts, her squeezing my big cock. A teasing grind or a grab of an ass. The worst was when we thought we were alone in the kitchen while my dad watched a movie in the parlour, but he walked in on us to get a beer when I had my hand jammed down in Jumoke’s panties, my fingers fucking her needy little cunt.

I pulled them out when I heard his footsteps behind me. Luckily, my back was to him before he saw anything, putting my love juice-slicked fingers into my pocket as I pretended to have a conversation with my lover.

While we fucked incessantly, our relationship was almost purely sexual. We didn’t talk much, apart from her sweetly asking me to do my homework, how was my day, and other bullshit that always turned into sex.

Then we just kind of do our own things, her back to work, me fucking around but increasingly doing school. Sometimes, we would watch TV together, kind of like a real boyfriend and girlfriend, with her head on my shoulder.


One morning, I came down to breakfast to see my parents at the table. Jumoke was there pouring my mother tea. My maid looked tired – I wasn’t surprised after we fucked four times in one session last night. I don’t know what was up with this chick – it seemed like her sex drive was only increasing. We exchanged a furtive lover’s look as I sat down.

My parents made small talk about bullshit as Jumoke brought out another plate of eggs from the kitchen.

“Chizi, you’re doing a little better at school, aren’t you?” Mother asked sceptically but not disapprovingly. “I’ve been hearing positive things from your teachers. I’m not going to ask why you’ve started to give a shit. I just hope it lasts. We need to concentrate on getting your grades up so your WAEC results look at least halfway decent…”

There was a slight rattle of plates as Jumoke suddenly set down the pitcher of orange juice she was holding, put her hands to her mouth, eyes wide, and scampered off into the kitchen. There was an awkward silence as we heard her bathroom door slam shut and the muffled sound of Jumoke throwing up.

I smiled darkly, proudly, hiding it in my hand as I leaned on an elbow. I felt a quiet thrill of fulfilment. My dick was as hard as a rock.

“Oh dear,” my mother frowned with little empathy. “Is she sick?”

No, she’s fucking pregnant. With my child.

Jumoke coughed and padded back in a few minutes later, looking worried and apologetic. She was staring at me.

Neither of my parents looked up from what they were doing. My dad at least let out a half-assed ‘hmm’ of concern.

“Jumoke, does this mean you need to take the day off?” Mother sighed heartlessly.

“No no no, Ma-daam, I dey okaay,” Jumoke frowned. “It’s only tha  I eat bad food, feel okay now. I work.”

Mother shrugged and went back to her tea. Jumoke wouldn’t stop looking at me with her dark eyes as I left for school, her hand lightly resting on her abdomen.

I was horny as fuck for the rest of the day, knowing for certain now that my maid was pregnant. I knew I knocked her up after our first night together. I had an almost constant boner throughout the school day, thinking about Jumoke’s belly and breasts getting big and sexy.

She avoided me when I got back home, gently brushing me off and telling me that she had too much work – that I should study, and tonight, ‘tonight we do’. I shared an awkward kiss with her before she went back to work. Maybe she was having a hard time coming to grips with carrying the child of her employer’s 19-year-old son.

That night, Jumoke reluctantly let me into her bed. She started out cold, sulking so much that I thought she might try to throw me out, but once I began to pleasure her, to fuck her like she needed to be fucked, the sex became needier. Wilder. Animalistic. Angry, even. My maid remembered why she had given herself to me and let me breed her, why we rutted every night.

I knew she was frightened and conflicted about her burgeoning pregnancy, but as I took her from behind, my chest on her slinky, sinuous back, and she thrashed beneath me, I dared to release my hand from around one of her large, sweaty knocking breasts and caress her flat stomach.

She came immediately and hard, her cunt muscles rippling and convulsing around my fat cock. Jumoke moaned whorishly into the night as my pelvis slammed into her ass, my palm holding her belly possessively.

Her arms gave out, and she slumped forward to her elbows, hand sliding over mine at her stomach as she panted and grunted lightly with each of my thrusts. I came soon after, splashing against her cervix and filling her already-fertilized womb. We lay back against each other, me still inside and spooning gently, teasing out two more small, convulsive orgasms in Jumoke before I pulled out and relaxed next to her on my back.

When Jumoke had got her breath back, she curled into me, nestling her head in the crook of my arm, looking up at me strangely. Love and lust and who knew what else. My woman pursed her cocksucking lips in a coy little smile at me as she sat up and snaked her hand around my softening cock and stroked it adoringly.

“When I was a small girl, before I move to the city, I live in Kano,” Jumoke purred, watching my dick slowly fatten and harden under her ministrations with delight. “Many horses in the village where I live…get dick like this.” She gave me a squeeze.

“One day I see when man horse fuck lady horse, fuck her like you fuck me, ah? Wit you big diick. All the other horse want fuck her but him not let them, they fight. Then he keep fuck her, she get big belly, get so preg-nant. Every year same, he keep her preg-nant, make many strong baby.”

Jumoke made soft feminine ‘mm’ as she admired my cock, which was now standing straining, huge and engorged, her vulgar village story making me fully erect.

My maid pumped my cock gently with both of her small hands, making me groan.

“Now you make me pregnant,” she frowned gently, more teasingly now than truly upset. Unsure. “I told you not to but your diick too strong, fuck me too good, make my pussie want it too, ah? Now I making baby for you.”

My cock pulsed and throbbed at her words.

“You always want this, I see it,” my woman whispered.

“Yeah baby,” I murmured, leering up at her lazily, affectionately. “I want you pregnant.”

God it sounded good to say it aloud.

Jumoke bit her bottom lip and gave me a hard, almost painful tug before stopping. She looked down at me seriously, hands on her still-toned, sexy flat stomach.

“You say I get pregnant you go care for me…how you go do that?” my maid asked me with a growing frown, voice demanding. “How you go do when I get belle and Sir-Madaam see am? I go get sacked, no one go let me work them! I go back village…Chizi, you no undastand -“

“Shhh…” I murmured as I got up behind my lovely bitch, pressing my torso into her sweaty brown ultra-feminine back. I kissed her neck, my arms sliding up her sides calmingly, just like I had done when we first started this.

My cock wedged insistently against the crack of her sweet ass, my hands moving to caress her breasts as I held her there. Jumoke was upset, screwing up her face and squinting her eyes as she glared back at me. She breathed a sound of protest through her nose as she squirmed to get away, not thinking I was taking this seriously.

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