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Average Joe: The Nasty Allure of Dara [Episode 3] (18+)


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Average Joe: The Nasty Allure of Dara [Episode 3] (18+)

As they danced, Dara’s butt wasn’t Bassey’s only focus of attention. On one romantic slow song, he took Dara’s hand in his and placed it on his heart. In this position, he had to give up contact with her right breast, but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make in order to achieve his next objective.

Pressing her close to him, he moved their hands to her breast. Again, a subtle movement and not enough for a hesitant woman to protest. He leaned to her ear.

“Put your arms around my neck. I want to feel your fingers on my head”, he whispered. Without contemplating the impact of this action, she complied. Rather than moving his hand to her back, however, he left it where it was, right atop her breast.

She stiffened in sudden recognition but didn’t speak. He pretended not to notice. They continued to dance, but her steps were measured. He had placed his hand carefully. After one full minute of inaction, she had settled down.

He gently extended his thumb. It found her silk-wrapped nipple. More stiffness, more very careful movement. Her nipple began to harden. He pressed more firmly, all the while acting as though they were simply dancing among friends (which they were). Taiwo noticed that Bassey had captured her breast, and winked in admiration.

Taiwo knew how hard it must have been for Bassey to warm quiet Dara up to this level. Dara’s nipple was now in full extension. Finally, Bassey moved his hand to comfortably cup her entire breast. As they danced, he kneaded the soft tissue through her dress until her AM volume once again spiked.

Bassey had programmed the music, so there were few fast dances now. Dara was a little confused. The alcohol had started to take effect. She wasn’t sure she could continue dancing with Bassey. When the music began again, without giving Dara time to sort out her feelings, Bassey swept her into his arms.

He reaffirmed his control over her right breast. With friends surrounding her (in similar embraces), Dara silently allowed Bassey to tease her. He surprised her by moving in on her left breast as well. By the end of the song, Bassey was aggressively milking her without remorse. Her breasts were silky, soft and getting very warm.

Dara was all woman, and Bassey was enjoying his exploration of her body. He kneaded her ripe breasts, pressed his hips into her firm belly, and took in her gorgeous face and hair. If she hadn’t noticed the volume on her AM dial earlier in the evening, she was hearing it very clearly now. Her AM volume had risen considerably. Dara was getting aroused.

The song ended, and the couples separated to find their beverages. Dara’s very distended nipples poked prominently through her dress and caught the attention of Bassey’s guests. Two of the women gave knowing smiles to Dara.

While Dara was too straight-laced to contemplate it, the other women would love to have been pursued by Bassey. They would gladly have traded places with Dara in order to feel Bassey’s large hands caressing their bodies.

Bassey mentally surveyed his progress. Although Dara didn’t realize it, in less than an hour, Bassey had felt up nearly all of the clothing on her body. He had carefully researched her dress and now knew that she was wearing a dress with thin straps and a long zipper in back, a lightweight underwire bra, and panties with an unexpectedly narrow crotch. To get her naked, he only needed to remove three pieces clothing.

In addition, on numerous occasions, he had been able to press his cock into her belly. He loved how she felt, and he knew she could feel that he carried a larger weapon than her husband. But he had not yet challenged her crotch.

Nevertheless, he took a moment to wonder what kind of ride she would give him when he forced his manhood into the love nest between her legs.

Midnight was soon approaching, and Bassey had poured Dara a string of concentrated brandy to prepare her for his next step. She was well-lubricated and giggling like a schoolgirl. Midnight came, and the couples embraced.

At precisely midnight, Bassey had carefully danced Dara under the Christmas tree. They saw the other couple kiss. Bassey nodded at the tree overhead, and his lips slowly closed in for the first time. Dara’s feet were riveted to the floor. She didn’t know what to do, but Bassey did.

His face approached hers very slowly. He kissed her so softly on the lips that she could hardly feel his velvety touch. He moved back but then approached again. If Dara was going to be kissed, she wanted to feel it. He pressed his lips to hers, and she responded with more urgency than she had intended. She felt an intense pleasure from his smell.

It wasn’t so much a perfume as it was his own masculine scent. In truth, he had found a wonderful musk perfume not long ago and had dabbed it on his cheeks just a few minutes before. He knew that she would be pressing her nose directly on this spot at midnight.

While Dara’s attention was concentrated on his aroma, Bassey caressed her lips with his.

After a full minute of contact, Bassey gently parted his lips and probed softly with his tongue. If she had been sober, Dara would have objected immediately. But fully intoxicated and surrounded by friends, she giggled to herself and let Bassey lick her lips. He pressed his tongue firmly against her lips in order to part them. They held firm. Her FM reception was still too strong to allow this invasion.

He pressed again. Still, her lips held firm, but the caressing was having an effect. He slid his tongue from side to side the length of her lips. He pressed his tongue against her lips a third time. She stood very still, but the firmness in her lips was gone. Like the petals of a flower, her lips opened demurely to his advance.

Bassey extended his tongue and intertwined it with hers. After a few moments of this oral intercourse, he proceeded to gently explore the inside of her mouth. She permitted him to invade her mouth with his tongue as completely as he wished. Later, in a similar fashion, she would allow his rigid manhood to penetrate her moist pussy for his complete pleasure.

Bassey smiled to himself. It had been delightful that she had surrendered her mouth to him, but he knew he mustn’t savour it too long. There would be time for that later. They broke their embrace. The other couples were staring. Gbenga and one of the other men hooted. Dara smiled. Her eyes fluttered. Her slightly smeared lipstick hid her trembling lips.

The couples talked and danced for another half an hour. Bassey continued to make advances. Dara alternately objected and submitted. She was clearly in conflict. She was also clearly getting quite hot.

As the couples started to leave, each offered to drive Dara home. Bassey objected strenuously, pointing out correctly that he had promised to deliver Dara himself. Two of the women strongly suggested that Dara leave with them. They feared what would happen once Bassey got Dara alone. Their instincts would prove to be well-founded. In little more than an hour after his guests’ departure, Bassey would have stripped the clothes off their beautiful friend, would have gently forced her into position for sex, and would have climbed between her legs and ridden her for his total enjoyment.

Bassey was as insistent as his women guests, however, and Dara was too shy to pick a side. In the end, the last couple reluctantly left at 12:25, and Bassey looked over the lady he intended to saddle up within the hour. His cock was ready to bury itself between her thighs right now. He would proceed with as much urgency as he could.

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