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Crazy Lenny: She Who Remains Nameless IV (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: She Who Remains Nameless IV (18+)

“You’re only eighteen,” he tried to argue, ramming the young cunt faster.

“I have more money than I will ever need. Our family will be secure forever. All you have to do is fuck your creamy cum into my body,” she assured me with a daring smile.

“I don’t know you..,” he still tried to protest, fucking his lover like a bucking bronco.

“I promise if you do it, I will tell you who I am. Make me pregnant and I will tell you,” she offered.

“You promise?” he said his resolve breaking.

“Absolutely. Do it. Make me mother your children. Father my kids. Fuck your babies into me,” she encouraged with a wicked smile.

“I want to. I want to cum inside you,” he admitted, her warm walls hugging him more snugly.

“I know. I know you do. My cunt is just too tight. No one could blame you. Not even your pathetic wife. Now, go on. It’s okay. Bust a nut so far up my tummy I feel your babies kick tomorrow,” the temptress suggested, sounding like a command.

“What the fuck? Who says things like that? Who says things like that to a married man? It makes me so fucking horny and I didn’t even know it could. An hour ago I had no idea knocking you up could get me so fucking worked up. I admit it. I want to knock you up. I don’t know who the fuck you are, and I want to cum inside your unprotected cunt. I’m gonna do it,” Okafor said, his body tensing.

“Of course you are! All you know is that my snatch is pussy and warmer than your wife’s. My face is prettier and sexier than hers. My body is curvier and tighter than hers. My tits are bigger and better than hers. My ass is plumper, bubblier, and rounder than hers. That is enough reason to give me all of your seed. Fertilize me, baby. Breed me. Make me pregnant,” the nameless slut lectured, her hips grinding ravenously.

“I’m gonna blow my load inside you!” Okafor warned, his cum boiling in his balls.

“Soak my womb in baby batter! Drench my insides with spunk! Coat my cunt in seed! Make my tight and taught tummy incredibly fat with babies! MAKE ME FUCKING PREGNANT!” the enraptured girl screamed, tipping over the edge.

“TAKE ALL OF MY CUM, YOU FERTILE SLUT!” Okafor yelled, his first orgasm contraction beginning.

Okafor’s cock cannoned his first rope of jizz into his lover, splattering against her cervix. The woman shouted as she felt his jizz hit her insides, and squeezed his torso in between her thighs. The succeeding pumps of cum barreled into the fertile slut like a rushing river, a powerful torrent of life-giving seed. Okafor could feel his balls contracting up and down as he fired his shots of thick, molasses-like cum, certainly making the most intense orgasm he ever reached.

Okafor’s young lover exploded in euphoria over his erection, orgasming harder than she ever had. His sticky cum powerfully projected into her, which made her orgasm intensify. The feeling of his warm jism firing against her womb made her mind race in passion. She felt every wet glob that spurted inside of her, loving all of her man’s ball bisque.

It seemed like minutes passed before the two climbed down from their ultimate bliss. Okafor collapsed onto his lover’s pillowy bosom, resting on their soft texture.

“I’m so proud of you,” the seductress encouraged, “Was I right? Did your married cock cum harder than ever before?”

“Yes,” Okafor breathed, “you were so fucking right.”

“Of course I was,” she victoriously laughed.

“You said you would tell me who you are,” Okafor remembered, still resting on her giant boobs.

“You know who I am,” she answered.

Okafor looked at her, perplexed. He didn’t remember her telling him a name. He knew he had a few to drink, but couldn’t recall her saying her name.

“Who are you?” he asked.

The teenage slut Okafor had just impregnated leaned up on her elbows slowly. She ran her fingers through his hair and looked him directly in the eyes.

“I’m your breeding slut, Okafor,” she tenderly revealed, gazing at him warmly.

“I thought you were going to tell me your name,” Okafor said in dissatisfaction.

“Don’t sound so disappointed. You wanted to know who I am. I am your breeding slut. Anytime you want to drain your balls? I’ll be there. Anytime you need to fuck humongous titties? I’ll be there. Anytime you want to knock up a strange, young slut? I’ll provide you with one if I’m already pregnant.

If you fuck me like you just did whenever I need it, I will give you everything you want. I am your breeding slut. That is who I am to you. That is much more than just knowing my name,” she honestly told him, softly placing her hand on his cheek.

“This is the first time you actually sound sweet,” Okafor smirked.

With a popping sound, Okafor’s breeding slut removed herself from his prick. She turned on the bed and got on all fours. Her plump and round bubble butt displayed marvelously as Okafor gazed at her rear end.

“Would a sweet-sounding girl say ‘Plow your married dick in my ass until you pack it with jizz?'” she teasingly questioned.

The incredibly nasty command made Okafor instantly rigid, and he placed his member right at the tiny back door entrance.

“Not yet,” the girl informed, “put your tongue on it.”

She parted her magnificent ass cheeks to reveal her small asshole. It beckoned to Okafor and he lowered his face in between the firm butt portions. With nervous excitement, he stretched out his tongue towards the tiny orifice. His dick pulsed as his tongue found his partner’s tasty hole.

“Oh my! Oh fuck! A married man is licking my young asshole! It feels so good!” the bent-over girl exclaimed.

Okafor had never tasted an ass before, but this one must have been the most delicious. He lapped at the tight hole, circling and flicking his tongue.

As she was being licked, the teenager squealed in pleasure. She flexed her preposterous posterior, gripping Okafor’s face between her cheeks. Okafor found it hard to breathe as his face was imprisoned, but he continued to tongue the delectable butthole. Feeling the need to have her back door stuffed, she released her ass-hold on her lover.

“Shove that cock up my butt!!” the cock hungry slut yelled.

Okafor swiftly came up from her buttocks and pressed his bulging cock head to the small opening. He grabbed his partner by the hips, and allowed her one last split second of ass vacancy.

Okafor shoved his thick trunk forward and pulled the slut onto him simultaneously.

Instantly, the girl’s eyes opened wide, her nostrils flared, and her mouth gaped open. The following silence seemed to hang in the air forever. Then the hotel room filled with a roar.

“WAAAAAHHHHHHH!” the teenager uncontrollably and deafeningly wailed.

As his lover screamed, Okafor’s dick was enveloped by an impossibly tight sleeve, which squeezed so intensely it was almost painful. The ass he forced himself inside had reluctantly parted, and the instantaneous agony had overwhelmed his partner, causing her to holler at the top of her lungs.

“FWAAAAAAUUUCK!” she mindlessly howled, feeling her asshole stretch to the limit.

Okafor had buried the entirety of his huge cock, tip to base, inside the bubble bum in less than a second, and it was taking its toll on the receiver. His pulsing head was reaching deep into the girl’s bowels, farther than anything should ever go up that way. The young butt hugged him tighter than anything he had ever experienced, and he couldn’t help himself.

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