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Average Joe: The Nasty Allure of Dara [Episode 1] (18+)


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Average Joe: The Nasty Allure of Dara [Episode 1] (18+)

Bassey and I have been close friends since our first year in university. When we met, he was the slick, lady’s man, I was the studious engineering student. Although different in interests and goals, we hit it off right from the start. I helped him with schoolwork (which seemed to be a frequent need).

He gave me a social life. There were so many attractive girls on campus. These beautiful young women gravitated toward Bassey. I was happy to be nearby to receive some of the reflected glow.

My luck on the dating front took a dramatic turn for the best during my final year. I met a second-year student named Dara… through Bassey, of course. She was every man’s dream come true. At least she was my wet dream. Dara stood 5′-7″, with hair that flowed over her shoulders and framed the brightest eyes I had ever seen.

Her lips were softly sculptured, full and yet subtle. She was the only woman I had ever seen who looked as though she was always ready to be kissed. Dara was shy, but when she looked at a man and smiled, he usually melted into a puddle of adoration.

Dara had the kind of breasts that drew men’s attention. They weren’t oranges or grapefruit. They were fully developed, ripe watermelons. Their roundness and fullness were matched by the flare of her hips. I always wondered how breasts so full and a bottom so rounded could be wrapped around such a tight little waist.

Or why this Venus would be balanced on legs so long and delicately crafted. Overall, she was a woman who caught the eyes no matter where she was, what she was doing or what she was wearing. Dara was simply a beautiful woman. When she walked the streets of campus, she was responsible for more erections than the steelworkers who were constructing the new library.

I joined a long list of men on campus who were determined to make Dara theirs. Predictably, she was drawn to Bassey first. But I could see in her something that made me think I might have a chance with her.

Dara had a very practical side. She held conservative values. She was dreaming of one day having a stable family with a house and kids. And even at that time, I believed I wasn’t just an engineering student. I believed I was a damn good engineer who could reason through any problem and find a favourable solution.

While most men were trying to win her body, I used analytical thinking to develop an edge. I concentrated on Dara’s dreams, not my own. I truly believed I had what Dara was looking for. I had seen Bassey in action for a couple of years, and I wasn’t unattractive, so I made it one of my goals to make sure Dara knew I was the one who could give her the life she wanted.

Things between us started slowly. Dara has always been introverted and reserved. Those who pressed her too hard crashed and burned.

I wondered to myself how someone with her ravishing good looks could be so shy. Her small-town upbringing apparently had not provided her much in the way of dating opportunities. I used as much charm as I could muster (given that most of the time, I was in awe of her body), but mostly I showed Dara that I was building a career that would support her family. She liked that. We got serious.

When we finally announced our engagement, Bassey was very impressed. He knew that I had used my education to secure the most sought-after prize on campus.

After I graduated (with first-class hon), Dara and I got married. We never left our university town because Dara needed to finish school while I started my first job. Bassey stayed in town, too. We had become best friends, he still liked the girls on campus, and he landed a nice job with a local building company.

Bassey and I kept right on playing lawn tennis and football together. But now, Dara and I also frequently socialized with Bassey and whomever his current flame was. Dara and I laughed about how Bassey went through women.

He had a well-developed knack for getting intimate with the object of his attention. I had seen his system of seduction in action many times.

Bassey was like a cowboy who enjoyed separating a juiciest from the herd, breaking down her inhibitions, stripping her bare, climbing into her, and then riding her hard. I nicknamed Bassey the “cowboy” because of his exploits.

Predictably, Dara was too embarrassed to acknowledge this nickname. The graphic image of him mounting a beautiful woman for a pleasure ride was not something she could even contemplate.

Unfortunately for Bassey, he never seemed able to find a woman who could hold his attention for long. And, of course, because of her stunning good looks, Bassey would occasionally throw a line in Dara’s direction.

Probably as much out of instinct as anything. Dara would get so embarrassed when Bassey told her how much her big breasts turned him on. She enjoyed the compliments, but even in marriage, she was still a shy woman lacking in confidence. And we all knew who was really scoring with Dara.

Last year after Dara graduated, she and I took a vacation to the Bahamas. Deep water to match Dara’s sparkling eyes, glowing sunsets, and mellow island beverages made the trip memorable. Late one evening, after a number of cocktail drinks, I coaxed Dara (with great effort) onto a secluded nude beach.

It took every drink I could find to get her to strip off her clothes because bearing her charms was absolutely NOT Dara.

I took full advantage of the evening, too and kissed and caressed her nude body with passion. Right there on the beach, I laid her on her back, spread her luscious legs, buried my manhood in her, and rode her like one of Bassey’s horses. Our lovemaking that night gave us Esther, who was born the next May.

* * * * *

By Esther’s first Christmas, Dara and I had seen enough diapers for a lifetime. When Bassey invited us to his annual New Year’s Eve party, we were both ready for a good time. Bassey’s New Year’s Eve parties were just our speed.

Bassey would invite four or five couples for a laid-back evening of music, chatter, dancing and drinks. After spending most of our nights feeding Esther, dancing and drinks sounded pretty good.

The only possible damper on the party (for me) was the remote chance that I might be called away on an emergency response by the local electrical company I worked for. I had moved up rapidly within the engineering staff of the company. The regional service manager warned me not to get too far away from my base on New Year’s Eve.

As soon as the wrapping paper was torn off the Christmas gifts, Dara started planning her outfit for Bassey’s party. It had been a while since I had taken her on a date that required dressy clothes. My mistake.

Dara let me know in no uncertain terms that she would need a new dress for the party. She ultimately decided on a fairly short, simple, dark satin dress with spaghetti straps.

When she tried the dress on for me, it was clear that it had been custom tailored for my wife. It scooped discreetly in both front and back, snugly hugging her breasts and hips with the softness of a mother’s embrace.

I had seen dresses on other women that fit tightly at these expressions of their womanhood… Dara’s dress also dove in dramatically and clung to her flat belly and slim waist. Only a lengthy zipper allowed her to wrap herself in this figure eight of skin-tight fabric.

The dress was all Dara: understated colour and trim emphasizing the voluptuous figure within. I was certain that she would be the most beautiful woman at Bassey’s party. From a man’s perspective, Dara’s new dress was very well-designed gift wrapping.

As I gazed at her in her new party dress, I looked forward to unwrapping Dara on New Year’s Eve. Of course, I had no way of knowing that someone else would be having this honour and much more.

We arrived at the New Year’s Eve party around 8:30 and were greeted by Bassey. As was his custom for this party, he wore a loose, short-sleeved shirt adorned with a wild island print. Years ago, he had told us that he thought this would drive away the cold for at least this one night of the year.

I was surprised not to see Mary, his latest companion. Bassey reported sorrowfully that Mary, a flight attendant he had met on a trip early in December, had taken an early flight out. From the way Bassey said it, I think he meant she was taking flight, period.

Too bad. She was a dark-haired beauty that Dara and I both liked in the short time we had known her. And I didn’t mind looking at her thin figure and shapely legs. Bassey apparently didn’t mind looking around a little either, which proved to be a problem for Mary.

When Dara shed her jacket, Bassey didn’t have any such problem. I chuckled to myself because it took quite a few minutes for Bassey to take his eyes off my wife. Dara was ravishing tonight!

The other couples arrived soon after us. By nine, the whole group had arrived and were sharing stories about the best and worst gifts of the season. Temi and Gbenga were the couples we knew the best. Gbenga was direct.

He hit the mixed drinks early. He said the drinks were to cleanse his palette for the champagne later. Gbenga could sometimes get too drunk, but I wasn’t too worried about Gbenga. He was mostly harmless.

I was becoming a little concerned about Bassey, however. He sucked down a few drinks, and soon his forlorn expression was replaced by a more aggressive demeanour. Bassey must have been in dire straits with Mary because he appeared to have decided that he needed a new conquest. He looked as though he was ready to cut a new mare from the herd for his next pursuit… and he wasn’t waiting for tomorrow!

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